"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

1 Quart Saucepan For Induction Stoves (Everything you need to know)

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 24 min read

Perfect for side dishes and sauces, this saucepan gives you a throwback style with high-performance ceramic nonstick ease. Hudson takes its vintage look from the past but is crafted with modern cooks in mind.

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For simple saucing and melting with the everyday convenience of infinity slide nonstick, reach for the saucepan. Designed for long-lasting performance, this small format saucepan is constructed from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum that's twice as strong as stainless steel for enhanced durability.

It is made of durable hard-anodized aluminum for even heat conduction and complete with a matte dishwasher safe coating. Eye-catching ergonomic stainless steel handles are riveted for a stronghold, allowing for oven use.

I've had various pots and pans that claimed to be non-stick that couldn't live up to their promises but the Greenspan Paris Ceramic saucepan really didn't have anything that stuck to the sides or bottom. I found that it heated up things quite evenly and I didn't have to worry about any hot or cold spots.

The ceramic coating on the inside has held up very well so far but I did notice a small scratch on the outside after washing so don't go banging around on pots and pans. The Ayesha Curry™ Home Collection puts premium-quality, inspiring cookware in easy reach for creating flawless traditional favorites, cooking up fun and easy weeknight family dinners or making a signature meal for brunches, date night, or holiday get-togethers.

Viking hard anodized cookware features a base making it exceptionally stable and compatible with all cooktops including induction. The saucepans and larger vessels feature interior measurement markings for accurate addition and reduction of ingredients.

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Stewing apples for a crumble, whisking up a delicious sauce or cooking rice for two, whatever you’ve got planned, this user-friendly saucepan is ready to do its part. It features an aluminum body that ensures a fast and even heat distribution on any kind of stovetop, including induction, and is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating so you can cook with little to no oil.

The philosophy of Retro is to bring a timeless look to a modern audience, evoking warm memories from a not too distant era. Whether you are cooking for yourself or your friends and family, Retro's pastel-like colors create an inviting ambiance.

Equipped with a soft touch handle, Retro's unique yet familiar look will surely complement any kitchen. Each Sauce Pot is made by hand from premium American cast iron, polished stainless steel and brass and then double hand seasoned with organic flax seed oil for a lifetime of use.

Primary Material: Stainless steel Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Induction ; Electric Coil Cook Top; Electric Smooth Top Lid(s) Included: Yes Ella possesses a graceful pleated wall, seamlessly-integrated handles and stylized Bakelite lid knob make it nothing short of functional artistry.

Regarded as Neoplasm's flagship cookware line, Ella is feature rich and extremely lightweight. Ella's cutting edge design and color make it the least boring piece of cookware in your arsenal.

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Add some color to your kitchen with the Culinary Edge 1 .5-qt die-cast aluminum saucepan. This saucepan is constructed from die-cast aluminum, which adds strength and maximum durability.

The interior Revlon C3 Granite nonstick ceramic coating is BPA free, scratch-resistant, and will not react to acidic foods, while our aluminum bases ensure the pan heats up evenly and quickly with no hot spots. This saucepan construction ensures increased heat conductivity, even heat distribution, increased cooking efficiency, protection from hot spots and burning and reliable durability.

Saucepan with Lid resembles solid cast iron and conduct and distribute heat extremely well. The cookware boasts a Scot-free PTFE four-layer non-stick slip-let® coating, which is easy to clean while requiring very little fat when cooking.

When the logo appears on the thermo-chronic flame guard, near the handle, it indicates that the desired cooking temperature is reached. Under a minimalist appeal, nova features very innovative technological characteristics, such as protection base, the non-stick sealed protective, matrix patented by Monet that shields the wear of time; the new induction base that optimizes energy efficiency; and the patented twin block system that secures the handle fixing with double screws.

A heavyweight aluminum pan made to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen. Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Lid is made up of 4 different materials in 5-layers are arranged in an inventive alliance for evenly spreading the heat.

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Bottom and body from one seamless unity guaranteeing that the heat spreads very fast from the base up to the rim. Opens in a new tab Practical size, solid handle and robust, easy-to-clean ceramic coating.

Primary Material: Stainless steel Stove Type Compatibility: Induction Lid(s) Included: Yes The sloped sides of the saucier allow for easy whisking while the wider diameter at the top of the pan speeds reduction of sauces.

I have finally found a saucepan that I can cook my scrambled eggs (as well as gravy etc) without sticking. It is made from high-quality Italian terracotta, which uses less energy due to its high heat conductivity.

Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Electric Coil Cook Top Lid(s) Included: No Sauce Pan with Lid is designed for energy efficient cooking and even heat transfer throughout the complete surface.

With Fernoceramic non-stick coating for a healthier way of frying no release of PTFE produced without FOA free from lead and cadmium. The magnetized steel bottom allows it to efficiently distribute heat from electromagnetic induction sources.

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Opens in a new tab Adorn the home kitchen with the elegant styling of the Outer Jarlsberg 2 piece 1 .7 quart aluminum sauce pan with lid and bronze handles. The cookware's simple design follows a black aluminum pan with stunning bronze handles for luxurious accent.

This sauce pan's aluminum make evenly distributes heat for well controlled cooking. The triple layered nonstick Polytetrafluoroethylene coating keeps the cooking process easy...

It’s suitable for any kind of stove top, including induction, and ensures an even heat transfer from bottom to the rim for energy-efficient cooking. Thanks to the matching glass cover you can easily keep an eye on your food while cooking and then safely and comfortably transfer the saucepan from the hob to the table with the help of the ergonomically shaped handle.

Primary Material: Stainless steel Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Induction ; Electric Coil Cook Top; Electric Smooth Top Lid(s) Included: Yes Opens in a new tab The terracotta 1 .4 quart sauce pan will create a sleek and dynamic look for your kitchen.

Opens in a new tab Made with 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is perfect for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel cooking surface will not discolor, react with food, or alter flavors.

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Opens in a new tab The Balance Enduro cookware by Besides features a premium 3-layer Profile non-stick coating with scratch resistance, and is crafted from forged aluminum. The premium 3-layer Profile non-stick coating promotes healthful low-fat cooking, and this induction friendly cookware can be used on a variety of cook tops including: electric, gas, glass ceramic, halogen and induction, making it useful for all kitchens.

Stainless Steel Sauce Pan is made up of 4 different materials in 5-layers are arranged in an inventive alliance for evenly spreading the heat. Bottom and body from one seamless unity guaranteeing that the heat spreads very fast from the base up to the rim.

Primary Material: Stainless steel Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Induction ; Electric Coil Cook Top; Electric Smooth Top Lid(s) Included: No The base is designed for energy-efficient cooking and even heat transfer throughout the complete surface.

Nonstick delivers exceptional performance, makes food release/cleaning easy, and allows for healthy cooking. Tempered glass lid with steam vent is protected by a stainless steel rim.

The Heavy-Gauge aluminum core provides even heat distribution and prevents hot spots. Nonstick delivers exceptional performance, makes food release/cleaning easy, and allows for healthy cooking.

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Tempered glass lid with steam vent is protected by a stainless steel rim. Riveted stainless steel handle for strength stays cool and comfortable.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Sauce Pan in Black with Glass Classic 1 .5 qt. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Sauce Pan in Black with Glass LidMulti-Ply Clad 1 .5 qt.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Sauce Pan in Black with Glass Classic 1 .5 qt. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Sauce Pan in Black with Glass LidMulti-Ply Clad 1 .5 qt.

It features a durable, brushed stainless steel surface and large radius corners for easier cleaning. Stainless steel sauce pan comes complete and ready to use in your restaurant, catering business, or hotel kitchen.

Constructed of durable, 21-gauge stainless steel, this sauce pan won't pit, discolor, or transfer flavors. The aluminum clad bottom attracts and distributes heat evenly and quickly for faster and more consistent results each and every time.

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The handle is securely welded to the pan to present a uniform construction while allowing for a perfectly smooth interior. This type of handle is more common on copper and aluminum cookware.

For a handle to be welded, the metal must first be melted and then adhered to the pan body. This creates a strong bond that leaves little to no space in between, so bacteria and other food crumbs can’t collect and cause sanitation issues.

Both are long-lasting solutions for fry and sauce pan handles because they are durable and can withstand heat. Take a tour through Tolerate University and learn what they have to offer in the world of induction cook tops.

The next time you order off a menu or visit a buffet, think about this: there's a good chance your food was prepared, cooked or served with Tolerate small wares and food service equipment. In addition to their traditional gas and electric equipment options, Tolerate's expanding line of induction products are heating up the food industry.

With more precise and energy efficient cooking, that's safer and faster. Today we're in Sheboygan, Wisconsin to find out what makes Tolerate so hot.

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For Almost 145 years, the Tolerate company has been manufacturing high quality small wares and food service equipment right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. So with 9 manufacturing facilities across North American, Europe and Asia, we continue to supply a wide variety of products to many international food service markets.

The Mirage series is durable by design and able to withstand the daily use and abuse of a professional kitchen, ensuring their equipment is built to last. A good example of this is our Mirage induction buffet warmer, which is a terrific collaboration of industrial design and engineering.

So what we ended up with is a very sophisticated looking product but it's very robust, very efficient, using induction heat, so really we've improved on the customer serving experience. The team at Tolerate works diligently to evolve induction technology inside and out.

Our expansive product selection makes us a one-stop shop for our customers in induction. Products themselves started in this flat state; they were primary cooking and people loved them for the efficiency of the units and the control.

I think one of the biggest innovations though has come when we have taken the coil now and brought it up the sides of the unit. I mean that's real money and people just love the waterless design.

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Here at Tolerate they've built an entire training facility for food service professionals to provide a more hands-on experience. As our business evolved we recognized the need to have an industry-leading training facility.

We wanted a space that customers could actually come in and touch and feel the products. We try to be like the Ivy League of the food service university industry, if there is such a thing.

This is a space where the customers or guests can go into and touch the products and feel what we talked about in the training. Then the test area, coming in here and using the product is a critical step for a lot of our customers, it really brings everything together.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. WarrantyCookware CareBrochure RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications.

It's the perfect size and weight for making all kinds of sauces and hot breakfast cereals. I've found it works beautifully for homemade ketchup, oatmeal, rice cereal, and anything else requiring a smaller pan.

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The included lid is nicely weighted and low-profile, requiring little storage space. Finished with a satin look, it's very attractive with a rounded handle that is both comfortable and remains cool.

A multi-layer base facilitates exceptionally quick, even heating on my induction cook top without the buzzing often associated with less expensive cookware. They are a good thickness, which is important for making confectionery products.

It is very sturdy, very well-made, unlike other small sauce pans that do not last very long. We use these smaller ones for heating up sauces on the line, as well as different garnishes for our dishes.

Perfect small size pan for making sauces as well as boiling water for a single serving late night pasta craving. The clad bottom helps significantly, especially on my older stove which is not great at even heating.

I need to reheat a lot of sauces and purées in small quantities and this is great. You can never have enough pans of varying sizes and this one is perfect for small batches of sauces or toasting seeds for a curry.

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Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions or if you would like product recommendations. It's good quality, has a sturdy handle, and is easy to wash.

This is a great pot to make small amounts of sauce in a hurry. I have found this line is a great way to get stainless steel at half the price and a good quality.

If you've used this product, log in and leave a review to tell us and other customers what you thought about it. Willing Spirit 3-ply 1 -qt Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Saucepan is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 59.

Rated 2 out of 5 by Albert from The Nonstick Surface Chipped Off in 3 Months loved this pot. Unfortunately, after a few months of very gentle use, the nonstick surface chipped off quite a lot around the rim of the pot.

I understand this is likely because of the multiple metal layers which make it higher quality and longer-lasting to begin with. But I personally don’t have super strong arms, if I’m moving it around on the stove while it’s full, I need to use both hands.

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Rated 2 out of 5 by Cookie51 from Ceramic surface doesn’t last bought this saucepan 2 years ago and loved it! However, just today I could see that tiny chips have appeared along the edge of the ceramic coating.

Rated 5 out of 5 by opinion from Best bang for the Buck researched many brands, but only Willing offers a pot with triply. Date published: 2020-08-21 The pan is made from a 3-ply construction, stainless steel surrounds an aluminum core that heats up quickly and evenly.

Depending on the size cooking needs, this saucepan can also be used for deep-frying pot. This stainless steel nonstick coating perform well on a medium low or medium heat to prevent food from sticking because nonstick ceramic coated heats up evenly and quickly.

Safe to use with metal utensils, scratch resistant and durable however wood and silicone tip spatula and spoon is recommended. I've had the variety of stainless steel nonstick ceramic coated pans, and they all work really well for all my cooking needs.

Compatible on all stove tops, including electric, glass, gas, ceramic, induction, and halogen. Rated 4 out of 5 by Steve from Excellent Produced to buy a replacement 3 quart sauce pan for my wife.

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Since the pan was exposed to high heat while empty, you may see less non-stick, Answered by: Willing Customer Support Willing Spirit 3-ply 1 -qt Stainless Steel Saucepan is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 67.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Bradley Baby Mocha from Not too big nor too small sauce pot! This sauce pot is perfect for cooking soup, will be great for deep-frying and sautéing as well. Construction of this pot is impressive, it's a solid piece of steel in and out for easy maintenance mainly cleaning there should be no food residue leaving around the external part of the pot.

Thick aluminum core conducts heat quickly and evenly cooks food. Compatible with gas, induction, CERN, halogen, and electric cook tops.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Bradley Baby Mocha from My deep fryer & saucepan !! ! This Spirit 3-ply Stainless Steel pots and pans is perfect for size for me, it is lightweight.

It is perfect for my daily cooking rice, pastas, sauces, broth and soups, even great for deep-frying. Stainless steel pots possesses equal heat retention and distribution.

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Compatible with gas, induction, CERN, halogen, and electric cook tops and oven safe up to 500F degree. Rated 5 out of 5 by Bradley Baby Mocha from Good single serve sauce pot! This Spirit stainless steel 1qt.

I like to recommend this Spirit to anyone who's looking for an inexpensive great stainless steel cookware. This pot construction is impressive, it's a solid piece of steel in and out for easy maintenance, mainly cleaning there should be no food residue leaving around the external part of the pot.

Thick aluminum core conducts heat quickly and evenly cooks food. Compatible with gas, induction, CERN, halogen, and electric cook tops.

Rated 5 out of 5 by HomeCook5 from This saucepan heats up quickly and evenly thanks to the stainless steel three-ply with a thick aluminum core. I use this pot for sauces so the dripless pouring rim is a plus when transferring into by serving dish.

Rated 5 out of 5 by HomeCook5 from So many great featuresSpirit is packed full of the best features for stainless steel cookware. It has a stay cool handle, a see through lid, so I can check what's inside without letting out the heat and is oven and dishwasher safe.

(Source: recipehen.com)

Rated 5 out of 5 by Daybooks from quality cookware get great results from this pot. The triply stainless steel construction heats evenly and quickly.

The beveled rims make its easy for dripless pouring. We recommend using pan protectors or a towel between them to ensure the nonstick coating isn't damaged.

The Sprint series is made from Stainless Steel, no coloration is added. Such a cooking vessel should be found in each kitchen as it helps you heat food or reduce sauces.

On the market, you will see a variety of saucepans made of aluminum or stainless steel with a non-stick cooking surface. Despite a different pot, a saucepan provides you a sidewall for retaining the content when mixing and jostling: the large cooking surface area is ideal for quick conduction of heat.

Even if you have a gas or electric stove top or induction cookware, do not be afraid to try this pan: it is environmentally friendly and has healthy non-stick coating without harmful chemicals. Dunlop Whole-Clad Triply Induction Ready Saucepan with Cover is exactly what you need in terms of saucepans: it is a 3- quart saucepan made of magnetic stainless steel with an aluminum core, and as it is suitable for induction, gas, electric and halogen stove tops, you have nothing to worry about.

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The three layer bounded construction of pot is made of Whole-Clad Triply stainless steel and in this way, you will enjoy even heating. Dunlop Whole-Clad Triply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware Saucepan with Cover 3- Quart is freezer safe for food storage, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Cookware 2 Quart Sauce Pan with Lid is very easy to use: what makes it such a great pan concerns its design as long as you have to deal with premium grade 18-10 stainless steel mirror polished inside and outside for shine look and easy clean. As for each person or chef, it is extremely important to view food, the pot has tempered glass lid.

With a magnetic stainless steel bottom designed for induction stove top, you will have a pot with perfect size for cooking or reheating. Before putting the saucepan in the dishwasher, it is recommended to remove burnt strain for an easy cleaning.

Taking into account the price, you will purchase a good product: while the handle is not cool, it does not get too hot. It is important to know that this product is built to North American electrical standards: the glass lid has two sizes of strainers for pouring off liquid.

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