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A Pressure Cooker Exploded

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 8 min read

While many kitchen counter-top appliances generally do not harbor a dangerous reputation for causing injury, the now modernized and high-tech version of grandma’s favorite pressure cooker has been put under intense scrutiny as of late. Of course, because this question comes with the horrific image of a pressure cooker shattering into a thousand pieces and violently spewing food everywhere, it’s easy to see why owners would be afraid for their safety.

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Yes, they can, and while it is a very real concern had by both customers and manufacturers alike, there are some things you can do to eliminate your risk. As with all types of appliances, pressure cookers do come with health warnings that state if they are mishandled, used carelessly, or improperly checked for defects, they can cause some serious injuries like second-degree burns, blunt force trauma, impact trauma, and severe damage to the structure of your kitchen.

When an individual fills the pressure cooker with too much food or cooks with a recipe that contains a lot of fat, the safety systems can often become disengaged as things like bubbles, foam, and fat being turned into oil from the food stop the safety systems from detecting the pressure on the inside. Then when the individual goes to open the lid, there is a sudden burst of evaporated heat that causes a miniature explosion of hot food.

If you have a defective locking mechanism, the lid can be lifted off prematurely by steam or accidental force. If you have improper steam ventilation, your pressure cooker is going to gain too much pressure and blowout as a result.

This can be caused by excess foam or any other ingredient clogging the release hole. If your seal gaskets are defective, they cannot properly keep the lid closed, which will allow excess steam to escape.

This is an important step as it seals your lid closed, prevents steam from escaping, and allows the pressure cooker ’s safety functions to work correctly. Always read your pressure cooker ’s manual to understand the guidelines for filling purposes.

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As for oil, you never want to use it at all as even a tiny amount can cause parts of your pressure cooker to melt. If you find any resistance when opening up the lid, re-check your valve and make sure that it is in the right position to release pressure.

It is safe to open up the lid when the liquid that has been under pressure has depressurized completely. This method involves the cook taking the pressure cooker over to the sink and drizzling water across the top of the lid.

This method has been historically recommended but can be fraught with issues that cause the metal to warp and the failure of safety systems unable to detect condensed steam pockets due to the running water. Give a few small jolts to release any hot seams of air and then let it sit open for the remainder of the time.

This process tends to work the best for grains, legumes, and fruits or when the natural pressure release methods are too long of a wait. This is best used for foods that need to cool down slowly or produce foam due to expansion.

This technique involves carrying your pressure cooker to a basin or sink that has been partially filled with water. This is a very old method that hasn’t been recommended in decades due to the fact that it can damage your sink and yourself.

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Before we begin, many people wonder at the difference between stove top and electric pressure cookers and whether one is safer than the other. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start with an electric pressure cooker as they require less oversight during the cooking process.

To avoid a pressure cooker explosion, you need to know what causes one, and in almost every case, it comes down to two things: faulty equipment and not following the recipe. Once you’re sure your pressure cooker parts are in good condition, choose your recipe and follow it to the letter.

Ignoring instructions Adding too much water Overstuffing the cooker Cooking at the wrong temperature Similar to adding too much water, beginners tend to add more food to their cooker than it’s designed to handle.

Overstuffing your cooker can lead to a buildup of too much pressure that causes an explosion, and even if it doesn’t, your meal won’t cook properly. If cooked at a too high temperature, the contents of the cooker can create too much pressure and lead to an explosion.

If you’re just getting started using a pressure cooker, you should be excited about all the delectable foods you’re about to enjoy, not afraid of ruining your kitchen. But if you check your equipment and follow the recipe, you’ll soon be enjoying your roast, soup, stew, or whatever you choose to make.

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Our law firm is deeply involved in this litigation and our lawyers have represented over 200 clients who have been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers. If you decide to file a pressure cooker claim, we will never charge any fees or costs unless we recover money for you.

Learn more about the pressure cooker litigation team at Johnson Becker and Meet the Attorney and Co-Chair of our Consumer Products and Mass Tort Department. Recent PressureCooker Lawsuits Filed By Johnson // Becker Pressure cookers have been marketed aggressively on television and in retail stores promising quick, tasty meals.

Unfortunately for some unsuspecting consumers, their defectively designed pressure cookers have exploded ; spewing hot liquids across their kitchen and severely burning them and others nearby. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of almost 1 million defective Crock-Pot pressure cookers.

All five lawsuits allege that Tristan Products, Inc., the manufacturer of the Power PressureCooker XL, has misrepresented the safety of its pressure cookers. The lawsuit alleges that Nu Wave, LLC., the manufacturer of the Nutrition pressure cooker, has misrepresented the safety of its pressure cookers.

Each court (Federal or State) has different requirements but for the most part, our lawyers will file what is called a “COMPLAINT AND DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL”, which claims the following: To learn how we can help you and your family by filing a pressure cooker lawsuit, please contact us for a Free Case Evaluation.

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PressureCooker Overview Pressure cookers, sometimes called “multi-pots”, “one-pots”, “instant pots or instants”, and “crock pots” are used by kitchen novices and professionals alike due to their ability to both heat and cook food, saving time and cleanup. Pressure cookers work by trapping heat in a pot within a secure lid to prevent steam from escaping.

Electric pressure cookers come with features such as a timer, temperature gauge, food-specific settings and some even have Bluetooth technology. Both manual and electric versions feature a safety valve to release the pressure before opening the lid.

Oftentimes pressure cookers reach temperatures far above 200 degrees, making their reliability of the utmost importance. If a pressure cooker is opened before steam has escaped the entirety of the pot, it creates an “explosion” of the contents inside once it is released.

A client of ours in Milford, Delaware suffered serious and substantial burn injuries from her Instant Pot. In addition, the incident occurred as the result of Defendants’ failure to redesign the pressure cooker, despite the existence of economical, safer alternative designs.

In another case, ABC News reported a woman in Texas suffered severe burns after her pressurecookerexploded in her kitchen. She was using a towel, as some users like to do, to clean up the moisture from the steam escaping her Instant Pot pressure cooker.

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Multiple brands and versions of pressure cookers have caused severe injury to users. The plaintiffs in the case sued Axiomatic USA and Kohl’s Department Stores after their pressurecookerexploded causing the wife to suffer serious burn injuries.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was making a meal that she had made four times previously when all of a sudden her pressurecookerexploded with steam and hot water causing second and third-degree burns. Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Underway Consumers who purchased a Tristan Power PressureCooker between March 1, 2013, and January 19, 2018, could be eligible for compensation as part of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement with Tristan Products Inc.

If you do not opt-out by June 4, 2018, you may forever lose your claim to bring an individual lawsuit against the manufacturer of this pressure cooker. We are actively filing new pressure cooker lawsuits across the county and you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.

Seville Fast-Slow Pro PressureCooker Lawsuit Filed in Georgia Federal Court by Johnson // Becker, LLC ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 5, 2021 ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Johnson // Becker, LLC is a nationwide products' liability law firm with extensive experience representing victims of pressure cooker explosions.

The firm represents over 260 clients who have been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers designed and sold by over two dozen different manufacturers. Johnson // Becker filed this Complaint alleging that Seville, the manufacturer of the recalled Fast-Slow Pro PressureCooker, misrepresented the safety of its pressure cookers.

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ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Johnson // Becker, LLC is a nationwide products' liability law firm with extensive experience representing victims of pressure cooker explosions. The firm represents over 260 clients who have been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers designed and sold by over two dozen different manufacturers.

Johnson // Becker filed this Complaint alleging that Seville, the manufacturer of the recalled Fast-Slow Pro PressureCooker, misrepresented the safety of its pressure cookers. However, Mr. Jones alleges that despite Seville's claims of safety, the Fast-Slow Pro Pressure Cookers cannot be safely used as advertised.

If you were burned by a defective pressure cooker that suddenly exploded, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Pressure cookers are typically sold at retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, and many more.

Sadly, defects in the design, manufacture, or marketing could cause a pressure cooker to explode, leaving consumers with serious injuries. For one thing, the contents of a pressure cooker are extremely hot, and can max out at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built up pressure can actually cause a defective cooker to explode and spray food and boiling hot liquid on the user, across the room and even onto the ceiling. If you were burned when your pressure cooker exploded, you should follow these important steps so that your product liability attorney can be best equipped to help you with your injury claim.

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Depending on the severity, burns can heal very quickly and sometimes don’t even leave a scar. Without photos that show the severity of your burns, insurance companies will be quick to deny that you were injured at all.

It is also a good idea to take photos of the pressure cooker and of the debris field as well so that the opposing side can see just how severe the explosion was and the damage it caused to your property. They may need additional photographs of the internal wiring because they used different manufacturers in China to make the same looking pressure cooker.

This can help locate the place where you bought it, as many states allow juries to hold both the manufacturer and product seller responsible for your injuries. Hiring the best attorney for you may be one of the most crucial decisions you make following an injury cause by a pressure cooker explosion.

It is important to find an attorney who has experience handling these unique claims that are unlike most other personal injury cases. Many personal injury attorneys advertise that they handle product liability claims, but not all have the same experience.

Each state generally limits the time you have to make a claim if you were injured in a pressure cooker explosion or spill.

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