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Air Fryer Attachment For Instant Pot

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 10 min read

EvenCrisp™ technology ensures tender juicy meals with a crisp, golden finish, every time. Now you can make perfect chicken wings, crispy French fries and onion rings, and golden battered vegetables the healthy way, using less than 2 tablespoons of oil.

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Model Hairdryer LidSize6 QuartS mart Programs6 Smart ProgramsCertificationETL CertifiedWeight5.95 lbs / 2.7 dimensions (Lxix)in : 10.7 × 11.61 × 6.14 cm : 27.2 × 29.5 × 15.6Power1500 Power Supply120 V / 60 HzExteriorHeat-resistant plastic, BPA-/FOA-/PTFE-freeWarranty12 MonthsAccessoriesMulti-level air fryer basket, dehydrating and broiling tray, and protective pad to set it on when it’s hot, then flip it over after it’s cool to use as a storage cover Instead of submerging food in oil or fat, simply toss your food in a small amount of oil (as little as 2 tablespoons) to create beautiful, crispy golden french fries, chicken wings, fish and zucchini sticks, mushroom caps, and much more.

• Fresh or frozen convenience foods like fries, wings and pizza sticks are a snap Compared to a full-sized oven, the Hairdryer Lid is also a fast, convenient and energy-efficient way to reheat and re-crisp leftovers.

Avoid foods dipped in batter, such as calamari, tempura shrimp and buttermilk fried chicken. Place food items in a single layer or use the multi-level air fryer basket, and ensure there is room for the hot air to circulate freely.

Due to the small cooking area, we recommend placing your baking dish in the inner pot before turning the Hairdryer Lid on. Depending on the Smart Program, the Hairdryer Lid may beep part way through to remind you to turn your food.

If you don’t lift the lid, the air fryer continues cooking at the selected temperature until the timer completes. Refer to the Troubleshooting table in the User Manual for further assistance.

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Use the Hairdryer Lid with the following 6 Quart Instant Pots: Avoid foods dipped in batter, such as calamari, tempura shrimp and buttermilk fried chicken.

Our innovative EvenCrisp™ technology guarantees a crispy crunch and golden finish, every single time. Air Fry, Broil, Bake, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate directly in the Instant ’s inner pot for big savings on time, space and clean-up.

Whip up tender ribs or a nice big chicken in your Instant, then use the Hairdryer Lid to give every morsel a beautiful finish. The lid’s control panel features buttons for your various needs, and the display is bright and easy to read.

Bundled with the lid is a fryer basket and a metal insert, which you can use as a broiler tray or as a way to air -fry two tiers of food at once. The idea here is that the Hairdryer Lid is pretty powerful, and having a couple of devices plugged in might overwhelm the circuit.

The Hairdryer Lid came to life, and in just a few minutes it reached the desired temperature, which is far faster than my traditional oven. About halfway through, the Hairdryer Lid beeped loudly, with the words “Turn Food” on its display.

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I also found it a little difficult to take out the hot metal insert (even with heat protectant gloves), and I had to fiddle with a couple of chopsticks to remove it in order to stir up the tots. I later Jerry rigged a solution by creating a makeshift hook out of aluminum foil, which worked in a pinch, but was rather annoying.

I cut up some cauliflower florets, dipped them in beaten egg and then coated them in seasoned flour. I then slapped on the Hairdryer Lid, set it for 400 degrees and just kept checking every 10 minutes or so to see if it was done (basically when they're properly browned).

In retrospect, I should've just used breadcrumbs or something else, because the flour coating took a long time to cook properly, and I had to futz with it a lot. I did finally get it all cooked, however, and tossed them in a bit of butter with lots of hot sauce, and they tasted great in the end.

The small fryer basket means you'll have to cook in multiple batches, which takes up time. Most air fryer recipes online appear to have been developed with traditional air fryers, so you'll have to adjust not just the amount, but also the temperature and cook time to fit the Instant.

To be honest, if I had a choice, I'd much prefer a normal air fryer or a convection oven over the InstantPotAirFryer Lid, if only due to the size constraint. It basically turns your Instant into a mini oven, so I could use it for roasting, baking, broiling or dehydrating too (those also happen to be the other preset buttons on the Hairdryer Lid).

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As mentioned, it comes to temperature a lot faster than a traditional oven, and it does a wonderful job crisping up food without the mess of deep-frying. Importantly, it also saves me a ton of counter space, as it fits on top of my existing Instant, and I can easily stow the lid away in a cabinet when not in use.

The brains behind the beloved Instant have developed a new function for the trusted weeknight dinner master, and it might shake up the appliance game. The InstantPotAirFryer Lid promises to crisp food with the press of a button, essentially eliminating the need for a separate Hairdryer appliance.

If it performs as well as it claims to, your dinner can cook, tenderize, and reach a lovely shade of golden brown, all without leaving the pot. While the lid can serve several functions (broiling, roasting, baking, reheating, and dehydrating), Nicole thinks its greatest purpose is definitely providing the ability to air fry food without needing to purchase an Hairdryer.

Another perk: The timer on the lid doesn’t begin counting down until the air fryer preheats to the desired temperature. The air fry basket is pretty small, so plan to cook food in batches if you’re making a large portion.

This gives you the benefit of cooking twice the amount of food, although it does take “quite a bit of finesse” to remove, Nicole notes. While it replaces the need for a second large appliance, this attachment will take up a pretty big chunk of your kitchen storage real estate.

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The suggested retail price of $140 is comparable to some better air fryers on the market, but luckily, Williams Sonoma has it on sale right now for $79.95. When I started using our Instant a few years ago, it completely changed how I did meal prep.

Instead of having to plan ahead all the time, I used my Instant as a tool to help me throw together last-minute meals that I’d normally spend hours thawing and preparing. So, when I heard that the Instant company made a special lid that could convert our pressure cooker into an air fryer, I knew I had to try it out.

The InstantPotAirFryer lid really does allow you to air fry food in your Instant. After testing it out, I couldn’t tell a big difference between the results from our regular air fryer and our InstantPotairfryer lid.

This surprised me at first, and I felt like I was doing something wrong, but after I used the air fryer lid for the first time it made more sense. To cook something, you need to use the provided basket inside your Instant to hold the food that you want to air fry.

If you still want to be able to air fry foods at home, adding an InstantPotAirFryer lid would be a wise choice. The air fryer lids for Instant Pots have been in high demand since they were released in late 2019.

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Pressure cookers are a fabulous way to safely and effectively cook a wide variety of great-tasting food effortlessly. Another incredibly convenient attribute of pressure cookers is their easy portability.

After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the 8 best pressure cookers with an integrated air fryer ! First up, the Ninja Food is an excellent pressure cooker with an air fryer function.

With a stainless steel finish, you’ll enjoy its sleek appearance and sturdy build quality. Another beneficial attribute worth mentioning is it provides nonstick capabilities without FOA and PTFE.

Tech Specs & Details 8-Quart Ceramic-Coated 9-in-1 9 Features: Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Dehydrate, Pressure Cook, Steam, Bake/Roast, Broil, & Air Fry/ Air Crisp Stainless Finish PTFE-free Scot-free Also possessing a reliable air fryer, the 1829 CARL SCHMIDT Son is a great choice.

Along with the convenient quick release handle, you’ll also appreciate the spacious 6.5QT capacity. This 2-in-1 air fryer /pressure cooker combo is great for saving countertop space in the kitchen.

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Tech Specs & Details 1500 Watt BPA-free Scot-free LED Touchscreen 22 Cooking Presets The Instant Duo is another fantastic pressure cooker that’s wildly popular.

You’ll also love its sizable 8QT space, powerful 1500 Watts, 11 one-touch smart programs, and over safety 10 features. Between the dependable functionality and stainless steel construction, another beneficial characteristic is its robust build quality.

It, too, provides exceptional build quality for longevity and reliable functionality! Well worth getting the dehydrate function (we have made amazing beef jerky).

Not only does it offer 14 levels of safety, but it has a nice nonstick ceramic coating that’s both PTFE and FOA free. Another trait worth mentioning is its elegant appearance with its high gloss finish.

One of the primary qualities that stand above the crowd is the vast amount of presets with 44 total. It also has a rich construction and design made of sleek stainless steel.

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It’s my third in a year, I think it was the Pressure Cooker sold on TV rebranded. Heat for a pressure cooker in Instant was not very high so wanted to replace it with PC XL.

On top of it being ETL listed, you’ll also love the fact that it possesses 29 cooking presets. Users Say: “I already had my own electric pressure cooker, but I wanted an air fryer also but no room in the house for another appliance.

Tech Specs & Details 1500W Size: 12.4 × 12.4 × 20.87 29 Presets ETL Listed 6 Quart Aside from that, you’ll love that its ETL listed, has 9 built-in presets, and nicely sized providing 6 Quarts.

Tech Specs & Details 6-Quart ETL Certified Made with Stainless Steel 9 Preset Smart Programs Like mentioned earlier, everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their pressure cooker with an air fryer.

However, our winner is the Ninja Food due to its dependability, excellent build quality, functionality, and perfect-ratings across the spectrum.

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