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Air Fryer Bacon

James Lee
• Friday, 02 October, 2020
• 21 min read

Cooking bacon in the oven is the classic move, and it's a great one, but we are here to tell you to give the air fryer a chance. The air fryer makes the crispiest bacon of all time without all the crazy amounts of grease.

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This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. Lay bacon inside air fryer basket in a single layer.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 01/16/2019 This has potential but as written you will end up with very burnt bacon.

I went ahead and experimented with the entire pound package. The basket only holds a few pieces at a time so this was quite a lengthy test.

Another helpful hint is to cut your bacon pieces in half prior to putting them in the basket. 07/14/2019 this recipe makes Almost Burnt Bacon.

350 cook 6 flip then 4 more I feel is perfect. Not gummy at all crispy without the meat overcooking and becoming tough.

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Add water to the bottom to prevent the smoke detector from telling your neighbors it's bacon time. After several tests, I settled on 3 minutes on each side at 390 degrees.

That is cooking 5 half strips at a time. Trade off is the multiple batches required if you're cooking a whole pound of bacon.

I'm sure time cooked varies based on different air frying ovens. Still, quicker easier and less mess than conventional pan frying.

08/22/2020 This was demolish and the perfect method for the air fryer ! The only thing I switched up was that I sprinkled some brown sugar on top of the bacon about halfway through.

I also recommend cutting package in half and placing the 1/2 strips around the basket with minimal overlap. Check with 2-3 min remaining and turn, toss, or shake up as needed for most even cooking.

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And if I won’t eat a piece of bacon, it’s really bad The air fryer is beloved by home cooks for its ability to give you that crisp, fried-food taste without all the added oil.

But how does the air fryer fare with foods that don't require oil to cook due to their high-fat content, like say, bacon ? Don't get me wrong, I love the air fryer as much as the next person, but here I'll argue that there are simply better methods for cooking bacon.

You'll find our best tips for avoiding disaster when cooking bacon in the air fryer. Food is gloriously crisped on the outside and cooked through on the inside without the added oil.

But what's more problematic about cooking bacon in the air fryer is the fact that it's highly likely you'll end up with a burnt, smoky mess. Here's why: Bacon doesn't require any excess oil or butter to cook because it's so full of fat.

Some folks suggest adding water to the air fryer drawer to help reduce any smoking, but adding water to hot oil is a safety hazard, as it can expand and cause hot oil to spray in all directions. All this being said, I understand the appeal of cooking bacon in an air fryer, since you would expect to have far less of a mess than you would with the traditional stove top method.

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But if you're looking to avoid a greasy mess, I'd suggest going with the oven method, especially for large batches. Open the air fryer basket and check for any burning oil that may need to be dumped.

Transfer cooked bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to soak up the excess grease. AirFryerBacon is SO easy to make and results in perfectly cooked bacon every.single.time.

You’re going to love this quick and easy method for making perfect bacon ! Almost a decade ago I posted a tutorial on how to bake bacon in the oven.

Pour water into the bottom of your air fryer to minimize smoke. Place bacon in a single layer into the preheated air fryer basket.

Feel free to cut bacon in half to make it fit better. Place a small amount of water in the drawer of the air fryer that the basket sits in.

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Place a piece of bread (or two if needed) in the drawer of the air fryer that the basket sits in. The bread will absorb the bacon grease and eliminate the smoking.

A common question is how long to cook bacon in air fryer ? General rule of thumb, the thicker the bacon, the longer it will need.

For even cooking, place only a single layer of bacon in your air fryer basket. To keep smoke at bay, place some water in the bottom of the air fryer.

Pour ¼ cup of water into the bottom of the air fryer to minimize smoke. Place bacon in a single layer into the preheated air fryer basket.

Making Crispy Air Fried Bacon in the air fryer is a game changer for so many reasons. It’s easy to customize the texture if your bacon by lowering the temperature or cooking it a little less or more.

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Don’t crowd the basket with bacon or you will have excess oil burning. We have some quick and easy temperature guidelines to follow for general results for bacon crispness.

There're several schools of thought for cooking bacon and every air fryer guide or manufacturer has their own recommended temperature. Remember: test 1 piece of bacon first and see what your preferred temperature and time is.

The one main problem that everyone talks about is that if you cook too much bacon at once at a higher temp, oil will splatter on the heating element and cause smoking. The logic is simple, the more bacon you cook, the more oil that will splatter on the heating elements.

If you have leftover oil, tidbits, residue from dinner three days ago then it’s very likely that will cause some smoking. Keep your air fryer cleaned and maintained for optimal cooking for the next dish.

Turn on your kitchen exhaust fans and open up a few windows. You will get some smoking because that’s the nature of grease cooking at hot temperatures like air fryer bacon.

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Lay bacon in single layer in your air fryer basket or tray. Turn on your kitchen exhaust fans and open up a few windows.

Please, Read the full recipe write up about excess smoking and best practices for cooking airfryerbacon. As an Amazon associate and partners with other affiliate programs, we may earn from your qualifying purchases.

Not only can you make bacon in the air fryer, but you can make other delicious meals such as Hairdryer French Toast and French Toast Sticks, Hot Dogs, Chicken Parmesan, and so much more ! Using your favorite brand of bacon, add slices to the air fryer basket so that they are touching, but not overlapping (I can usually fit 5-6 slices per batch in my Air Fryer).

Optional: set something on top of your bacon like a metal rack. Open the air fryer basket and check oneness of the bacon.

Using tongs (silicone to prevent scratching), carefully remove the bacon from the air fryer and serve immediately! I place my basket in the sink, and add Dawn dish soap.

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Then, after my water is hot, I use the sink sprayer to spray the inside of the basket. Place a piece of bread in the very bottom of the air fryer while cooking the bacon.

Avoid the greasy mess, and the bacon turns out deliciously crispy and perfect! Using your favorite brand of bacon, add slices to the air fryer basket so that they are touching, but not overlapping (I can usually fit 5-6 slices per batch in my Air Fryer).

Optional: set something on top of your bacon like a metal rack. Open the air fryer basket and check oneness of the bacon.

But when I tried to cook bacon in my Philips Viva Collection HD9621 Hairdryer, it was a complete disaster. In fact, after about 3 minutes of cooking it at 350 degrees, my air fryer started spewing out thick white smoke.

According to Phillips’ troubleshooting guide, if white smoke comes out of your air fryer, food with high fat content has been used. One blogger recommended pouring a small amount of water into the air fryer drawer to keep higher-fat foods like bacon, burgers, and sausage from smoking during cooking.

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Here’s why: The air fryer is essentially a small convection oven that circulates hot air around food to cook it. For foods that are typically fried, this is a game changer because you can cook them without all the extra oil you’d normally need.

But for bacon, food that doesn’t need extra oil or butter to cook in the first place, you’re not achieving much by air frying it. You’re essentially just filling up your air fryer with rendered bacon fat that ends up burning and smoking to a point where it’s practically salvageable.

But thanks to the air fryer, our affection for bacon no longer needs to be considered a guilty pleasure. This recipe for easy AirFryerBacon removes the guilt so you can enjoy all that delicious bacon goodness.

There are so many times I want to add a bit of chopped bacon to a dish, knowing the smoky flavor and crunchy texture will really make the meal sing. But the effort required to fry it on the stove top (all that watching, turning and splattering) or needing to heat up the oven for just a couple of slices always seems like walkaway too much work.

Now I can easily toss in a couple of strips, turn it on and let the magic happen while I continue with the rest of my meal prep. Need a quick breakfast, then serve up this Air Fried Bacon.

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Here are some items you will need to make this air fried bacon recipe. Place bacon in the air fryer basket in a single layer.

To cook all 12 slices you will need to air fry bacon in two batches. A thicker batch of bacon will need a little longer in the Air Fryer.

After frying the first batch, clean out the drip tray to avoid smoking. Air fryer bacon is a perfect meal prep and make-ahead lunch solution.

The mini chefs just Louise it when they find I’ve packed peanut butter, bacon and honey sandwiches in their lunch boxes. Cooking bacon in the air fryer really is quick and easy, which means you can enjoy delicious AirFryerBacon for breakfast even on hectic busy weekday mornings.

Since the bacon is cooked in a raised basket, the drippings end up in the tray below. When your bacon isn’t sitting in oil and drippings during the cooking process, it contains less fat and calories overall.

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Year, you will have evenly cooked, super crispy bacon every time. I found that cooking bacon at 350F / 180C gave me the perfect crispy results I was looking for.

As air fryer temperatures can vary depending on the make and model, this recipe includes a range of suggested cook times. One of my all-time favorite dishes, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon just got even more amazing thanks to the air fryer.

Add Brussels sprouts to the air fryer basket along with your bacon strips. T urn both the Brussels sprouts and bacon halfway through the cook time to achieve ideal crispy deliciousness.

Candied bacon is the ultimate indulgence, a delectable blend of sweet, salty and smoky flavors. To make it, simply coat both sides of your bacon with maple syrup and a sprinkling of brown sugar, place in the air fryer and cook according to this recipe.

The difference is that the solution used in uncured bacon does not contain artificial nitrates. Instead, the nitrates come from natural sources, such as celery juice or sea salt.

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The most common wood chip varieties used are Applewood, Mesquite and Hickory. It is very fatty with long layers of fat running parallel to the rind.

When cooking greasy or fatty foods, adding water to the drawer underneath the air fryer basket helps prevent the resulting grease and oil drippings from smoking. Another thing you can do to prevent smoking is wipe out the grease from your air fryer basket before you cook up a second batch of bacon.

I find the tips helpful when cooking bacon in air fryer, sausage and other fattier cuts of meat. And the Power XL has a convenient easy-load basket with non-stick coating that makes clean up a breeze.

AirFryerBacon Ingredients 12 slices of streaky bacon smoked or smoked Place bacon in the air fryer basket in a single layer.

After frying the first batch, clean out the drip tray to avoid smoking. Air Fryer bacon is a perfect meal prep and make-ahead lunch solution.

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The mini chefs just Louise it when they find I've packed peanut butter, bacon and honey sandwiches in their lunch boxes. Use your Crispy AirFryerBacon to make these delicious dishes:A real crowd-pleaser, this Bacon Cream Cheese Dip is perfect for game day gatherings. Sweet and savory Bacon and Nutella Stuffed Waffles will make your Sunday brunches even better.

Thanks to the air fryer, you can cook up a healthier version of crave-worthy bacon that turns out perfectly crispy every time. Suitable for Gluten Free, Low Carb, Paleo and Keto Diets.

Usually the bacon fat splatters all over the stove and if you put it in the oven then you have an unwieldy baking sheet filled with scolding hot bacon grease. Enter the air fryer, the easy bacon cooker which keeps your kitchen clean and bacon grease handling safe and easy.

No oil needed, line the basket with parchment paper to keep food from sticking You can use oil if you prefer Preheat the air fryer to the desired temperature Arrange the food in the basket without over crowding Cook for the desired time and optionally you can flip the food halfway through the cook time in order to achieve a crust on both sides For this recipe, I did not coat the basket with parchment paper since bacon has so much fat.

Similar to the air fryer, place your frozen bacon on the baking sheet. Then you can separate the pieces of bacon on the baking sheet and continue cooking.

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When cooking high fat foods in the air fryer, you may experience a cloud of white smoke develop in the device. To prevent smoke in your air fryer you can add a couple of tablespoons of water to the bottom of the basket.

If you are cooking especially greasy foods, like bacon in this recipe, you can also put a piece of bread in the bottom of the basket, just take out the removable rack at the bottom of the basket and place a piece of bread down there and replace the rack. The bread will soak up the excess grease and prevent the air fryer from smoking.

If yours doesn’t have a preheat setting then you can set your temperature and run the air fryer for 2-5 minutes to bring it up to temperature before adding your food to the basket. However, if you want to cook low fat and leave the oil out of the recipe you can always use parchment paper to prevent sticking.

And, if you are cooking high-fat foods, like bacon, you will not need to include oil in your air fryer. Similar to the tip for leaving plenty of space for your food to achieve a good crisp, you will also want to shake the basket periodically or flip the food halfway through cooking.

Since the air is circulating air, similar to a convection oven, I always recommend setting your air fryer to a lower temperature and monitoring the cooking progress throughout the cooking time. Even at lower temperatures, your items may finish cooking sooner than expected.

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Air fry the bacon at 370 °F for 8 to 12 minutes depending on your desired level of crispiness. Flip the bacon over and rotate them halfway through the cooking time.

Adding water to the bottom of the air fryer basket holder is optional but will reduce smoke as the bacon cooks. It will also make the air fryer easier to clean when you finish cooking.

You can add a piece of bread to the bottom of the air fryer in order prevent smoke also. Even with water under the basket, there will still be some smoke as the bacon grease cooks.

We cook thick-cut strips of bacon for 15 to 16 minutes to get them nice and crisp. Nutrition information is a guideline only, is calculated automatically by third party software, and absolute accuracy is not guaranteed.

I had a light bulb moment one day when talking with my sister about our favorite ways to cook bacon. Making brown sugar air fryer fried bacon is a probably the fastest, cleanest, most delicious way I’ve ever made bacon, and now since I’ve done it, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the oven or stove top method.

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Use tongs to flip the bacon halfway through the cooking process. As you’ll see from watching the full-length YouTube video, the bacon will firm up and become crisp once it is removed from the fryer, and allowed to cool slightly.

Creamy Tomato Bacon Pasta with Mascarpone is tiny shells of pasta that are bathed in a smooth, creamy mascarpone tomato sauce and the slightest hint of bacon. Avocado toast gets an upgrade with the addition of bacon, egg, and hot sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

This recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Soup is easy to prepare, loaded with all the flavors you love on a cheeseburger (did someone say bacon), and is stick to your ribs, hearty! All you need is one hand to hold and eat one of these delicious Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Calzones.

Continue Reading ** The following affiliate links are some suggested products I’ve chosen that will aid you in the making and serving of this recipe for air fryer brown sugar fried bacon if desired. When I find a great product or service I like to share it with my readers.

Below is the printable recipe card for today’s Brown Sugar AirFryerBacon. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe and look forward to making it (or have already made it), I’d appreciate if you’d take a moment to give it some feedback by way of stars near the comment section at the end of this post.

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Lay the bacon strips in an even layer in the air fryer basket. Sprinkle the bacon evenly with brown sugar, pepper, and smoked paprika.

Check on the bacon every few minutes because all air fryers will vary in cooking times. After approximately 5 minutes, flip the bacon and continue cooking on the other side for an additional 3 – 4 minutes depending on how you like your bacon cooked.

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