"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Air Fryer Green Beans

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Trim 1 pound of green beans (that have been rinsed and patted dry) and add them into a good size bowl. Oh yeah, sprinkle with kosher salt and toss (again) to combine.

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An air fryer is a counter top appliance that requires less oil (anything from a few spritz to 1 tablespoon) yet produces crispy food that rivals most deep-fried foods. By using circulating hot air, it moves at a high speed so the food tends to cook in a fraction of the time.

Saving you a ton of fat and calories (without sacrificing any flavor!) Season the airfryergreenbeans with freshly ground black pepper before serving.

Trim the stem ends off of the green beans and add to a bowl. Once your air fryer has preheated, add in TNE green beans and air fry for 6 to 9 minutes, shaking them in the basket every 3 minutes until firm yet tender.

Serve with freshly ground black pepper over top. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

09/16/2019 Made this recipe and cook time was perfect! I didn’t have red pepper flakes but did have chili oil so used it instead.

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Thumb Up(2) Cheryl Rankin 03/27/2019 The only change I made was to add freshly grated Romano cheese when they were done.

This is my favorite green bean recipe! 02/09/2020 Love this soon much.perfect way to eat a bunch of different vegetables.

I used light olive oil instead of sesame oil (not a fan) and Trader Joe's coconut amino instead of soy sauce. I put these back into the original dish that I marinated them so that they were coated in the remaining marinade.

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