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Air Fryer Jamaican Dumplings

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 8 min read

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I’ve tried cooking dumplings and yoga by pan steaming, and they just don’t come out as crispy as I like. Air frying frozen dumplings makes them extra crispy while keeping the insides fresh and hot.

It has a square basket, which gave me a little more room for cooking these dumplings all in one batch. It inspired this dumpling dipping sauce and this dish will create a simple stir-fry when paired with sautéed veggies and rice.

If stacked, they can start to stick together and now brown up to the crispy pot stickers they should be. Cook the dumplings for 5 minutes, shake the basket then spray with a little more oil.

You can skip this step if you find your frozen dumplings don’t appear dry at all. Cook the dumplings for an additional 4-6 minutes until they are golden brown on top.

Frozen dumplings, just one kind of pot stickers, are best cooked at 370 degrees for 9 to 11 minutes. Place the frozen dumplings inside the air fryer in one layer and spray with oil.

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Remove the air fryer dumplings from the basket and let sit for another 2 minutes before enjoying. This nutrition information is based on the exact products I used in this recipe.

Brands and sizes of products could alter exact nutrition and should always be calculated independently. Make these using frozen Asian-style dumplings you buy in a packet from the store.

For paddle-type air fryers Heat oil in machine for 2 minutes. Best done in small batches to ensure they cook evenly and don't stick.

If you need to make a lot, cook in small batches, and then reheat. If you follow Weight Watchers, you may be surprised how low some brands can be in points.

This will be a simple article, taking a couple of varieties of frozen dumplings, and trying some different methods to see the best way to air fry them. Your cooking times may vary depending on the size and thickness of frozen dumplings you use.

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You may have to adjust the cooking times for your particular brand and model of air fryer, usually just some fine-tuning. Also, I am based in Hong Kong, somewhere that dumplings are eaten on a regular basis.

The first test was to cook the dumplings in their natural form, without adding anything else to the mix. I literally have never tried cooking air fried frozen dumplings, so was going into this one blind.

The casing had a decent crisp to it, but had quite a dry texture (as you could imagine when only cooked with hot air !). As regular readers will know, I am a great believer in a quick spritz of oil helping to liven up anything that you want to crisp up in an air fryer.

I wanted to cook with the same timings, to see the exact difference the oil would make. If you need a good oil mister, we have one on our recommended products page.

In my first test, I worked out that a total time of 8 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius was enough to cook the dumplings. Something I also noticed with the oil sprayed dumplings, is that they didn’t leak at all (unlike the first batch).

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For the second test, we are using the type of frozen dumpling my wife and I usually boil in water or steam. When you eat these dumplings, the outer shell isn’t supposed to be crisp and browned.

For this round, we are going to try a slow and steady approach, as we don’t want the dumplings to crisp up! For the first run, I opted for 110 degrees Celsius (230 Fahrenheit) for eight minutes.

Firstly, the filling was fully heated all the way through and the dumpling was as cooked as it needed to be. I put boiling water into the bottom of my air fryer cooking compartment., underneath the tray that had the dumplings on.

I didn’t notice a big difference from round one, and the dumplings were still slightly crispy on the outside. To sum up, the best type of frozen dumplings to cook in an air fryer are those designed to be pan fried.

When it comes to steamed or water boiled dumplings, you can’t quite replicate this cooking method with an air fryer. The results will always add a slight crisp or dryness to your dumpling’s outer casing.

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The only use case for this is when we are cooking frozen dumplings to put into soup noodles. I intend to do another article down the line doing similar experiments with fresh dumplings.

If you have any tips or tricks to cooking dumplings in your air fryer, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below. Wow, it’s so easy to re-heat frozen dumpling in the air fryer and it’s even easier to eat them quick.

Just remember that you need to add oil spray on top of the frozen dumplings so that they cook crispy and not dry. If you don’t oil them enough, the wrappers will be dried out, tough and white while you try to cook the frozen insides.

Basically you want to make sure the outside stays nice and crispy golden and cooked perfectly on the inside. Pot stickers, dumplings and yoga are all basically the same style and shape when you buy them frozen.

There're some brands that vary in styles that are more specific like Sinai or steamed bun shapes. Those vary a lot in size and thickness, so you have to adjust cooking times accordingly.

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Place the frozen dumplings in the air fryer basket and spread out into a single even layer. Flip the dumplings over and continue to Air Fry at 380 °F/193 °C for another 2-6 minutes if needed or until they are your preferred oneness.

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Then add steamed spinach, cheese (paneer), spices in a bowl and mix everything. Please Note: I’m using ricotta cheese as a substitute for Indian paneer here, but you can use any kind of filling you like.

Once the slice is flattened, cut it diagonal giving it a triangle shape. Then we fold each triangle in a cone shape and seal the thicker part by applying flour+water paste (as shown below).

Stir continuously and turn the samosas to cook evenly and get the perfect golden color. Once they are cooked, remove to a serving tray and fry all the remaining samosas.

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In a bowl, add flour+water and whisk to make a thick paste (slurry). Now, take each triangle and fold it into a cone shape (seal the long edge using the flour paste).

Bake for 12-15 minutes Remove from the oven once cooked and enjoy. Stir continuously and turn the samosas to cook evenly and get the perfect golden color.

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