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Air Fryer Oven Fried Chicken Thighs Recipe

Ava Flores
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 21 min read

Try lightly seasoned airfryerchickenthighs, a quick and delicious way to prepare chicken. Perfect as is, or easily adapted for any type of cuisine.

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Ready in only twenty minutes, airfryerchickenthighs are a staple in my kitchen. Add a quick salad, veggies, potatoes, or even cook up a box of mac and cheese.

But honestly, unless I’ve been in a real meal-prepping mood, I usually need to cook the chicken before proceeding with the recipe. Whether you’re making airfryerchickenthighs the star of your meal, or including them in a more complicated recipe, you’ll find yourself turning to this easy cooking method often.

In a large bowl, coat approximately two pounds of chicken thighs with a bit of olive oil. Place the thighs in a single layer in your air fryer.

You’ll probably have to cook the chicken in batches unless your air fryer is bigger than mine. Or cut it up and add it to recipes like cauliflower nachos or creamy chicken spaghetti.

Add it to a tortilla with the fixings you like for a great chicken taco. Put it on a bun, with tomato, lettuce, and mayo for a delicious chicken sandwich.

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The internal temperature of the chicken should be 165 °F and the juices should run clear, not bloody. Bone-in chicken with skin will take just a little longer than boneless skinless chicken thighs.

Another factor that affects cooking time is the size of the thighs. Barbecue rub : this blend of dark brown sugar, salt, pepper, chili powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, ground mustard, celery seed, and cayenne pepper adds so much flavor.

Just plain seasoned salt would be good or make it as spicy as you like it with pepper. Leftover chicken, wrapped well, will last up to four days in the fridge or you can freeze it to use later.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Nutrition Information: Yield: 4 Serving Size: 8 oz.

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These airfryerchickenthighs are crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. One bite, and you’ll want to bump this to the top of your ever-growing list of ways to cook chicken.

I’ve tried cooking chicken in a variety of ways, hoping to find the perfect crunch. I’ve always enjoyed traditional fried chicken, but a number of years ago I discovered I was sensitive to gluten.

Before I brought it home, I moved some things aside in my appliances cabinet. I highly recommend getting the air fryer with the biggest basket you can afford.

I’ll put a link to the one like I have at the bottom of this post. Since you’re not technically frying food in an air fryer, it’s a much healthier and lower-calorie way to cook according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The air fryer is basically a small convection oven with a fan that circulates the hot air around the food. Another thing I appreciate is the fact that food smells don’t linger in the kitchen as long as they would otherwise.

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Other ingredients you’ll need are olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. I like to mix my own, so I can control what goes on the chicken, but it really doesn’t matter.

If this is your first time making this recipe, I highly recommend following these directions. For exact measurements of each ingredient and full directions, go to the recipe card at the bottom of the page.

Normally, I like to preheat my air fryer before I start preparing the food. However, this time, I wait because I like to let the chicken sit in the seasoning for a little while.

Secondly, put the chicken thighs in a medium-size bowl and pour the olive oil over it. Either with your hands or with tongs, turn the chicken over and over until it’s all coated with oil.

Next, place the chicken on a plate in a single layer and sprinkle the seasoning on top. Now, preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F. It should only take a few minutes to reach the desired temperature.

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Once the air fryer lets you know it’s ready (mine beeps), place the chicken in a single layer in the basket. If you’re not sure the chicken is done, insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the biggest piece.

Mix the garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper in a small bowl Place the chicken thighs in a bowl and add the olive oil. Place the chicken on a plate and sprinkle the seasoning mixture over it.

Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F. As soon as the air fryer reaches the desired temperature, place the chicken in the basket, skin side up. I try to provide true and accurate information, but these numbers are estimates.

It does need to cook longer then the recipe says, but it could be the size of the thighs that took longer to cook. I cooked my chicken with skin on, bone in.

I followed recipe & instructions with the following modifications: I just sprinkle the spices on top of the chicken instead of mixing them in a bowl.

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10/21/2020 This recipe is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! I'm new to the air fryer and made this recipe exactly as written.

The flavors were so good and the chicken was so moist with a nice crisp on the outside. Even my chicken thigh hater enjoyed this recipe.

I have a Pampered Chef Hairdryer and the cook time was a little longer, but not by much. I added olive oil and crushed garlic.

However, even at 175 internal temp the chicken was moist and tender. The spices are pretty close to perfect it would be a challenge to find any better.

Cooking time is Least 30 minutes! Besides having to adjust the cooking time my teenage son loved the finished result, crispy skin without having to fry it.

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With the use of no oil at all, this friedchickenrecipe will satisfy your fried chicken cravings without all the unnecessary added fat and calories. And there is no breading, so while this isn’t a KFC type copycat (find that here: FriedChicken), you get crispy skin and tons of flavor without the added calories.

Prepped and cooked in just 25 minutes, this crispy airfriedchickenrecipe is a great meal for when you are in a hurry but still want a delicious and filling dish. Having the option of skipping the defrosting step makes my heart happy.

Oh, how I hate only having a short amount of time to prepare a meal and then realizing that I forgot to defrost the chicken. You don’t have to defrost your chicken ahead of time.

Rub whatever desired seasonings on your chicken, put your poultry in the air fryer, and cook until done. For other cuts of chicken, like frozen chicken nuggets, typically plan on a slightly shorter cooking time, around 18 minutes or so.

As tempted as you may be to put tons of chicken all at once in your air fryer, I would not recommend it. They are too large and the hot air won’t be evenly distributed around the surface of the chicken breasts.

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There is no oil used, which significantly decreases the fat and caloric intake compared to chicken fried in a deep fryer. So, if you are in the mood for some delicious, mouth watering, home cooked fried chicken, using an air fryer as a means to accomplish this objective is a much healthier alternative option to the traditional deep fryer.

Pat chicken thighs dry with a paper towel, then sprinkle with salt and pepper Place the chicken thighs in the air fryer basket, making sure there is room between them.

Put basket into the air fryer, and close it. Use a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the chicken, cook until it reaches 165 degrees F.

Our recipe card software calculates these nutrition facts based on averages for the above ingredients, different brands, and quality of produce/meats may have different nutritional information, always calculate your own based on the specific products you use in order to achieve accurate macros for this recipe. Try Prepare, my FREE Meal Planning App that allows you to save your recipes, plan meals, shop for groceries, and cook simply in one place.

Air fryers need a lot less oil to create a deep- fried crispy crust. Here, chicken thighs are marinated in buttermilk and dredged in a simple breadcrumb coating.

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Serve them with your favorite dipping sauce or slice them up to top a salad. Instructions Checklist Step 1 Combine buttermilk, hot sauce and garlic in a medium nonreactive bowl.

Step 2 Combine flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a shallow dish. Step 4 Lightly coat the basket of the air fryer with cooking spray.

353 calories; protein 26.9g; carbohydrates 20.2g; dietary fiber 0.4g; fat 17.5g; saturated fat 3.4g; cholesterol 122.6 mg; vitamin an IU 138.9IU; vitamin c 0.2 mg; folate 40.6mcg; calcium 71.5 mg; iron 2.5 mg; magnesium 39.8 mg; potassium 269.2 mg; sodium 420.1 mg; thiamine 0.2 mg. I had been talking about the instant pot air fryer lid for a while and even put it in my Amazon cart but couldn’t get myself to push that checkout button.

So, early last week my amazing husband came home from work and brought in an 8 quart instant pot with the Air fryer lid!!! Actually, my kids thought I had lost my mind because I was squealing and almost crying because I was so happy.

I opened it up, read the directions, did the water test, and planned out my air fryer boneless chicken thighs dinner! I also joined an air fryer Facebook group because I had no clue what temperature or how long to cook anything.

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By the way I found out that different air fryers have different times and temps for everything so that made it super difficult to figure out what the right setting was! If you have the counter space and want the biggest opt in for the OFNI Plus Air fryer I’ve heard so many Great things and no bad reviews in my group of over 12 thousand people.

Based off of that I estimated the average temp, so that’s what I set my air fryer to which in this case was 360 degrees. I battered up my chicken thighs (you will see the recipe card below on how to do everything don’t worry) And put my air fryer on 360 degrees, for 17 minutes.

(I’m pretty good at eye-balling things and figuring out the time that it needs to finish cooking, I don’t know if it’s a gift or if it’s because I’ve done it for so long it’s just intertwined in my brain.) So, for my chicken thighs which were about 3/4 inch thick (guesstimating) it was 24 minutes with a temperature of 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Print Pin Crispy pinko boneless chicken thighs that are made in the instant pot air fryer. 4 whole skinless, boneless chicken thighs You can have skin on it won't change the cook time.

Add more time if need until your chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 Celsius). Like I stated before it will all depend on the thickness of your chicken but typical times range from 18-25 minutes.

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CRISPY Hairdryer BONELESS Chickenshits Before you go don’t forget to GRAB your FREE MEAL PLAN HERE! This recipe combines boneless skinless chicken thighs with a simple homemade buffalo seasoning to make juicy, tender chicken in about 20 minutes.

Pair these buffalo chicken thighs with crispy ranch potato wedges or your favorite veggie sides for a quick and healthy meal on the fly. You can use an air fryer or oven to make this recipe, and I’ll cover all the tips and tricks you need to know below.

And the easiest way to know how much to use when cooking would be to weigh or measure the entire batch and divide by what you multiplied by. If that’s confusing, my breakfast sausage seasoning recipe may make a bit more sense.

Chicken thighs do have a bit more fat than chicken breast, but that makes them more tender and flavorful as well. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are typically quite a bit thinner than chicken breast.

Comparatively, 3 chicken breasts might weigh closer to 8-10 ounces each and be much thicker in the center. Using my spicy baked chicken thighs as a reference, I’ve given time and temperature recommendations in the recipe card below.

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Also, if you’re in the market for an air fryer, you can use my affiliate code ‘mason’ to save 10% on the Instant Pot website. Check out my Instant Pot BBQ Chicken and Shredded Mexican Chickenshits recipes for examples of what you can do.

Mix the dry spices in a separate bowl before sprinkling over the chicken. *For chicken breast, you can use cutlets or pound to an even thickness before seasoning and cooking.

But all of them were delicious and I’ll be sharing them on this blog in the next couple of weeks…cool weather is coming and it’s time for something other than barbecue chicken, starting with this recipe for AirFryerChickenThighs with Brown Sugar and Spices. Honestly I’ve had almost this same exact recipe on this blog since 2012 as Spiced Honey Brushed Chickenshits.

That recipe differs slightly from this one today in that it’s broiled and then finished with a combination of honey and vinegar. While I wanted to make something similar using my air fryer, I opted to substitute the honey with brown sugar and mix everything together in a rub eliminating the need for the final steps of removing and slathering honey on each side with a couple of minutes of additional time once that is complete.

The product I use for air frying is a Cuisinart Toaster Oven / Hairdryer unit. I bought it when my toaster oven died; it has several functions and I clearly don’t use it enough for air frying, these thighs were fantastic.

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Jan made chicken thighs using this recipe, simply a different spice mix. I simply omitted the vinegar; I did not want to take any chances on losing that nice crust that resulted from this method.

The spice mix is easy enough too; I suggest at least doubling the amounts and having some ready to go for next time…there will be a next time, I’m sure of it! One thing I do when I cook chicken thighs is that I keep them folded in half, so that even though they are boneless, they maintain the same shape as if bone in.

These airfryerchickenthighs could not have been easier; with my unit, I covered the bottom tray with aluminum foil for the drippings so when the meat was done, I simply let the drippings cool in the foil, folded it all up and pitched it and cleanup was simply the tray they had been on. Simply roast your chicken with a favorite rub in the air fryer and then slather on your warm barbecue sauce after it comes out of the oven and is plated.

Mix together the brown sugar and spices and rub them on the top and bottom of the chicken thighs. Place the chicken thighs in the air fryer according to manufacturer's directions for 10 min sat 350 degrees.

Using tongs, flip the thighs over and cook an additional 10 minutes or until the thickest part of the chicken reaches 165 degrees. The minute I bought an air fryer, the first thing I thought of making was fried chicken.

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It’s messy, it splatters, and after you have a ton of grease you have to figure out what to do with (my grandma always had the stove top coffee can where she kept her grease, but seriously, who uses coffee cans anymore? I tried my hand at many an air fryer fried chicken recipe and searched online and in my cookbooks, but what I always found was chicken made with breading.

The kind with the egg and buttermilk and flour dredge that is packed with flavor and spices. My hopes were dashed that you couldn’t use a real batter in the air fryer.

Here is my Video on making a Copycat Adobe and Goya brand seasoning from scratch. Place Chicken in a bowl and sprinkle with 1 tsp Salt and 1 – 2 TBL Adobe.

Then add 1 heaping tsp of the Seasoning Mixture you just made. Once all the Chicken has been coated in Egg Wash, take one piece at a time and dredge in the Flour Mixture again.

Pat off any extra and place back on the baking rack. Now the most important part of the whole recipe that makes it work in the air fryer is to allow the Chicken to rest for at least 15 minutes.

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If you wait even longer, the more the Flour will absorb the Egg Wash and allow the Chicken to brown. On the left is before it sat for 15 minutes and the right is after. If there are any dry patches of Flour, use the Olive Oil Sprayer or Olive Oil Pam, and lightly spray the Flour.

Place the black tray on the bottom and the baking rack in the middle position. Press AIR FRY” and adjust Temperature to 380° F and the Time to 25 minutes.

Don’t place the slotted trays inside while preheating. Press AIR FRY” and adjust Temperature to 380° F and Time to 25 minutes.

(At 9 minutes left, flip chicken and check the temperature with a thermometer. Print Recipe After a few tests and some research and failed attempts, I finally found a way to use the traditional method, but with a few tricks I made it work for the air fryer.

If you follow my 4 steps you will have perfect Southern FriedChicken that you would swear came from a deep fryer ! Place Chicken in a bowl and sprinkle with 1 tsp Salt and 1 – 2 TBL Adobe.

(Source: meaculpaband.blogspot.com)

Once all the Chicken has been coated in Egg Wash, take one piece at a time and dredge in the Flour Mixture again. Now the most important part of the whole recipe that makes it work in the air fryer is to allow the Chicken to rest for at least 15 minutes.

If you wait even longer, the more the Flour will absorb the Egg Wash and allow the Chicken to brown. Place the black tray on the bottom and the baking rack in the middle position.

Press AIR FRY” and adjust Temperature to 380° F and the Time to 25 minutes. Once the Air Fryer Oven beeps, add Chicken.

(At 9 minutes left, flip chicken and check the temperature with a thermometer. Cook for a few minutes more until the internal temperature reaches 170° F) Remove and serve.

You can get this part of the prep out of the way 1 to 24 hours in advance which is a wonderful thing because the actual cooking process is fast. After seasoning the chicken with a little salt and fresh ground black pepper immerse it in a mixture of buttermilk and hot sauce.

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I find it easiest to mix up the coating in a large plastic storage bag and then drop the buttermilk-coated pieces of chicken in one-by-one. Hold the bag closed at the top and give it a little shake to coat the chicken.

Transfer the coated chicken to a foil-lined baking sheet and let it sit while you preheat your air fryer. I also use it to apply a light coat of oil to the air fryer basket to help ensure the items won’t stick during the cooking process.

You don’t want to use an aerosol non-stick cooking spray (like Pam) since many contain additives that will damage the coating of your air fryer basket over time. After the unit preheats, mist both sides of the pieces of chicken with vegetable or canola oil as you add them to the air fryer basket.

It’s fine if the pieces touch, but they shouldn’t overlap to allow for air flow over as much surface area as possible. About halfway through the cooking time, open the unit and mist any dry spots with a little more oil.

The recipe below makes enough AirFryerFriedChicken to serve two (two pieces each) but you can double it and cook it in batches. I like to mix up a fresh bag of the flour mixture for coating the second batch for the best result.

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If using skin-on chicken, trim any excess fat from the edges, or remove it completely, and season both sides with salt and pepper, to taste. Add the flour and Old Bay Seasoning to a large plastic storage bag and shake it to combine the mixture.

Lightly coat both sides of the chicken with oil and transfer them to the preheated air fryer. Check on the chicken about halfway through the cooking time and spray any dry spots with additional oil.

The internal temperature of the fried chicken should read at least 165 degrees F at the end of the cooking process. The air fryer shown in the images in this post was provided courtesy of Sharking but all opinions expressed are my own.

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