"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Air Fryer Oven Recipes

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Serve them with your favorite topping, like sour cream, butter, or chives. The insides stay nice and tender while the outsides get a slight crisp on them.

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53 Perfectly tender and juicy pork chops are what you'll get in just 10 minutes using your air fryer and basic pantry ingredients. I like to use a Pistol sprayer with my own oil, but feel free to use regular cooking spray.

7 No bells and whistles with this one, just delicious sprouts with crispy brown edges and soft insides. They're basically mini convection ovens that 'fry' foods with little to no oil, less fat, and fewer calories.

A heating element and fan bathe the food in hot air to produce a crispy finished product. Using presided pickle chips is a shortcut that makes this quick to prepare.

4 Air fry your sausage patties and you will avoid grease splatter all over your stove top. These cinnamon-sugar-coated apple bombs made with refrigerated biscuits are a breeze to make.

You can cook without ever heating up your oven and the result is perfectly crispy tots. 77 Crumbed fish is one of my favorite fried items, and this air -fried version of the recipe gives me great flavor without the fat.

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1 Potato lakes are usually fried, on top of the stove, but the air fryers on the market right now are a great way to prepare this popular dish. This method yields a crispy late that can be an appetizer or a dinner side.

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