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Air Fryer Ultima Cosa

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Great for cooking frozen food or just heating something up. I recently came across this website and found this beautiful air fryer.

(Source: www.walmart.ca)


Received it last Friday and fall in love with it right away. The package is beautiful and the air fryer is even better than I thought.

They come out so crispy and it's great to think I'm also making a healthier choice using air fry technology. My stove top doesn't get splattered with grease anymore.

I tried it with sweet potato, chicken leg, chicken breast, turkey leg, and they all turned out excellent! Cleaning is very simple and much easier than oven as well.

I have been using air frier for a long time because it provides oil-free and very fast cooking. I did a detailed research, I watched review videos.

Also, managing the air frier from the phone, alerts when it is time to shake, and notifying when the process is done, excellent features. Preparing food is more enjoyable and fun.

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Disclosure: I was gifted the UltimaCosa Presto Luke Grande 8L Hairdryer. Thank you for supporting the brands I love, as they help me keep my blog running.

Read my review of the 8L Presto Luke Grande model, and check out my video below to see a tutorial on how it works, and see all the food I tested out to fully understand its capabilities. A healthy alternative to creating deep-fried texture and flavor with up to 88% less fat and 65% fewer calories.

Large Capacity : Cooks up to 6.5lbs of food that feeds up to 7 people Digital Touch Screen Display : Easy to read digital touch screen display, allows you to easily select 8 preset modes. There are a ton of air fryers on the market, and I can understand the appeal.

I do have two countertop ovens with an air fry function and have used my parent’s air fryer, so I do have a comparison point as I did my testing. For my review, I cooked a variety of food in the UltimaCosa Presto Luke Grande 8L Hairdryer over a two-week span for breakfast and dinner, multiple times a week.

I did read the instruction manual which is a must understand the features and safety precautions, but it was very straightforward. The digital display was easy to understand with eight presets in pictures, and buttons to increase or decrease the timing, and the temperature.

(Source: www.walmart.ca)

The noise levels are quiet with only the sound of the fan blowing. I can pull the basket out at any time during cooking, and the machine will temporarily pause.

I can cook one dish after another without having to wait for the machine to fully cool down. This is the ultimate question as we want the taste and texture of deep-fried foods without all the oil.

UltimaCosaAirFryer Fries With fried chicken, I tested chicken with flour, flour and cornstarch, and baking powder for the batter, and had cooked them at different temperatures. Crispy chicken with a sauce Overall results of the food Based on my testing of ingredients including toast, bacon, onion rings, and eggs (hard-boiled eggs), the UltimaCosaairfryer did the job in cooking it well.

There is a bit of trial and error to get the right oneness that you want, and may require some checking of your food midway. If you only need to clean the crumbs in the basket, I suggest a quick wipe down, as it is a non-stick surface.

Other cool features: For a family of 4, the 8L capacity works well as I can cook up to 8 chicken drumsticks at once or a full basket of fries, and kale chips. I like the sleek design in silver for the 8L air fryer, as it looks modern and goes well with my other kitchen appliances.

(Source: www.walmart.ca)

Price point is important in my evaluation, and for less than $200 before tax for the UltimaCosa 5L and 8L model, it is incredible! The powerful machine is easy to use, cooks food evenly and quickly, and is mess free.

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(Source: www.bestbuy.ca)

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