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Are Air Fryers Loud

James Lee
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Air fryers are like alien spaceships to some people, so we aim to answer those questions! Generally, you would find an air fryer makes a similar amount of noise to a dishwasher or a washing machine.

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As I live in a city with some of the highest property prices in the world, my kitchen is rather small. This means that, unfortunately, I don’t have a large amount of kitchen appliances to test myself.

However, the appliances I do have, I measured using a free decibel meter I found in the app store of my android phone. Before I started the tests, I did a recording of my kitchen environment itself, so that I can see how much more the sounds of the air fryer(and other appliance) added.

So, with my air fryer noise added, we still only got a reading equivalent to a ‘conversation’, so certainly not so bad at 66.8 decibels. My result puts my Philips air fryer pretty close to a kettle in full swing.

So, if you have a different model of air fryer and don’t mind taking the time to download a decibel meter and take some readings, we would love to hear about your results in the comments section below. *Jenny very kindly commented below and stated that her Ninja air fryer hit a decibel rating of 70.

Again, if anyone from the community wants to take decibel readings of their other kitchen appliances, we would love to hear your results below. One of the key features is the fan that helps to constantly push this hot air around the cooking compartment.

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In this article, they talk about any appliance over 55 decibels being potentially harmful, so from my experience air fryers can be included in this. Putting into context with my kettle, which is a touch louder, I don’t really see any problem with my air fryers noise levels.

The 1970s research paper cites such appliances as waste disposal units and ‘slow’ food mixers at a similar decibel rating as my own air fryer. At Quiet home lab they rate washing machines and air conditioners in a similar range.

Trust me, I spent way too much time looking for the right vacuum cleaner because I wanted one that barely made any noise. If your air fryer is making strange rattling noises you should contact customer support.

These are the answers I was given by customer support or information that I’ve found by reading instruction manuals. If you’re looking for an air fryer that doesn’t make any noise at all, you’re going to have to a hard time finding one, however, there are really silent ones.

An air fryer that doesn’t function properly can make strange noises, most commonly produced by the fan. But don’t worry, if there is something loose inside your air fryer you won’t have a hard time distinguishing the sound it makes from the sound of a fully functioning air fryer fan.

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Both I and the people over at customer support recommend that you get in contact with them if you happen to hear these sounds coming from your air fryer. There’s a chance that the strange sound doesn’t stop your air fryer from working properly.

This is the product of loose internal parts that are thrown around the air fryer when the fan rotates. For smaller apartments, dorm rooms and campers, I recommend an air fryer that makes less noise when cooking.

I figured even if I wasn’t ambitious enough to make chicken Parmesan or kebabs, air -frying up some veggies regularly would be a tasty way to get myself to eat more of them. But before I got going on some veggies, I needed some protein for lunch, so I tried this coconut shrimp recipe from Ben Aims, author of Air Fryer Every Day : 75 Recipes to Fry, Roast, and Bake Using Your Air Fryer”.

(There are bigger models on the market like the highly-rated COS ORI Air Fryer, which offers up a 5.8-quart capacity and which I'll explore below.) The half-pound of shrimp the recipe calls for fit nicely in the bottom of my fryer’s basket, with room for the air to circulate around and brown it.

The fan that circulates the air in the fryer and chips everything up so perfectly is on the loud side, at least in my model. The Philips website says the fan noise can be up to 65 decibels, comparable to a vacuum cleaner.

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I followed the directions that came with the fryer and peeled and chopped the potatoes, soaked them in cold water and dried them, then air -fried them with a little oil and salt for 15-20 minutes, shaking them once or twice as they cooked. As a side dish for two people, I could easily fit plenty of fries in my air fryer.

But the convection toaster oven delivered results nearly as good as the air fryer. It needed a few minutes to heat up, but it was hot by the time I was finished slicing the sprouts and tossing them in a little oil and salt.

A few months back, I went to a kitchen appliance trade show and was surprised by the large number of manufacturers coming out with air fryers. “Enjoy great tasting fried food” reads the cover recipe booklet for Philip's new Air fryer XXL, a lovely sounding idea.

It arrived in the morning and, lacking other options in my fridge and pantry, I made baked potatoes for my wife Elisabeth and me. Second, the fan that that runs whenever it's on is loud, effectively sucking the conversation or ambient music right up into the ether.

Let's be clear, though: an air fryer would be flattened in a mano a mano with a real Escalator and its big tub of hot oil. Few of us deep-fry at home, though, as it involves that huge amount of hot oil which you have to deal with after dinner.

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The air fryer fries were nicely browned and crisp, but a bit hollowed out, seemingly at the expense of some pleasant creaminess inside. While all three specimens were reminiscent of special treats' mom would make for my sister and me when we were kids, and she didn't want to cook, they were in no way as good as real French fries.

With a bit of tweaking, like preheating the sheet pan for the oven version, I guessed I could bring each of those home-cooked numbers up a point, but none of the fries I'd made were terribly compelling. Having now used the machine, I had some serious geometry questions, most significantly how to cram a whole bird into the air fryer's basket.

Elisabeth checked at the grocery store near my house and after flipping through a bin of chickens, she couldn't find one smaller than 3.5 pounds. Considering it's an organic market and those birds tend to be smaller than the typical Oven Suffer Roaster, this was disconcerting.

I preheated the air fryer and my oven, prepped the birds and immediately ran into trouble. I had to cram the tiny chicken into the air fryer basket, and as soon as I closed the door, I could smell something burning.

When I pulled the oven chicken out, I put the veggies in the roasting pan up by the broiler for a quick bit of extra browning. The air fryer chicken was tiny but tasty with crispy skin, perhaps even superior to the oven-roasted bird.

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The recipe starts out right, marinating chicken thighs in buttermilk for hours before dredging them in flour, and dropping them into the air fryer. Taking a bite, the meat was surprisingly juicy, but the crust was horrible, with a peculiar texture that, while sloughing around between my teeth, reminded me of shale.

“If someone ever gives you ranch dressing,” he exclaimed before downing a shot of Jameson's, “you throw that shit against the wall!” Nothing flew against the wall in my test kitchen, but attempting fried chicken in an air fryer was miserably unworthy of reproduction.

Instead, if you're into the air -frying idea, save the potentially significant amount of money you'd spend on one (high-end models can cost $400 or more) and upgrade to a convection feature the next time your real oven croaks. The marketing materials for the scores of companies that make these hot- air blowers will tell you that they are a great way to cook that cuts down on fat.

Better to eat well most of the time then go to your favorite fried chicken place on your birthday, or do it up at home with a couple of liters of canola oil and a Dutch oven. Food writer Joe Ray (Joe_diner) is a Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of The Year, a restaurant critic, and author of Sea and Smoke with chef Blaine Wetzel.

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