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Lentil soup is a dish you can find in most countries around the world, you can get it from Scotland, to China, to Sri Lanka, but few places give it such high regard as the Middle East. They're usually cooked with a combination of different vegetables or meat and are spiced accordingly to the taste of each country.

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The dish is widely eaten throughout the Middle East and is commonly served during the Month of Ramadan, when many people like to break their fast with a bowl of warm soup, it has the benefit of being simple to cook and very filling which make it a perfect Ramadan meal. Lentil soup is also a favorite amongst Middle Eastern Christian communities many of whom fast and adhere to a vegan diet for many days throughout the year including the Coptic Christians of Egypt who fast a whopping 180-210 days.

I find that the use of onions, carrots and tomatoes give it a delicious and well-rounded flavor, though it's possible to also add celery or courgettes (zucchini). In some countries the soup is not blended, and it can have eggs, beans or even pieces of meat added to it.

The Moroccan dish Harris, takes the soup further, with the addition of chickpeas, meat, celery and spring onions as well as more spices that give it a beautiful brick-red color and smokier flavor. In the levant it's also common to add fried bread croutons (like those used in a fatuous salad) to the soup to give it a nice layer of crunch.

Lentils have been eaten in the Middle East for millennia and are thought to be one of the first foods cultivated by humans, indeed they're considered the oldest domesticated pulse crop. Architectural digs have found evidence of lentil consumption along the Euphrates river going back to 8000BC, and they've been mentioned in the holy books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Ancient Egyptians even left offerings of lentils in tombs to feed the mummified on their journey to the afterlife. In “Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens” a 10th century cookbook from Baghdad, a chapter called “Making Dishes of Yellow Lentils” describes a recipe that closely resembles this one, it says: “Wash and pick over hulled lentil and cook it until it falls apart and becomes mushy.

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Alternatively, if you do not like to use saffron or onion, put bruised garlic cloves and a dusting of cumin in the pot after adding the vinegar”. After the introduction of the Tomato to the Middle East, it has kind of become a necessary ingredient in lentil soup which really elevates the flavor of the dish.

The introduction of blenders and food processors also eased the process of milling the cooked lentils into a smooth soup, which prior to that was mashed by hand. The garlic is also quite noticeable and it gives a nice pleasant garlicky flavor to the soup.

Mix and fry for 15 more seconds and add pour the mixture into the lentil soup Add salt, pepper and Chili powder (optional) then mix the soup well.

I’ve always seen on this Subreddit that simply adding bay leaves to a recipe can improve the flavor profile, but I’d never tried it. I’ve been using my mom’s chicken soup recipe ever since college, when I was first learning how to cook.

Over time, the recipe has evolved and improved as I’ve found new ways to add flavor- more pepper, different veggies, adding lime- but I didn’t think a simple LEAF could change so much! Before this I would help my mom in the kitchen cooking almost every Sunday and learned things like how to clean and season meat properly.

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When I started to cook for myself, on my own I figured with all my prior experience I would be just fine and make delicious food. A few weeks ago, my wife bought one of those live Basil plants at the store, and we've managed to cultivate it.

So we've we've been using fresh basil leaves on all kinds of things, making pesto, adding them to soups and other pastas, putting them on pizzas, all the normal stuff. We named the plant “Little' Stinky” due to its strong odor and are hoping to keep it around.

My usual burger combo is tomato, grilled onion, lettuce, Dijon mustard, and pepper jack. Well, from now on it's going to be tomato, grilled onion, lettuce, Dijon mustard, pepper jack, and basil.

90% of people couldn’t care less about the history of San Mariano tomatoes when they are trying to make a red sauce. The catch is that you have to play by the rules of google through search engine optimization (SEO).

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I typically plan what I’m going to cook for the week before I do my shopping, so I’m usually looking for specific things. Today I was making tiny meatballs and poached chicken for my dog (don’t judge me, it’s cheaper than dog treats, and she likes it more).

ETA: we are spending a quiet Christmas physically distanced from relatives. Hours d' oeuvre: Blini with beetroot fluid gel, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, and dill.

Appetizer 2: venison loin with ruled pearl onions, pan-roasted carrots, microgreens, and grape fluid gel. Main course: sous vide duck breast an l'orange with Somme purée, honey glazed carrots, candied orange peel and orange fluid gel.

Dessert: white chocolate mousse and raspberry sorbet on a crunchy pastry layer, topped with candied orange peel. Edit: for the people that for some reasons do not believe someone, and need hard proof before they're willing to take anything for granted, here are the (not so beautiful) pictures of my meal yesterday, the dessert is not included, sorry, but as you can see the plates are the same (except for the duck, I used a different one there, and I also used clean plates for every course, don't worry), and the table cloth is also the same, if people still think I'm lying, I honestly don't know what to say lol.

Just glad I didn't spring for the whole rib roast at Costco a couple of days ago (~$11/lb). I didn’t mean to be aggressive or anything haha I was just sharing a tip that I really enjoy.

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I wanted to cook a whole pork tenderloin and serve it with some honey butter glazed carrots and generic store biscuits that I had in the fridge. My tenderloin was wrapped snug in its aluminum foil, with a little leakage, but not enough to make me worried, and the biscuits looked biscuit and delicious.

At some point in the 3 minutes since I had looked through the oven door the carrots had gone from nice and tender to shriveled and dry, and the glaze was burnt and hard as a rock. Oh, well I thought, and hurried to throw some canned corn on the stove top.

Air fryers promise to deliver to you desirably firm and crunchy fried foods without you having to think about the risks to your health. This kitchen gadget sounds like it is the dream come true for all lovers of fried foods.

You can also use it in making other non-fried dishes, such as pizza, roasted nuts, bacon and even your snacks such as muffins, cookies and small cakes. The use of less oil also means that you can save money by about 70-80%, compared to when you use a deep fryer in cooking.

With an air fryer, you can really enjoy French fries, potato chips, egg rolls and chicken nuggets that you have tried to stay away from in the past, without the guilt. You have fought with yourself to avoid those oily foods that your health adviser has asked you to give up.

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Today, with an air fryer, eating fried foods and snacks will not make you feel worried about your figure and overall health anymore. So go ahead, fry your spring rolls and fish fingers and bake your muffins and cakes and have a party.

Perhaps you just came home from a difficult day at work and there’s nothing you would like than to shorten the time in preparing the family meal. It does not require that you stir the contents of the frying basket, while it cooks to make sure of even crisping.

Also, the food will not over fry, because once the time set has been reached, the air fryer will automatically turn itself off. The air fryer will pause once you open the section and you check how the cooking progresses and then close it again.

Air fryers come in various sizes and shapes and are made of materials that allow them to blend comfortably with your kitchen setting. The sleek design and dimension makes them look good on a kitchen counter top, where accessing the food cooked in them becomes fairly easy.

To give you an honest idea, an air fryer with a 3-liter capacity frying basket is an adequate size to cook for a family of 4. Anyways, you’ll find a maximum line in the frying basket that will tell you if it is time to stop filling it.

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You may find that various models have varying controls, but the only things that you need to learn are the temperature and timer. The removable parts like the frying basket and the drawer can be washed in the dishwasher, while the outer body and the residues can be simply wiped with a soft cloth.

The reason for the ease of cleaning is that air fryers are usually made of stainless steel and copper materials with non-stick coating. When you purchase an air fryer, usually you will get a copy of its cookbook containing many recipes with cooking instructions that you can easily follow.

With the ability to offer you healthier dishes and the versatility that allows you to fry, roast, grill and bake, the air fryer is showing us that it is worth buying.

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