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Are All Kitchenaid Mixers The Same

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
• 8 min read

We wouldn’t recommend it for beating stiff cookie batter or kneading heavy dough. Mixers in this line have 10 speeds, come with a 4.5-quart mixing bowl and three standard attachments (whisk, beater and dough hook).

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These models have a tilt-head design, meaning you tilt the head back to insert or remove the mixing bowl and attachments. Everyday tasks like creaming butter and sugar, whipping up cookie dough and mixing cake batter are a breeze, but the machine struggled with heavier bread dough during our test.

Unique to the Artisan line are a 5-quart mixing bowl in either stainless steel or glass (your choice), and a pouring spout. The Pro Line's Soft Start feature, which automatically starts the mixer at a lower speed to help avoid ingredient splash-out and “flour puff,” is a real asset when making larger batches of batter.

The Kitchen Mini series is built with the same motor power as the Artisan, while taking up 20% less space on the countertop, according to the brand website. These models can end up in the Kitchen warehouse just because they have minor scratches or dents, acted as a demo unit, or have a defective part that has since been repaired.

This will give you a chance to test out the model to make sure it's up to snuff before you decide to stick with it for life (or, you know, hopefully at least the next decade). Notice: I receive compensation if you buy something through affiliate links on this post.

After having dug through the maze of information, read hundreds of reviews, contacted the manufacturer, bought and used this brand; we don’t want to leave the pieces just lying around. Firstly, have a look through the Kitchen stand mixer comparison chart that includes the model you are considering.

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Charts are great if you want to make a quick assessment at a glance because they are clear, easy to understand and you can compare features side-by-side. Each factor shall highlight a difference between KitchenAidmixers and shall explain how or why it makes one model better.

Cost is an important consideration when deciding which counter top mixer to buy. Models designed for the home are either a tilt head or a bowl lift.

These mechanisms are useful for when you need space to scrape content or to manipulate accessories. Residential models are designed for preparing food for your family and friends.

Take note that warranty is voided if you use them for commercial purposes, home-based or not, even if you only produce small quantities. Lifting the motor head at an angle provides space to mix manually, scrape content or detach or attach accessories.

Tilt head KitchenAidmixers are ideal for those who bake for a small family (1-3 kids), prepares small quantities or seldom or don’t make bread This suits the beginner, the hobby baker or one who is just starting a family.

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But it is more capable of kneading bread dough, although only 1 loaf at a time. If I want a tilt-head that can make more bread than the Classic Plus, I’d pick the cheapest Artisan over an Ultra power.

The Artisan mixer with its 5-quart bowl and 325 watts power can be used for bread making more often, but not daily. The Kitchen Ksm150 Artisan is the most popular stand mixer in the market for years now.

It meets the needs of most families, and is up to the challenge of holiday baking. The Artisan Design Series has a glass bowl with graduations.

Aside from being elegant, its other benefit over stainless steel bowls is that you can easily see if there are unmixed ingredients at the bottom. But a glass bowl is not for someone with weak arms or hands because it is heavy.

We can further classify bowl lift models as to their motor type: AC or DC. The most crucial difference is that DC motors are excellent at maintaining consistent speed.

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Therefore, it is better able to tackle tougher mixing and kneading than AC motors. A DC motor also provides greater amount of torque which is the twisting force which moves mixture around.

All are equipped with Soft Start feature, Motor Protection and Electronic Speed sensor. This is important because it prevents splatters and flour cloud which reduces the mess you’d have to clean up.

But, it essentially prevents your mixer from going bust which results from overworking the motor. The Professional 5 Plus is in the price level of the tilt-head Artisan, but has 125 watts more power making it superior for difficult dough.

The Design Series models have glass bowls with graduations and F-series coated beater and dough hook. A glass bowl is elegant but also heavier which may not suit those with weak hands and arms.

Kitchen ’s proprietary F-series coating does not chip like nylon-coating or oxidizes like burnished metal. The Pro Line series comes with a 5-year warranty compared to 1 year for the rest.

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1.3 hp DC motor J-hook handle on the bowl for better control Metal gear casings A heavy duty 48” long power cord NSF certified for commercial use Stainless steel accessories: flat beater, spiral dough hook and 11-wire elliptical whip. One of the big selling point of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the wide array of lovely delectable sounding colors.

The Artisan series with 40 gorgeous shades is on top, followed by the Professional 600 with 24. The Artisan Design series comes in 13 different vivid and glossy shades.

The most common colors across all models are: Empire Red, Black and White. Refurbished units undergo strict testing and quality control before they are certified by Kitchen.

Cost will be a big factor in picking a stand-alone mixer from this popular brand because it is a substantial investment. You will want to find a Kitchen outlet that offers the lowest prices.

Check Walmart for price cuts they call “rollback”, especially during sale events. Another popular outlet offers discount on your next purchase over a certain amount.

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Secondly, I will be forced to buy things I don’t need just, so I can use the store cash or the discount. Thirdly, some or most of us have a budget, we don’t want to spend now on things we may need later via store cash or discount privileges.

Go back to the Tables and click on your preference to see product details. There is no single criteria because it will depend on one’s needs, preferences and budget.

Let us summarize the essential points from the Tables and discussions to make it easier for you to decide. The Artisan series is ideal for most household needs including Holiday baking.

If cost is not an issue, it’s best to grab a model with a DC motor because it is far more superior. The Pro Line series works well for both small and big quantities.

The Pro line offers more leeway with its powerful DC motor. If bread making is your primary use of a stand mixer, this is the wisest choice for home use.

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A cheaper DC motor mixer is the Professional 6000 HD. And, its 6-quart bowl and 1 hp motor is not an overkill for those who don’t prepare big amounts.

Kitchen stand mixers for the home, except those with DC motors, have almost the same issues. If you read online discussions about which Kitchen standing mixer is good, you’ll notice that most revolve around the capacity for handling heavy dough.

Now, why do some people claim that a certain model is good for bread, while others complain. Protein content, baker’s percentage, humidity, other ingredients (nuts, grains, etc.

), volume, speed and time will determine how difficult a mixture is. Whatever your considerations are when weighing which Kitchen stand mixer is for you, it is worth taking note that it’s better to have excess capability now than need more later and not have it.

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