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Are Aluminum Cookie Sheets Safe

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Lightweight aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, but it’s also highly reactive with acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegar, and citrus. In our tests, we detected an unpleasant metallic taste in tomato sauce and lemon curd cooked in aluminum pots.

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Exposure to Teflon is linked to high cholesterol levels, poor immune system, increased risk of certain types of cancer, and altered thyroid function. For pregnant women and younger kids, Teflon can affect their growth, learning, and behavior development.

The convenience it provides for being lightweight and easy to clean made aluminum bakeware a kitchen go to. However, aluminum is a chemical element that’s also found in paints, household items, foils, dyes, and more.

Such toxicity can lead to things like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as well as kidney, bone, and brain conditions. This is why you should strive to only buy brands that provide heavy metal testing on their products. I stick to shopping at Extreme for this reason.

Perfectly seasoned with a vegetable oil formula, Cast Iron Mini Muffin Pan is suitable for making those sweet delights without worrying about the harmful chemicals. Lodge’s Muffin and Cornbread Pan is made explicitly for slow cooking and have six sections which are great for ready-to-serve portions.

If you’ve read about the potential risks, you might be ready to seek out alternatives to your aluminum cookware and bakeware. I have some ideas for you beyond “replace your entire cookware set!” that won’t break the bank.

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It may be worth making a phone call to the manufacturer to find out what your cookware is really made of. My cookie sheets are, I discovered after sending an email to the company, made of aluminum with a non-stick coating.

The coating is getting pretty scratched, so I’ve made a commitment not to allow food to touch the surface, just in case. When it comes to being a steward of my family’s health, I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially when some changes I’ve had to make are quite simple and low on commitment/energy.

At the very least, don’t cook tomato or acidic substances in aluminum pots. Look at garage sales and thrift stores for basic stainless steel, cast iron (or even glass) pots to begin to phase out your aluminum ones.

Some sources say the safest choice is enameled cast iron, like this one on my birthday wish list. Many people ask me about a Jewish surface to the market, hard anodized aluminum cookware.

I feel like I need to do more research personally, but on the surface (pun intended) this way of processing the metal so it’s non-reactive seems like a great alternative, and it’s even relatively nonstick. If is you saw aluminum on your hard anodized cookware, don’t feel like you need to ditch or avoid your current pans.

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Put Stoneware on Your Wishlist: I love the way rolls, biscuits, cookies, and pizza dough turn out on my Pampered Chef Rectangular Baking Stone. When I first started to learn about the health hazards of aluminum, I was very surprised to find that it was in baking powder.

When I got home and checked mine, I was bummed to find that, in fact, the baking powder on my shelf did have aluminum in it. Instead of tossing it and letting it all go to waste, I decided, baby step style, to wait until mine was almost empty and then look up the homemade version.

As the moment neared, I decided to check out the aluminum -free baking powder in my regular grocery store. Baking soda should just have one ingredient: sodium bicarbonate (also known by other less common names).

If you find you don’t use a lot of baking powder stick to buying it in small amounts. Make sure you keep your baking powder in a cool, dry place (not the refrigerator), with a tightly sealed lid.

The heat used for at-home baking is not nearly high enough to cause inhalation dangers like what workers at aluminum factories experience. I see folks putting vegetables and butter in foil and wrapping it tightly to roast them . All of which is perfectly safe.

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For longer cooking and acidic foods, such as tomato-based sauces or slow simmering of traditional bone broths, safe options include certified toxin-free clay pots (such as Vita-Clay), glass, or ceramic coated cast iron. While it’s possible to salvage your aluminum bakeware (not cookware) and still use it safely, make sure you ditch all Teflon kitchenware.

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