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Are Blue Diamond Cookware Safe

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 18 min read

The blue diamond pans are safe until they are not subjected to high temperatures and the non-stick coating isn’t damaged. The pan should be made of an inert material that does not react with food.

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Do not heat the pan at high temperatures or leave it unattended on the cook top If the non-stick coating of the pan has chipped, do not use it for cooking. Use plastic or wooden spatula in non-stick pans to prevent chipping.

If the pan is made of heavy metals that react with food, then it is likely that you will ingest them along with the food which may harm your health. The pans when heated at high temperatures may release toxic fumes that may cause flu-like symptoms if inhaled for a prolonged period.

No, the material used in BlueDiamond Pan is not hazardous as long as the non-stick layer remains intact and does not chip. Introducing the 10-inch BlueDiamond Enhanced Ceramic Non-Stick Pan, allegedly infused with millions of diamonds.

Don't use extra virgin olive oil or oily sprays, as they cannot withstand high heat. Though, to keep the durability of your non-stick, it is recommended to hand wash with a soft sponge in hot soapy water.

We followed those directions, and began to craft our tests in accordance to some claims in the commercial and on the website. During the video, it never mentions using oil to cook, but instead shows a person boiling a candy apple coating.

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When we tried it, the melted cheese slid out of the pan with ease, but also with a BUNCH of grease! The video shows plastic ware melting on the BlueDiamond Pan, but coming right off.

So, we purchased a 10-inch Red Copper Pan for $19.99 from Fry's Food Stores to do the same comparison. They literally took a different skillet, turned it upside down, struck the bottom with a hammer or mallet, and it dented.

However, the video shows that when they hit the BlueDiamond Pan in the same fashion, it didn't dent at all. Still on the topic of having a harder coating, BlueDiamond Pan is supposed to not scratch when using metal utensils.

The commercial shows someone using a hand mixer on the pan, and it's not leaving a mark. When we tested that claim GENTLY with a hand mixer, our BlueDiamond Pan was immediately covered in scratches, and some finish came off.

BlueDiamond Pan is also supposed to have four times better heat transfer, due to the diamonds. So, instead of cooking meat, we decided to see if it could bring water to a rolling boil faster than the Red Copper Pan.

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The Red Copper Pan reached a rolling boil at five minutes and 19 seconds. The BlueDiamond Pan reached that same rolling boil at six minutes and 29 seconds.

Realistically, how often will you be hitting the back of your skillet with a mallet or using a metal hand mixer in the pan? In general, it can cook and melt food when you use oil, but did not live up to the claims and is not better than all other non-stick pans.

It's supposed to be 10-times longer lasting than traditional non-stick pans, and though it receives close to four-out-of-five stars on both Walmart and Amazon reviews, most of the complaints are that the finish wears out. The pan has a beautiful blue sparkly appearance, but some said that faded quickly.

Though, after our day of use for the tests, our pan was scratched, slightly faded and stained. Be sure to read the fine print of the Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

The commercial said it, “means you'll enjoy non-stick cooking forever”, and also states it to be a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. It states, “Upon the examination by BlueDiamond, if it is found to be defective, BlueDiamond will repair any faulty workmanship free of charge, whilst reserving the right to decide to replace the entire product, or if no longer available, a similar product.

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It also states, “This warranty does not cover stains, discoloration or scratches due to normal wear and tear.” We also did not sand paper the frying pans to see if the finish would remove, as is done in the commercial.

We may earn a fee if you buy via links in this post (at no extra cost to you). You’ve probably seen the commercials for the BlueDiamond pan, the one with millions of tiny diamonds infused into the ceramic non-stick surface.

So, if you’re wondering whether the BlueDiamond pan is as good as stated in the commercials or whether it’s just another “As Seen on TV” gimmick, keep reading. While many of the claims are valid, advertisers often hide important details in the fine print.

It’s part of a larger company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing cookware. This collection is made with a two-layer stainless steel exterior and an aluminum core.

Due to the aluminum core, you still get excellent heat transfer, but the steel exterior adds durability, a sleek aesthetic, and makes the pan induction-compatible. They advertise that it’s durable enough for metal utensils, and all you need to clean it is a paper towel.

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BlueDiamond Pan Diamond Infused Ceramic Non Stick Coating The BlueDiamond pan features a hollow handle that disperses heat, allowing it to stay cool on the stove.

The non-stick surface has a sparkling quality and contrasts with the deep blue color of the exterior. The tough, diamond -infused cooking surface allows it to withstand the heat.

In contrast, most non-stick cookware is oven and broiler safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For much of the competition, baking or broiling non-stick pans above 500 degrees Fahrenheit causes the surface to lose its non-stick qualities and.

High heat will cause chemicals to activate and release harmful gasses. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern with the BlueDiamond pan since it’s designed with a ceramic coating.

BlueDiamond pans are compatible with gas or electric cook top surfaces. If you buy an induction range, you can test whether your current cookware is compatible by sticking a magnet to the base.

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BlueDiamond products are made in China, where the labor and regulator compliance costs are significantly lower than in other parts of the world. By cutting out the middleman, BlueDiamond can offer much more affordable prices than the competition.

If you’re dissatisfied with your BlueDiamond Pan, you will receive your money back minus shipping and handling fees. If your BlueDiamond Pan loses its non-stick properties, you will not receive a replacement, repair, or any other compensation.

In the television ads, BlueDiamond makes several bold claims about its pan. The ads show sunny side up eggs sliding smoothly from the pan to the plate, a hand mixer running full blast on the cooking surface without scratching it, and the happy cook cleaning the pan with one paper towel wipe.

BlueDiamond claims its diamond -infused non-stick coating is five times harder than traditional non-stick. Although I can’t verify this claim, I’ve been using this pan for over a year and haven’t had any issues with scratches or chipping.

I’ve tested dozens of non-stick pans, and I almost always recommend staying away from metal utensils. I’ve cooked on my BlueDiamond pan with metal utensils for over a year to test this claim.

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The fact is, BlueDiamond hasn’t even been on the market for ten years yet. To dive a bit deeper into this claim, I read through dozens of Amazon reviews and learned that others haven’t been so lucky.

Though my pan hasn’t scratched, tiny dark spots have formed on the cooking surface. Bottom line: given the dark spots and the multiple poor customer reviews, I think it’s safe to say that this claim is untrue.

While BlueDiamond says its pans are warp-resistant, and after a year of use, mine has not warped, Amazon customer reviews paint a different picture. The base material, in this case, aluminum, is what impacts a pan’s heat transfer.

Although the difference is negligible, the BlueDiamond pan did heat the water faster. I haven’t noticed any hot or cold spots on the pan in my tests over the past year.

The food cooks evenly across the entire surface, and results are consistent. One of BlueDiamond ’s greatest claims is that food will slide off the cooking surface with ease.

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The commercial shows images of a flaky filet of white fish and eggs sliding right off the pan’s surface. Like in the commercial, food skated across the surface, and I could easily clean it with a paper towel.

Now that you know the key facts about the BlueDiamond pan and whether its bold claims are true, let’s briefly discuss its pros and cons. Its low price is driven by the fact that it’s made in China and sold exclusively online (Amazon).

After a few months of use, some non-stick qualities vanished, though food still sticks less than it would on a stainless steel pan. If you have an induction cook top, check out BlueDiamond ’s new collection, Triple Steel.

The hollow handle is open on the end, making it feel cheap and difficult to clean. I’ve noticed grease from pans on neighboring burners sometimes splatters into the hollow handle.

The dark blue exterior stains and discolors easily, becoming splotchy the more you use it. It’s not the type of pan you’ll want to use as a serving platter, the way you might with high-end stainless steel or enameled cast iron cookware.

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The sparkly interior and handle fit in with the brand’s name, but, in my opinion, cheapens the appearance. While some might like this look’s uniqueness, I prefer a classic aesthetic that matches any kitchen decor.

The company behind the BlueDiamond pan makes some bold claims in its commercials. The downsides are that food will eventually stick, it’s not induction-compatible, the exterior stains easily, and the sparkly interior cheapens its appearance.

If you’re interested in BlueDiamond, check the current prices and read dozens of reviews on Amazon. To safeguard you and ensure helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess every customer review before it goes live.

By Rick D., Merton, PA, Dec 14, 2020 Verified Reviewer After purchasing an 11-piece set of Blue Diamond, we opened the box and found that the 9.5” fry pan had 2 marks/scratches on it.

Called a week later and the 1st customer service rep never put it through. Got the e-mail finally, sent them pictures, as they asked, and they replied by saying that it wasn't a manufacturer defect and that it was from our use of it.

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By Thomas D., Newark, DE, Dec 8, 2020 Verified Reviewer I read the instructions and washed the pans by hand, The pans seem to have a strange smell when they heat up, I'm careful not to use high heat on them.

By Frank M., Tampa, FL, Oct 22, 2021 Verified Reviewer The handles are too small and narrow (not ergonomic) and get hot, the non-stick finish is sticking all the time (never used spray oils), and the pot top edges are sharp, not rounded or burred.

I had purchased the skillets and griddles line of Blue Diamond Pans. Followed every manufacturer's recommendation and to my disbelief, the poor performance of every pan but the small skillet.

By Robert C., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sep 14, 2021 Verified Reviewer The majority of cooking on this 10" has been shredded hash browns, a small slab of butter with some spices added.

I bought the 10-inch fry pay about 2 weeks ago at Walmart. I think lots of people who have written did probably use spray oils.

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I have the large fry pan, even under any heat bacon will stick, let alone other food types. I have never had bacon stick to any type of pan before, do not waste your money on this product.

Advertisement By Linda B., Clinton, UT, Jan 28, 2021 Verified Reviewer I received a set for Christmas, and I love how they cool, but like I said, the frying pans each ended with a chip in them just after if used a knife to cut some meat open to see how well it was cooked.

Cleanup was easy, only a paper towel to wipe away excess and brand new. My BF, ONE TIME, used metal tongues with hard nylon edges to turn over meat about 3 weeks ago, and he is a very good cook, so I know he wasn't just raking the pan and now the pan is useless.

By Roxanne D., Pinellas Park, FL, Dec 6, 2019 Verified Reviewer Purchased the square griddle from Kohl's, worked fine the first 2 times, cleaned up good.

The 3rd time I used it, it started to smoke and the pancakes stuck and burned to it. I bought the pan solely to make pancakes on, nothing else has been on it and I use a plastic spatula and medium heat, the middle bowed up and now the pan is bent slightly sideways so it does not lay flat anymore.

Works fine until you scratch the surface, metal utensil safe, don't think so. I have not had the pan one month, already junk, everything sticks to it, can't get the stuck-on food when cleaning it.

I got mine as a gift last Christmas and it was good for a while and then it started to stick with everything. I have hand washed this pan since day one and I didn’t understand why it’s sticking.

I bought the Broiler Pan yesterday from Bed, Bath & Beyond and used it today. After unpacking, rinse out the pan, put on the stove, put 2 chicken breasts (after seasoning with McCormick chicken season) in the pan, turned on stove and cooked.

No oil had to be used and the chicken breasts cooked quickly and were absolutely delicious. I called 3 of my friends and told them to go out and buy 1 of these pans.

Everything has started sticking to it, you can't clean it even with Comet and a scrubber. Their website says they have full discretion on whether to replace a damaged pan.

Bottom line: them and their crappy POS pan. I'm going to post as many bad reviews that I can including a YouTube video showing the junky burned out pan and their non-guarantee and BS correspondence.

By Cheryl W., Kingston, NC, Oct 11, 2019 Verified Reviewer Sadly we recommended it to our family and friends, who also purchased the set, and they too are having the same problem and have to replace their cookware.

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