"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Are Cookware Sets Worth It

Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
• 4 min read

Pots and pans are available in a wide array of materials, with and without nonstick finishes, and there are distinct differences between the various offerings when it comes to how they cook and their ease of use. While sets are sold at a huge range of prices, you don’t have to spend top dollar to get a dependable one that you’ll find a pleasure to cook with.

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Copper cookware heats the most evenly and is the most responsive (meaning, take your pan of hollandaise off the burner and it stops cooking immediately so there’s no danger it will curdle). But copper is super pricey and requires a lot of upkeep if you want to maintain its bright, shiny finish.

The vast majority of aluminum cookware has some kind of finish, either enamel or nonstick, to prevent this from happening and also make it easier to clean. Some aluminum pans are hard-anodized, which means they’ve undergone an electrochemical process that strengthens and darkens the metal, protecting if from denting and stopping it from interacting with whatever you’re cooking.

That might not bother you if you bought an inexpensive omelet pan but can be upsetting if you’ve invested in an expensive set. Keep in mind that some items are lids and sometimes the manufacturer throws in a few plastic utensils and adds them to the piece count.

We give points to sets that include a 12-incher as it’s such a versatile pan for frying, stir-frying and one-pot dishes like paella or chicken with dumplings. Every set will also include one or two saucepans and again, larger ones are more useful as you can warm a cup of soup in a 3-quart pot but might not be able to make enough rice for the whole family in a 1-quart.

To select our best cookware sets, we relied on our years of rustling pots and pan both in our test kitchens and on our own home stoves. Before becoming a cooking tools expert, she spent seven years working as a professional chef in New York City restaurants.

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In her free time, she's busy baking sourdough bread and rustling pots and pans on her own stove. Starting with the obvious and most immediately noticeable differentiator regarding Caraway’s cookware, they come in a variety of colorful options including navy blue, terracotta, sage (which seems to be the most popular), gray, and cream.

Each colorway has a bold look and will add a nice color pop to your kitchen if choose to display them instead of shoving them in a cabinet somewhere. As far as actually cooking with them, I’ve used the set multiple times daily for three weeks and have seen virtually no signs of any wear so far.

Oh, by the way, the majority of non-stick pans (95%+) use Polytetrafluorethylene (Teflon) for the coating, which can be released into your food when cooking at high heats. It’s worth noting that the company ensures that its manufacturing process is ethical and adheres to the required Sci, Meta, and Fair Trade standards.

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous and adding color to your kitchen, they’re ultimately high-quality pans to cook with (which is, obviously, the most important). While the price might be a bit much for someone who only melts cheese once in a while, the Caraway Cookware Set are a great option for health-conscious home chefs.

I was sick of purchasing middle-tier cookware from Target or Walmart my entire life, and although Caraway was expensive, I decided to pull the trigger and ordered a set. Not only does my new Caraway Cookware set add a nice pop of color to my kitchen counter (where I actually decided to display them instead of stuff them in a cabinet somewhere), they’re also nonstick (using a non-toxic mineral-based coating) and super easy to clean after I use them.

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They arrived at the end of June, and so far, I’ve made butternut squash soup, omelets, an incredible corn and bacon chowder, spaghetti sauce, and more in them. If you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to think about what you need to round out your collection as most sets come with a variety of sized pots and pans to cook a wide range of meals.

Also, unlike your drawer of multi-brand kitchen gadgets, when you get a cookware set, all of your pots and pans are made with the same technology and materials so you’ll know how long it takes to heat up and how sensitive your cookware is to temperature changes. From sets that include the best nonstick frying pans to cookware sets that will last you forever, there are tons of options out there that will best fit your cooking needs.

Plus, they’re dishwasher safe which will save you tons of time and counter space on handwashing and drying. Made from hard-anodized aluminum, these pans retain perfect heat and have a strong protective layer.

If you’ve ever tried for a perfect sear, you know this is key in maintaining flavor and cooking food evenly. It’s deep enough to boil pasta, comes with a steamer basket that nestles nicely in the pan and a spatula with a built-in handle rest.

The Always Pan uses a PTFE and Pas free coating that is tested to be safe and creates a non-stick barrier that makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. Not to mention it’s extremely attractive, lightweight, and comes in a range of beautiful muted colors.

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The 10-piece set of pots and pans also comes with glass lids which helps you keep an eye on your food. Each piece comes equipped with cool grip handles to help reduce overheating and burning your hands.

These ceramic-coated aluminum pans promise impressive nonstick capabilities, and they deliver. The pans retain heat well, provides nonstick without any chemicals, and look good on your stove top.

With typical cast iron, you need to put a little work in to season them before using, but this set comes pre-season so you can use them right out of the box. Cast iron is extremely durable, so you can use this cookware set on the stove, in the oven, under the broiler, on the grill, and even over a campfire.

Most things that are enameled can easily chip if they fall, but with this awesome cookware set, you don’t have to worry. This Stab collection has a chip-resistant coating so your beautiful pans will stay that way for a very long time.

This set includes all the essential pots and pans that get used regularly and is perfect for a variety of cooking techniques. If you bring a date home to cook for them, they’ll instantly know they’re getting a * chef’s kiss* fabulous meal.

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Even if pans claim to be non-stick, chip-resistant, or durable, if you’re someone who uses their cookware every day, you’re bound to eventually run into some kind of issue.

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