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Are Enamel Cookware Safe

Christina Perez
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Traditional cast iron cookware items have been using for hundreds of years because of the useful benefits they provide. The enamel glazing or coating on the cast iron cookware prevents rusting and makes the cleaning super easier.

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To produce enamel cookware, manufacturers use a base of cast iron, aluminum, or steel and cover it with porcelain enamel. You can find all your favorite colors including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, violets, and many more.

Its non-stick layer prevents foods from burning or sticking to the bottom which makes the cleaning super easier. Enameled coated cookware is suitable for all types of heat sources such as the gas stove, oven, or grill.

Some professional chefs and cooks prefer heavier cookware items to be a part of their kitchen. This coating can be crack, break or shatter if you bang it too hard or clean it with an abrasive cleanser.

Another point you should concern when buying the Enamel coated cookware is its lower heat conductivity. Compared to uncoated cookware items, enamel pieces will take a bit longer to reach your required temperature level.

Unlike Teflon coated pan, enameled cookware products will not break down at high temperatures. Moreover, this particular kind of cookware doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals or metallic taste to your foods.

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This amazing feature makes these pots and pans a safe choice for healthy cooking. These harmful chemicals are most likely found in the cookware items that are lined with yellow, red, or orange pigments.

There are some most effective tips and tricks to protect your EnamelCookware and prolong its lifespan for years. It’s always better to clean your hard or porcelain cookware with warm soapy water instead of using an abrasive cleaner.

Beware not to put a hot enamel pot or pan into cold water as it can damage the coating of your cookware. You can use gentle cleaning solutions like baking soda or vinegar to keep your cookware in a good condition for longer.

Avoid using abrasive material like steel wool to clean your enameled cookware as it can end up scratching the coating. Last Words In conclusion, hard or porcelain enamel cookware is always a smart choice and can be a great addition to your kitchen.

However, to ensure the safety of your Enamel Coated cookware, it’s always best to buy good quality products from reputed and trusted brands. You might know that nonstick cookware contains poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, which can be released during cooking and potentially cause health and environmental issues.

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To create enamelware, companies use a base of iron, steel or aluminum and coat it with porcelain enamel. They're simple to clean, can be used at high heats (up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit) and are resistant to acidic foods, like tomatoes.

But the chemicals in enameled ceramic cookware won't break down at high temperatures, making them a safe choice for cooking. Many enameled pots and pans are specifically designed for cooking both on the stove top and inside an oven, making them a good choice for a variety of recipes.

Since all ceramic products sold in the United States are required by law to be free of lead and cadmium, the risk of being exposed to toxins are very low. The ceramic coating on an enameled piece of cookware might crack if it is exposed to a sudden dramatic change in temperature, if it is dropped or if using metal utensils on the pot, which can cause scratches on the surface.

To keep it clean, wash by hand using a mild detergent and avoid steel wool or scour pads. Enamel cookware comes in different colors, shapes, sizes and design, which makes them very tempting to buy.

In this article we’ll discuss the safety of enamel cookware, how it should be used and key considerations when cooking with it. Enamel is a form of powdered melted glass fired under a very high temperature.

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This coat protects the core material of your pot or pan (which could be iron, steel or aluminum) and prevents it from rusting and reacting with your food. The enamel cookware is coated with enamel glaze from inside and outside giving it a smooth glassy look.

It is important to understand the material your cookware is made of and so how it will affect your food and your cooking process. Unlike uncoated iron, it doesn’t corrode from excessive usage in the long term.

It can also be used for refrigerated food and with its vibrant colors, it can totally be a serving dish on your table. There are a number of precautions that you have to be aware of when using enamel cookware so that it stays safe, in good shape, and effective in the long run.

Always give your pot or pan a chance to cool down after cooking and before you expose it to cold water for cleaning it. Heavy metal utensils can cause scratches and chips to the coating which makes it prone to cracking and can affect the non-stick surface efficiency, instead use wooden, silicone or nylon ladles and spatulas inside the pot or pan.

In case of stacking a number of pans or pots on one another put paper towels between them. However, it’s important not to hit your enamel pot or pan against any hard surfaces like the oven, the sink, the floor or even bang the lid hard so the coating doesn’t break or crack in a short time.

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For enamel cookware, cheap and badly produced brands may use cadmium-based or lead-based pigments in making the enamel coating. Some cookware companies test their products for heavy metal leaching before selling them in the market.

It’s important, as mentioned before, to avoid sudden changes of heat if you want your cookware to last longer. The type of the base material (iron, steel or aluminum) affects the price as well.

When purchasing enamel cookware it’s preferred that the coating be thick not to chip easily. However, the enamel cookware coating is prone to chip, break or crack if beaten to something hard or exposed to a sudden change of temperature.

The good news is that some companies have a lifetime warranty on their products in case of chipping or cracking. Enamel cookware has many important features that make it a great addition to your kitchen.

These features may also add comfort and fun to your cooking habits and techniques. When Johannes Berk Van Kampen, the son of BK Dutch Cookware founder Hendrik, first developed the inner enamel coating on that company’s Dutch Ovens in 1891, it had been envisaged that this innovation would protect the company’s signature product.

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That last point hits home when you learn that the uses of the enamel coating on cast iron cookware have evolved considerably since 1891. The enamel coating on cast iron cookware is now a source of tremendous benefit for entire families and friendship circles.

To some degree, the jury is still out on the merits of purchasing an enameled cast iron piece of cookware instead of the traditional seasoned cast-iron. Below is your quick reference table showing the pros and cons of this type of cookware.

Pros Can be used with these heat sources on all cook tops, in the oven, and on the grill Retains heat better than any other cooking pot Rust free if enamel remains undamaged Looks great especially with the color choices available to suit any decor The first concerns that arise, whenever we have debates about the kind of cookware you choose for your kitchen, will ultimately center around health.

“Is enameled cast iron safe and will this cookware product have any detrimental impact on our health, and to what extent?” At least one study conducted by the American Dietetic Association has established that using a traditional piece of cast iron cookware, without an enamel coating, can actually be beneficial to people who suffer from some form of iron deficiency, especially those living in developing countries where access to medication is not a straightforward affair.

Too much in your system (iron) can lead to liver disease, heart complications, and even diabetes. As somebody who has battled pancreatitis, the author of this blog post can confirm that problems with the pancreas are extremely unpleasant and frankly life-threatening.

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The point here is that ultimately the iron content will increase in your food when cooking with a traditional piece of cast-iron cookware. The enamel coating on a piece of cast iron cookware or a Dutch oven will eliminate that problem.

The easiest way to achieve that, perhaps, is to move a cast-iron Dutch oven or another piece of cookware directly from the stove to the refrigerator and vice versa. However, provided that you have not chipped the enamel on your cookware, your health and safety should be ensured or improved at the very least.

That is often compounded by some form of neglect, which is very common when owning a traditional piece of cast-iron cookware. If cooking with a cast-iron Dutch oven it can be a long process as it is, although the time spent on that is almost always worth it because the performance and final product are outstanding.

However, then having to worry about cleaning the cast iron Dutch oven once you are done is enough to make most grown men cry. That means you will need to grow accustomed to washing your cast-iron pots, pans, and skillets by hand.

However, the beauty of the enamel cast-iron Dutch oven is that it generally doesn’t stick when you are cooking if you use enough oil. It is as straightforward as that really and while not a matter of life and death, a pot that is easier to clean provides massive incentive to purchase the product over others.

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A brief perusal of any vendor, whether that be online or in a regular shop, will reveal that enamel cast iron costs a tremendous amount more than your traditional seasoned cast-iron cookware. There is a case to be made that more is more in this context, that is to say, that you will not regret paying a considerable amount more for purchasing a quality piece of enamel cast iron cookware or a Dutch oven.

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