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Are Glassware Etching

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 6 min read

Etching is the erosion of the surface of glassware, tiny pits or “scratches” on the glass. For another quick fix to etching problems stop pre-rinsing dishes.

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If there isn’t food or dirt on the dishes the detergent works away the outside layers of the glassware. It requires some experimentation to find the correct formula of detergent and water supply to solve the problem.

You can perform a simple test to see if your dishes are etched or if they are simply coated with mineral & soap build up. Put some lemon juice on a small area of the effected glassware & allow it soak for 5-10 minutes then wash it off.

If that spot you put the lemon juice on is much cleaner than rest of the glass than it is not etched & can be restored. Although it might not be possible to completely restore etched glassware to like-new condition, there are still some things you can do to improve its appearance.

Use distilled white vinegar to remove spots from your glasses. Mix a small amount of toothpaste with baking soda and apply the paste to your glassware with your finger, a soft cloth, or a toothbrush.

This column was SO GOOD that I shared with the 31,000 subscribers who read my October 4, 2021 newsletter. I remember reading in past columns that you’re a master plumber and have some sort of science degree.

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I tried soaking some ruined things in hot white vinegar and there was no change. The clear drinking glasses in my own home are slowly getting ruined just as Sandra described.

Sandra’s correct that I’ve got lots of experience with dishwashers being a master plumber since age 29 and having worked in a commercial kitchen operating a powerful chili parlor dishwasher for over 12 years. I was a brash young man, and she showed me one of her ruined small drinking glasses.

I reached out to what I believe is the largest USA manufacturer of automatic dishwashing soap, Procter & Gamble (P&G). Since I’m a member of the working media, they were kind enough to accommodate my press inquiry.

A senior scientist from P&G explained that a perfect glass- etching storm can happen inside a dishwasher if you have these four things: soft water, low soil load, high temperatures, and cheating agents. She went on to say, Cheating agents, or chants, are a major part of auto-dishwashing formulations because they form soluble complexes with calcium and other metal ions, enabling them to remove food soils and limescale, soften water, and boost hygienic cleaning action.” When you soften water as I do at my home, you remove the calcium from the water.

To prevent glass etching, she suggested not rinsing dishes and glasses, wash in shorter cycles, not using the pots-and-pans or sanitizing settings, and using a dishwashing product that contains zinc. AUTHOR UPDATE: Brad Booth lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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Glass etching, or “French embossing,” is a popular technique developed during the mid-1800s that is still widely used in both residential and commercial spaces today. Glass etching cream is used by hobbyists as it is generally easier to use than acid.

High-pressure air mixed with an abrasive material cuts away at the glass surface to create the desired effect. The longer the stream of air and abrasive material are focused in one spot, the deeper the cut.

Le stat takes its name from the Czech word meaning “to etch”, because the technique was inspired by a Bohemian, Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakian) glass exhibit viewed at a past World's Fair in Osaka, Japan, and patented in the United States by Bernard E. Greene, Jr. of the Conrad Schmitt Studios. Abstract, figure, contemporary, and traditional designs have been executed in Lepta glass.

A secondary design or pattern is sometimes etched more lightly into the negative areas, for further interest. The Lepta technique allows the glass to reflect light from many surfaces, like a jewel-cut gem.

Eighteenth century Chinese bowl, wheel cut (engraved) and etched Etching on the glassware can be due to different factors such as hard water, mineral depositions, improper washing, and harsh detergents.

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This could happen after several washings and appears as a white film, and the cause may be hard or soft water. Etching, in the beginning, stages, may be identified by a rainbow-colored look like shades of purple, blue, pink, or brown seen when the glass is held at an angle in the light.

It can manifest on any type of glassware, no matter if it’s top-notch or buck store glass. Etching is the deterioration of the glassware surface and looks like scratches or tiny pits in the glass.

While clouding can happen in hard water dishwashing, that contains calcium or magnesium, so it be often removed. The etching from softened water may at start look as a vibrant coloration, which can occur over the stress lines in the glasses.

It can transform over time into a foggy image which may occur evenly over the surface of the glass or show up as spotting. This kind of etching can’t standard be removed with washing even if applying bleach.

Dissolve a couple of cleaning tablets in the water and leave the solution for about an hour. Just combine baking soda with a small amount of toothpaste and rub that mixture on the scratches.

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Simply soak a soft cloth in acetone and rub it on the surface until removing the stains from glass completely. Destroy dishwasher-related etching on glassware by changing bad habits such as wrong selection of dishwasher detergent.

You may need to adjust dishwasher detergent according to the package directions or switch to another type. The package should show whether you have to apply less or more detergent, depending on the softness of the water.

Less is better since using less harsh detergents specially made for softer water can minimize etching. If you don’t have a repository to pour a liquid dish-rinsing solution into, then buy one of the small baskets that hold rinsing additives and hang it in the back corner on the lowest rack in a dishwasher.

The rinsing additive will improve the sheeting action of the water and reduce etching. It’ll reduce etching and also save you money on electric bills.

Dishwasher detergents often exploit harsh chemicals like phosphates to etch the glassware. If glassware becomes etched when leaves dishwasher, you should try to change the amount of detergent.

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The chemical operations that happen in glass etching demand a lot of heat. Simple fact, f the water temp is too high, you would burn hands.

If dishwasher includes extra hot modes such as “temp boost” or power scrub,” avoid using them. Folks rinse dishes to remove any food leftovers before the dishwasher’s drying cycle bakes it on.

Manufacturers made dishwasher detergent especially to cut through food remain. If you still have this issue with a new brush, try lowing water temper and the amount of detergent you apply.

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