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Glassware | Table Setting | Etiquette Scholar Stemware has a bowl that rests on a stem, anchored by a foot. The purpose of this design is to serve cool beverages, such as water, iced tea, and wine.

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The stem provides a way to hold cool drinks without warming the contents of the bowl. The bucket-shaped bowl is similar to a bucket, with a horizontal base and almost vertical sides.

The tulip-shaped bowl resembles a tulip, with a rounded base and sides that curve inward. The flared bowl is shaped like a trumpet or a funnel, a long, narrow form made with a pointed or slightly rounded bowl that either flares outward at the top or remains straight.

Stemware with a large bowl is reserved for nonalcoholic beverages, such as water and iced tea. Stemware with a small bowl is used for drinks with a moderate to high alcohol content, such an apéritifs and dessert wine.

Stemware with a tiny bowl is made for drinks high in alcohol, specifically cordials and liqueurs. The exception to the aforementioned rules is the brandy snifter, which may have either small or large bowls.

The purpose and size of the following six pieces of stemware is presented on the left in the order in which the vessel is used at the table, from postprandial drinks to those served after dinner. The apéritif (pronounced ah-pare-i-teef) is a drink fortified with approximately 15 to 20 percent alcohol.

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Its purpose is to “open” the gastric juices and stimulate the appetite before a meal. The goblet is always used in formal dining, but at an informal meal it is an optional table appointment.

A multi-course menu incorporates a variety of seasonings and to refresh the palate and cleanse the taste buds between wines, water is served. Because water and wine are the only beverages served at a formal table, the iced-tea glass is reserved for informal dining, from elegant to casual.

The shape is ideal for cold beverages of any kind, such as tomato juice or iced coffee. To test the quality of French wine, the Paris Institute National DES Appellations d'Origin (Into) designed a wine glass with an egg-shaped bowl, relatively short stem, and wide base.

The bowl allows room to swirl the wine and release the bouquet upward to the nose, a shape considered ideal by oenophiles. Some bowls are wide and round, others are deep and narrow, and the rims curve inward or outward to varying degrees.

The tulip glasses widest in the middle of the bowl with a rim that curves inward, a form that directs the taste of champagne to the center of the tongue for best balance of fruit and acid, and concentrates the bouquet, a glass preferred by wine connoisseurs. The flute and trumpet glasses feature long, narrow bowls.

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The flute shape accommodates the slow rise of bubbles to the rim, a form that promotes effervescence, and prolongs the cool temperature at which champagne tastes best. The trumpet shape features sides that flare outward for faster release of the delicate bouquet.

When drinking from either glass, the head is tilted backward, a position that allows champagne to flow over the tongue. The saucer; sherbet, and coupe glasses have wide, shallow bowls, a form supposedly modeled after the right breast of Marie Antoinette.

The claret glass is used for the purplish­red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France. For concentration of aroma, the diameter of the bowl is approximately half an inch to one inch smaller than a burgundy glass, and to release the delicate bouquet the sides of the claret glass are a little straighter.

Reserved for an aromatic burgundy with an abundant bouquet, this glass holds 8 to 10 ounces or more when filled half full. In the mid-nineteenth century, after the table was cleared for dessert, fruit, crackers, and walnuts were passed, and to compliment the flavors, a decanter of port was placed before the host who poured for the person seated to his right.

The host then filled his own glass and passed the decanter to the left around the table, a clock­wise custom attributed to a time when ships were steered by oars carried on the right side and moored in port on the left side. Traditionally, a decanter of port never rests on the table until it is returned to the host.

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Cordials are served to warm the heart with a sense of conviviality and occasion and to act as a digestive following a heavy meal. Because brandy is about 40 percent alcohol, only 1 or 2 ounces are poured, and the size of the snifter is not that important.

The salient point is to serve brandy in a glass with an inward-curved rim to concentrate the heady bouquet. The small brandy snifter, approximately 4 ½ inches in height, is the size recommended by experts.

The large brandy snifter, about 12 inches high, features a wide mouth that rapidly dissipates the bouquet. To generate warmth, the short stem is held between the fingers and the bowl is cradled in the palm of one or both hands.

Thermally insulated glassware handcrafted by artisans. Thermally insulated air pocket construction no need for coasters.

To keep these glasses particularly sparkly, Scott Wiesel uses Titan Crystal, which has both titanium and zirconium for added durability and clarity. All-purpose glasses, Mazama tells Prevention.com, are tulip-shaped with a “wide bowl to allow for more aeration, pulling out more subtle flavors, and focusing those nuances directly to the wine drinker’s nose and palate.” This is a somewhat smaller all-purpose glass, so stick with the whites and roses here, but a larger version will serve your reds well.

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For a (somewhat) more affordable Bordeaux wine glass compared to #9 below, designed with Merlot and Avignon varietals in mind, we choose Raided, whose classic Venue wine glass was first introduced over three decades ago. This allows the aromas to be quickly delivered to the drinker,” which makes them ideal for darker colored wines with more oak and higher alcohol content.

With a 12.9 oz capacity, this more delicate piece of stemware has a beautifully long stem that looks effortlessly chic in any place setting. These glasses are also relatively inexpensive, and like the rest of Raided’s lineup, beautifully made without being overly delicate.

If you’re looking for an elegant and affordable stemless option, the Rascal Harmony lineup is an excellent place to start. The bold, edgy, and decidedly angular design is handcrafted with Titan crystal (scratch and chip-resistant) in Germany, and looks right at home both at your fanciest dinner party and at a casual (boozy) breakfast.

Gracioushome.comic you’re looking for wine glasses to gift (either as the gifted or the receiver), the Richard Brendon and Janis Robinson collaboration that gave way to these beautiful all-purpose pieces of stemware are bound to impress. Made to be truly all-purpose (the glassmakers note that these pieces are varietal-agnostic), the glasses are incredibly lightweight and thin, both in terms of the stem and the thickness of the bowl itself.

The rounded glass looks more classic than the sharply angled modern varietals, and offers a timeless elegance and drink ability. Surprisingly, these glasses are dishwasher safe, though they’re so beautiful that you may not feel comfortable sticking them in your machine.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Ian Cable, one of just 202 Master Smelters in the world and one of the experts behind the SommSelect team, notes, “The glass a person chooses will have a major impact on their overall wine experience.” In much the same way that you wouldn’t dream of listening to your favorite album from a static-y radio station, Cable told us, you lose part of the experience when drinking great wine from a less-than-great glass.

Red wine glasses are, generally speaking, a bit larger, both in terms of height and circumference. Largely because red wines tend to be more assertive in flavor and aroma, which means that a larger glass is better-suited to capturing and releasing those fantastic smells.

In fact, Rutherford noted, the Bordeaux glass can be used for both red or white wines (though their sizes will differ). And though you could certainly spend hundreds of dollars on your stemware, not all great wine glasses cost a small fortune.

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