"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Are Pressure Cookers Worth It

James Smith
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

If you live in places at high altitude and you’re not pressure-cooking, start NOW. For example, it took us less than an hour to cook dried beans in the pressure cooker compare to overnight soak + 2 to 3 hours of cooking on the stove.

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You’ll end up using less energy with shorter cooking time too. There’s a myth that the high heat used in pressure-cooking kills the vitamins and minerals.

We’re by no means food scientists, but it’s proven from scientific research that pressure cooked food retain more nutrition value than boiling and steaming. Not only because the cooking time is shorter, but it’s able to trap the nutrient from escaping through the steam.

Melt in your mouth Beef Brisket More delicious food?! The extra high heat used in pressure-cooking promotes caramelization and browning of the food.

This brings out the depth and complex flavors of the food AND creates a deliciously rich broth at the same time. One of the reasons why we love our pressure cookers is that you can EASILY cook moist and fall off the bone meat in a short time.

Yes, it works on cheap tough cuts of meat! Cooking in a hot kitchen in the summer is like working out in the sauna room.

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Plus, if you’re using an electric pressure cooker, you don’t even need to stay in the kitchen while it cooks. Since the pressure cooker is tightly sealed when cooking, you don’t have to worry about filling the house with a certain smell of food.

The modern day pressure cookers don’t create much noise. After a long day of work, all you have is frozen meat and hungry kiddos.

If you’re shopping around for new kitchen appliances and you’ve heard a thing or two about pressure cookers and what they can do, then you may be wondering are pressurecookersworth it? If you’re interested in buying a pressure cooker, but you don’t know much about how they work and what types of benefits they offer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll learn about the types of foods these appliances can handle, how they work, and what you can expect concerning performance and results. Because of this, the pressure cooker is a great choice if you’re looking for a way to whip up your favorite entrées including chicken, pork chops, steaks, and more.

You can make a wide range of dishes including pot roast, brisket, steaks, soup, chicken, risotto, and stews. If you don’t want to hang around the house all day as you cook a brisket or roast, then you’ll love the fact that a pressure cooker can prepare your food three times faster.

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These devices are designed to prepare food at lightning speed, so if you want to cook a whole chicken in under an hour, you want an appliance that can save you plenty of time in the kitchen, then give a pressure cooker a closer look. If you’re looking for a large, versatile model, and one that won’t hit your wallet too hard, I recommend the Mirror 92122A pressure cooker.

Did you know that preparing food with a pressure cooker is a great way to save on your monthly energy bill? Since you won’t have to heat up the oven for several hours, cooking with this type of appliance can actually save you big on your monthly energy bill.

If you’re looking for an appliance that allows you to set it and forget it, or one that can cook a large meal in under an hour, then a pressure cooker will be invaluable. In fact, it works to help retain the nutrients in all of your favorite dishes, unlike an oven, since you won’t cook the food for very long.

Many of these appliances are very low-maintenance and come equipped with a non-stick internal pot, so cleanup is a breeze and should only take five to ten minutes. The pressure cooker utilizes extra high heat, which promotes browning and caramelization.

Now, you can pull frozen meat straight out of the freezer, no defrosting needed, and dinner will be ready in no time. Ll you have to do is add the food, close and lock the lid, and adjust the settings, no babysitting needed.

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This type of set it and forget it cooking process will make your life easier, especially after a long day at work. If you’re on a budget, if you’re not the best cook, or if you want a way to prepare your favorite meals in a fraction time, then get a pressure cooker.

These appliances are designed to save you big on your monthly electric bill, can cook your food faster, will make your favorite meats fall off the bone tender, and they’ll provide consistent results every time. Shopping less frequently means stocking your cupboard with long-life staples, while shortages have led us to swap those old faithful quick pasta dinners for an odd assortment of unfamiliar ingredients, and we’re using up every bit of food.

You may find yourself busier than ever, juggling childcare, home-schooling, work, your new fitness regime and family video calls. “Once I started experimenting with it, I realized just how versatile it is.” Poppa’s developed pressure cooker recipes for BBC Food, from stocks and soups to curries and bean stews, that will help you transform store-cupboard staples into dinner in a fraction of the time they’d normally take to cook.

Heat cannot escape, so the cooking temperature is maintained with minimal energy input. A pressure cooker saves 90 percent of the energy used to boil a pot on the hob.

Some foods are perfect to cook under these hot and steamy conditions: a meat stock, for instance, takes advantage of all the pressure cooker’s benefits. The higher temperature breaks down the collagen in the bones and tissues quickly, creating body and richness.

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In all, a chicken stock that would take 4 hours to cook on the hob is done in 45 minutes (and there’s no steamy kitchen). Poppa’s Who GA (Vietnamese chicken soup) takes 1 hour of hands-off cooking.

“If you had a roast chicken for dinner, rather than throw the carcass in the bin, you could use it to make soup,” says Poppa. Poppa’s Fennel and butternut squash stew and Paul Ainsworth’s 5-minute Pressure -cooker minestrone are great recipes for hoovering up odds and ends of vegetables.

It can be tricky to adapt recipes for the pressure cooker, because you must account for the change in cooking time and the reduction of liquid. While Poppa uses her pressure cooker to cook all sorts of meat, she explains it really comes in handy with cheaper, tougher cuts.

“Cheaper cuts of meat have more flavor, but traditionally they would need a long and slow cook to make them soft and delicious. Ox cheek, for example, takes a really long time to cook, but a pressure cooker can do it in half an hour.

But if you need a laid-back, “throw it all in”, cheap and cheerful Sunday lunch, Poppa’s Pantry-raid pot roast will tenderize an inexpensive cut like beef brisket and use up any odd bits of vegetables to make its own gravy. As well as making meat tender, the sealed environment helps flavors meld more quickly, as in Poppa’s pressure cooker Thai red curry.

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“The first time you use them they are quite scary because they make noises, and they clunk and there’s a big fountain of steam coming out of the top, and I think the main reason people worry is they think they’re going to blow up”, says Poppa, before adding, “but all the pressure cookers these days have mechanisms, so they couldn’t physically blow up. All that would happen is the nozzle would come away, creating a big hole for all the steam to escape, and the pot would depressurize on its own.” The new wave of electric pressure cookers make a lot less noise (they are eerily quiet) and sound less like they will go off at any moment.

Pressure cookers save bags of time on everyday dinners, and on those once-a-year occasions too, from steaming a Christmas pudding to making marmalade. This multifunction pressure cooker promises to prep your meals in a fraction of the time it takes a Crock-Pot, or heck, any other pot in your kitchen.

People line up in droves to buy these things on Black Friday, then join Facebook groups with 2 million members and counting, swearing on their grand mama's grave that the Instant Pot changed their lives. The Instant Pot is also billed as incredibly versatile: You can boil eggs in it, bake cheesecake, or whip up yogurt.

Plug just about any food you can imagine into Pinterest these days, and Instant Pot recipes pour forth. This gadget is so hip, a ton of accessories have been spawned to dress it up, for example, a steam-breathing dragon for the pressure spout, straight out of “Game of Thrones” ($12.99 on Etsy).

I, for one, bowed to the pressure and bought my own Instant Pot during a Black Friday deal last year. There's also a depressurization cycle that must occur at the end of cooking, before it's safe to remove the lid.

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Forget to add time on at either end for those two steps, and you'll be calling everyone in for a dinner that's not anywhere close to ready. You absolutely have to read the Instant Pot manual to get all this down, and even then, you'll have to face a gadget with a lot of options to figure out before you're comfortable.

Of course, the Instant Pot is one appliance promising to do just about everything except wash your dishes, so it has to have a dozen different buttons on the front that all do very different things. I'm always slowed down trying to remember which buttons to push and in what order, checking the venting valve, and tinkering with the lid to get a tight seal.

For many dishes, the Instant Pot only gets you “mostly done,” meaning you'll have to warm up the oven anyway to finish the job. Depending on the size of your oven, that may also require dirtying extra dishes, as the Instant Pot liner will be too tall to slip under the broiler, and you'll have to move the food to another oven-safe container for the final step of cooking.

The Instant Pot can save you cooking time, especially compared to a slow cooker. We prepare our dogs' dinner in a Crock-Pot several times a week due to the special diet one of them needs, and the Instant Pot enabled me to make it in about 20 minutes rather than five hours.

Instead, you've got to tackle food spills on the rim, as well as the multiple parts of the lid, by hand. Those fiddly bits include a steam release valve that just seems to be begging for bacteria to grow.

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The same thing applies at the end of the process, when I hit the valve to release the steam (with an oven mitt, by the way ... hot steam plus bare skin = a loud yelp and rush to the freezer for some ice. Some cat owners report their kitties hiding out for days after one flick of the quick release valve.

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