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Are Rock Cookware Safe

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 4 min read

If you’re scouring online reviews for high-quality cookware that won’t break the bank, then you’re in the right place. Their unique take on non-stick cooking promises to be much better and last much longer than many of its higher price ranged competitors, at least 30% better.

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Not only will you be making the most informed buying decision but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing if your cookware is safe for you and your family. Unique technology uses minute steel pellets infused into a heavy, thick aluminum base.

There may be more familiar brands available at higher price points, but for me, these sets hold their head high amongst the best of them. Longer lasting, strength and durability, plus superb non-stick results without the fear of FOA chemicals makes this a winner.

Compared with cast-iron cookware that has similar results, it is less time-consuming to maintain and weighs less, if that is a factor for you. The biggest negative I have found is that The Rock range is not compatible with an induction cook top.

The attractive black, speckled finish with stainless steel handles could take pride of place in any kitchen. TEC design gives the surface it’s amazing non-stick properties, at least 3 times better than its closest rival.

Where this might be good for space-saving, it isn’t ideal when preparing a large meal with several pans on the cook top at the same time. Considering the incredible strength and durability that these pans possess, they are surprisingly lightweight.

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The handles are still constructed of durable steel but have been encased in heat sustainable Bakelite. This will allow you to pick up the pans without the need for an oven mitt even after it has been on the cook top for some time.

The minuscule metal pellets that are infused to make the surface give it a slightly uneven finish. This helps with the unique non-stick claims as tiny air cushions sit between ingredients and the base of the pan.

The brilliant non-stick capabilities will let the egg slide straight onto the meat, a quick wipe over and the pan will look like new. Both pans have Bakelite handles which will stay cool for a long time, grilling and broiling become easier.

The non-stick, strong durability and good-looks aren’t sacrificed even at such a low price point. The Rock ’s technology allows even heat transfer at low and medium temperatures.

Cooking healthy family meals is a simple task as minimal oil or butter is required to maintain food releasing. With a lifetime guarantee against warping, non-stick that is 3 times better than its competitors and thick and durable good looks, these pans should be worthy of serious consideration.

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Pros Lifetime warranty against warping Rock TEC construction for toughness and durability Very easy clean Attractive black finish with white flecks Bakelite handles for safety under higher temperatures Deep pans for maximum capacity Superb even heat distribution The textured surface allows tiny air pockets to form and prevent any food from sticking.

Do not use metal scourers when washing, warm water, a cloth, and mild detergent are all that will be needed. All of these simple tips will help to increase the service life of your pan and keep the non-stick surface intact.

Heat is conducted so well across the entire cooking surface that low and medium temperatures are more than sufficient to achieve perfect results. The non-stick coating is so good on a Rock cookware that a few seconds wipe over in warm water is plenty.

While it is safe for all other cooking surfaces, gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic, The Rock cookware isn’t induction cook top compatible. This is because the bases are fabricated from ultra-thick aluminum, which isn’t magnetic. Stainless steel bottomed pans are best for induction hobs.

The added bonus with Starfruit Cookware is that not only does it look good, but it will also serve your family for many years ahead. There are so many restrictions to deal with when it comes to traditional non-stick cookware making it a hassle to care for and clean it.

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But you’ll find that taking care of your pans has never been easier if you cook with The Rock by Starfruit. Eggs, meats and veggies all slide right out of these durable non-stick pans, and even if you accidentally leave behind some cooked-on residue, a quick wipe with a sponge or rag in warm, soapy water will take it right off.

Otherwise, the salt will settle to the bottom and damage the metal surface as the pan heats up. Your cookware comes with an unparalleled 10-year warranty that covers all defects in materials, workmanship and quality, as well as a lifetime guarantee against warping, when used in accordance with the use and care instructions provided.

This texture creates micro air pockets between your food and the pan when you’re cooking, resulting in a natural non-stick release that’s three times better than traditional non-stick coatings. Give it the proper care and you won’t need to buy another set of cookware for a long time.

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