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Are Silver Plated Flatware Worth Anything

James Smith
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Silver plating is a technique that dates back hundreds of year. That means that early versions of some plated silverware can reach relatively high prices.

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Heat plating uses high temperatures and localized pressure to secure the layer to the copper. Electroplating uses electrolysis to create a reaction between silver and nickel or copper to cause the two to fuse together.

This is one of the highest-value silver -plate silverware in auctions and among dealers, due to its scarcity and age. Consult the 925-1000 website (see Resources) for a list of Old Sheffield Plate marks, or use a silver -hallmark guide.

The process led to a growth in nickel items plated with silver. These items are usually marked “PNS,” which stands for electroplated nickel silver.

In rare cases, such as with some Old Sheffield Plate, this can be seen as a desirable factor as it shows authenticity. Just about every time I tour a home with a family member before an estate sale, I ways get shown Grandmothers valuable set of silver plated flatware and tea service.

However, the sad truth I must tell to many of these eager family members is that even as a complete set, the pieces are worth very little. The original demand for the pieces came with its increasing similarities to Sterling Silver, which has always carried a much higher price.

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By 1900, Silver plate dominated the market as the number one sold metal cutlery product for use in the home. Silver plate was often a great alternative for everyday use for affluent families or for regular dining use in large hotels and restaurants.

Silver plate became more popular as gifts to give loved ones for weddings, anniversaries, and other important events. People tended to drift anyway from the everyday use of silver plated flatware and holloware, and move towards a product that was just as durable and that required no polishing to remove tarnish.

Automatic Dishwashers in the home also ruined many sets of silver plate with the combination of intense heat and water pressure. Silver plate by the late 1950s had become the “reserved service setting” for use only on special occasions, just as Sterling Silver had been considered just 50 years earlier.

Holloware is considered to be bowls, plates, serving dishes, teapots, trays and other pieces not used in cutlery. Silver plated Holloware can have value because due to the fact it is not as common as flatware and when purchased even historically, it carried a higher price tag and held much less of a demand.

Silver plated tea sets can carry a price tag of over 100 dollars, because of their age or rarity. Often single pieces of silver plate like tea pots and pitchers carry a price tag of fewer than 100 dollars.

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Stainless Steel flatware is predominately used due to its durability, dependability, and ease of care. Silver plate that has no special or fancy patterns or that was made by a high-end firm like Gotham, Tiffany, etc.

I have a sterling silver plated large serving tray and 2 wine goblets. I am sorry to tell you that we do not buy plated silver items because the silver is plated too thinly to return any money based on the precious metal content.

Silverware is a term used to describe knives, forks, and spoons otherwise known as cutlery. Valuable antique silverware is either made of or coated with real silver.

More modern pieces may not have retained their value but quality antiques will hopefully have more value than their scrap metal price. Cleaning and polishing silverware should be done with caution if you are not to damage the item and reduce its value.

Wipe the article with white spirit to remove dirt and some tarnish. Use a cloth swab with white spirit to rub the item and if necessary use a mild abrasive cream.

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Silver plated silverware is made of a base metal that is then coated with silver. Silver plate feels lighter for the size than Sterling silver.

Sterling silver is easily identifiable by the word “Stirling” stamped on the item. You can’t know if it is made of Sterling silver without a chemical test by a professional.

In addition, the age, design, and attractiveness of the silverware may mean its value far exceeds the scrap value. Use an online guide to check the hallmark to identify the manufacturer and pattern.

Put the details into a Google search to find similar items for sale. To learn about items you can easily sell or pawn for cash, click here.

Given that the price of silver hovers around $16 per ounce, you could either be setting yourself up for a large investment or sitting on some pretty valuable stuff. Common stand-ins for sterling silverware are typically composed of stainless-steel, over which a thin layer of silver (or chrome or nickel) has been applied (plated) to give the impression of genuine sterling silver, but with higher resistance to corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

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Real silverware often bears the mark of its maker, so grab a coupe or magnifying glass to find an imprint. Authentic pieces may read, “Star”, “92.5%”, or simply “925”, which stands for its percentage of pure silver.

Take your silverware to a certified jeweler or antique expert who will file down a small area on the piece and apply a (highly corrosive) nitric-acid solution to test its authenticity; genuine sterling silver will turn a creamy, white color. The various Rogers and Rogers Brothers silverware companies were bought up around the same time by two main silver -plate manufacturers, International Silver and Oneida, but the individual companies continued to use their own marks for some patterns.

An additional “IS” mark after the Rogers name on the backs of spoons and forks stands for International Sterling. Any piece with a sterling mark may be reliably valued by a certified appraiser or a jeweler specializing in silverware.

We’ve been in the business long enough, and have had enough satisfied customers to be able to back our promises. A full list is found on our website, and includes the specifics of each acceptable type of silver category.

We pay cash for silver bullion, and if you can’t find your coin on our list, we still offer the highest prices paid, twenty-four hour payments, and a full guarantee for any silver coin, from any country. As with the silver jewelry section, the specific types of silver flatware and serving pieces we accept can be found on our website.

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At Cash for Silver USA we are not concerned about your metal’s condition or appearance whatsoever. Silver plating was invented in the City of Sheffield and the craftsmanship associated with the trade has endured for centuries.

Owning a set of this type of cutlery is sure to impress your friends and dinner party guests. We offer a wide range of silver plated cutlery and gifts from this website.

Please check prices for cutlery patterns and gifts in silver plate here - * ESS stands for “Electron Plated Stainless Steel” and this is the current production style for Arthur Price of England silver plated ranges.

The factory does not re-plate if the base metal is chrome, zinc, aluminum, MA ZAC (magensium-aluminium-zinc compound), mild steel (carbon Steel), pewter, wrought iron or Britannia Metal. The Sheffield Cutlery ranges are 10, 20 or 30 microns which the factory regards as 20, 30 or 40 year plate respectively with usual wear and usage.

The Ellington range of PNS is plated to a generous thickness of 35 microns. Very generally speaking, this equates to a probable lifetime of 35-50 years for pieces plated to this thickness but, of course, this time span can vary according to the level of usage and care of your silverware.

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You will find that all knives for sale on this website will have Stainless Steel knife blades. Silver plate cutlery from our suppliers is a high quality material.

Ellington, for example, have Quality Control registered to ISO 9002 and support internally with their own analytical and metallurgical laboratories to ensure that the tight controls on alloy composition, impurity limits, metallurgical structure, gold and silver plate standards are all maintained. Many electroplates used alphabetic symbols to identify the town of origin, the quantity of the silver used in plating and, occasionally, the date of manufacture.

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