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Are Slow Cooker Dishes Ovenproof

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
• 7 min read

When a recipe calls for finishing off a roast in the oven, using the slow cooker dish will save you time at the sink after dinner. When cooking with the enclosed and insulated environment of the slow cooker dish, food just tastes better.

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Meat and vegetables give up their juices only to let everything else soak it in like a greasy tasty jacuzzi. Place the dish down on the table with a heat guard and put it in a serving utensil.

Some slow cooker dishes can be used up to 400 degrees according to the Crock-Pot customer service website, which states many other safety concerns and practical uses of slow cooker dishes beyond the original use. Don’t use your slow cooker dish to store food in the refrigerator.

Instead, try using some aluminum foil as a makeshift covering for the lid of your slow cooker dish. Cover the top of the dish and place it on the rack in the oven so that the food still gets the benefit of being insulated as it cooks.

It keeps your food tender and juicy by letting the moisture remain in the dish. Some slowcookerdishes are made with the busy home chef in mind and can handle being put over a burner, and some cannot.

Unfortunately, you should not use one of the liners when you plan to put your dish in the oven at any point in the cooking process. You can use the insert on this high-quality slow cooker both in your oven and on your stove top, making it easy to seer meats or brown vegetables before cooking and browning up that cheese on the top of your macaroni and cheese in the oven after.

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Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, and I am more than tempted to pick up a new set of dishware from her, but I've also seen some posts on social media that show that some of her previous products are less than perfect. This collection included floral plates, a pre-season cast iron set and a collaboration on slow cookers with Hamilton Beach.

On October 31st, while preparing a Mexican potluck for her coworkers, her Pioneer Woman Hamilton Beach slow cooker practically exploded. And this time it's geared towards the brand which manufactured the Pioneer Woman's slow cookers: Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach has received 4,700 reports of handles breaking and two cases of consumers who needed medical care due to the faulty slow cooker. And most recently the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled 104,000 Instant Pot multi cookers due to overheating and posing a risk of a fire hazard.

So far, no one has posted anything on social media about the Pioneer Woman's newest collection, which is a relief for fans and consumers. And if anything does go wrong, the Pioneer Woman is ready to replace any piece of kitchenware or cookware that happens to break on its own.

After whipping up a fabulous side dish on the countertop, you can pop it in the oven and finish it off under high temps without issue. The bowl or dish can crack and spread shards of glass throughout the meal that was painstakingly made.

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Or they can break in half and spill the contents all over the bottom of a hot oven, creating a bigger mess and problem than simply being out of a home cooked meal. There are a few ways to determine if the bowl you are working with or intend to buy will easily transfer from refrigerator or countertop into a piping hot oven.

A good brand, such as Feldspar porcelain oven safe bowls, is worth the investment. The quality workmanship can handle the cold air and conditions of a refrigerator, as well as the high temperatures of a broiler or convection oven.

For example, any glass bowl or pan marked Pyrex or Corning ware can handle a hot oven. Check the bottom of the bowl for the manufacturer's stamp and look up the care guide online or via email with the company.

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