"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Are Slow Cooker Meals Healthy

James Lee
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 10 min read

320 This easy and delicious spiced applesauce slow cooks to perfection. 55 I had a moose roast sitting in my freezer for a couple of months, because I had no idea how to cook it, not being a wild game fan.

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200 A dark, rich, complex flavored Mole recipe. I generally shred the chicken so it will soak up the mole sauce and serve it with warmed tortillas.

This recipe can be played with easily to tailor it to your own level of hotness and/or cocoa/peanut flavor. I use frozen chicken breasts and cook on high for 4 hours in the slow cooker.

19 This hearty and delicious stew is perfect for the rainy days of fall. By adding more vegetables and using reduced-sodium beef broth I make this recipe extra healthy for my family.

Increasing the amount of garlic also helps ward off any colds! 55 This spicy applesauce requires no added sugar because the apples and spices are sweet enough on their own.

White kidney beans are slowly cooked in a tomato based sauce. 39 Just throw this in the slow cooker crock pot the night before and have a delicious breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

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8 This very hearty soup is easy and can be adjusted depending on what meat bones you may have on hand. We used a bone from a leg of lamb and a beef rib roast originally cooked on the charcoal grill for a family holiday celebration, and the flavor was extraordinarily rich.

11 I decided I wanted to attempt to make apple butter for the first time, so I searched everywhere for a recipe. There were so many to choose from, that I was confused on which one to pick, so I decided to take bits and pieces from a few of the best ones and come up with my own version.

I’ll opt for a “splash” of this instead of measuring things out, and I take a hard pass on any “optional” ingredient in a recipe if it means eliminating a step. Of course, there are occasions when I’m fully ready to roll up my sleeves and spend hours perfecting a culinary masterpiece.

But most of the time (aka weeknights), I’m sticking with my tried-and-true strategies to get a delicious meal on the table as quickly as possible. We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean our meals have to lack nutrition and flavor when we’re short on time.

This flavorful, savory shredded beef can be served bowl-style, wrapped up in a tortilla, on top of a stuffed sweet potato, you name it! You’ll have a cozy, delicious meal ready to go when your comfort food craving hits.

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I’m always on the hunt for snacks that are packed with healthy protein and fat, and won’t slow me down throughout the day. This juicy, flavorful chicken is wonderful (and healthier) than my usual Sunday takeout order.

By using Tamara instead of soy sauce and arrowroot flour instead of cornstarch, you’ve got your restaurant-level Asian dinner, beatified. This easy Mexican quinoa makes for another laid-back meal that tastes like you worked up a sweat in the kitchen for hours.

In the past, one of the easiest ways I’ve succeeded in sticking to my health goals is by having a big batch of healthy vegetable soup on hand for weekday lunches. This soup is thick and hearty, yet packed with tons of healthy ingredients like carrots, parsnips, and peas.

Growing up, my mom used to make delicious beef stew whenever the weather began to cool off in Texas, and I’d feel instantly transported to my favorite mountain town. There’s nothing more comforting on a cold winter night than warm stew simmering away in the kitchen.

Add in fuzzy socks and your favorite knit sweater and you’ve got yourself a top-notch cozy night in. Whether you’ve warmed up to it yet or not, bone broth has become all the rage for its miraculous healing powers for skin, nails, hair, and overall health.

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