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Are Slow Cookers Expensive To Run

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
• 7 min read

My slow cooker means that I can take literally two minutes on a morning to throw some ingredients in to the pot, leave them to cook all day and dinners ready when we need it. The fact that the food is cooking slowly gives the flavors more chance to develop and without exception, every meal we’ve ever had in the slow cooker has been delicious.

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If you have a good-sized slow cooker than you can often cook extra so you can freeze a portion or use it for tea the next night. In a house like ours where we have after school clubs for the kids and Mr Frugal on odd shifts sometimes, it’s not always possible to eat at the same time.

The first is due to the slow cooker being an incredibly convenient appliance in the kitchen, and the second is because they have been touted as energy-efficient and cost-effective. For those who are trying to save money or those who are on a tight budget, reducing energy costs is alluring.

Unlike conventional ovens, a Crock Pot is energy efficient because it is designed to maintain a steady and continuous heat, while stoves, on the other hand, cycle their burners on and off as heat is needed. Beyond this, modern Crock Pots are built with an in-temperature sensor for meats and will switch the device to warm mode once the desired temperature is reached.

This feature saves you energy consumption by not cooking the meal longer than necessary. Of course, the higher the setting and the larger the Crock Pot, the more electricity is needed to power it.

When comparing a slow cooker versus a stove top in regard to energy efficiency, it can be difficult to know which one wins out. To cook the same meal in a slow cooker, you’re going to need to run it for much longer than 30-60 minutes.

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The best way to find out if your slow cooker is more energy efficient than your stove top is to look at the number of amps being drawn from both or compare your electricity bill. Let’s say you pay twelve cents per kWh to run your stove top and slow cooker, a stove top at 1500 watts is going to cost you $0.18/h while a slow cooker at 250 watts is going to cost you $0.03/h.

An oven that is run for 8 hours a day at 1500 watts is going to cost you, $525.66 a year. If you are looking for a Crock Pot that saves you money by being energy efficient, this one solves a common problem with slow cookers ; your meal only takes six hours to cook but you will be gone for eight.

It comes with a low, high, and warm setting that reaches about 210 degrees with a maximum wattage of 240. The only con associated with it is some users have stated that it cooks too hot on the lowest setting.

This slow cooker is perfect for someone who wants to set it and forget it without worrying about whether they will come back to a destroyed meal. Coming in at only 275 watts, the Hamilton Beach 6-Quart uses smart technology to allow you to cook a recipe to the desired cooking time or specific temperature with an automatic switch to keep warm when done.

But it’s easier to look after the pennies you spend on electricity when you know how much every gadget and flick of a switch is costing you. To help you save energy, we’ve pulled together a list of how many units of electricity your appliances and gadgets used to run.

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Are you surprised at how much some gadgets and home appliances cost to run ? *The price per unit in this blog post is in pence per kWh.

The unit rate of 16p per kWh of electricity (inclusive of VAT) is based on the weighted average unit rate of the OFGEM SVT Cap for direct debit customers across all regions as at 31 January 2019. If you get ‘inclusive minutes’ with your package, calls to a 0330 number will be part of these.

Use the slider below to find your annual spend, and we'll take you to the right part of the site for your business. View call charge information Our dedicated team for existing customers is here to answer any questions you may have about your business energy needs.

When run for 8 hours on the low setting, a typical slow cooker will consume about 1.44 kW/hours of electricity. But generally, a slow cooker is an energy-efficient alternative to an electric stove or oven.

There are 4 areas we will explore further to answer how energy efficient using a slow cooker can be and how much they cost to run (compared to a stove/oven). Calculating the electricity use of a slow cooker depends on several variables including temperature setting (low of high), duration of cooking, and the size of your slow cooker.

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Let’s start with a quick overview of how power consumption is measured, then we’ll do the math for a slow cooker example. For most homeowners and renters, the important number for power consumption is going to be kilowatt/hours (kWh).

Note: Resistance also plays a role in electrical systems, but we can afford to overlook this for the sake of our slow cooker investigation. If we increase the pressure or current coming from the hose, we see a higher resulting power output.

In order to figure out the Power output, we simply multiply the Amperage and Voltage together using this equation. To get this amount into kilowatt hours, we then must multiply the product in example two by the time that we were consuming the electricity.

At the time of writing this article, the average residential cost for electricity in the United Sates is hovering around $0.13 per kWh. So, we can see that running a slow cooker for 8 hours on the low setting, would cost about $0.19.

We can follow the same steps to calculate that using a slow cooker on a high-cook setting for 8 hours would cost about $0.25 on average. Of course, there are many variables that can affect this math, including the size of your slow cooker and even the type of food being prepared.

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In comparison, a stove-top burner may heat/cook the food quickly, but it also loses a lot of energy to the air and other elements of the stove. Some slow cookers, as well as many ovens, can also operate with what is known as a “duty cycle” in order to help conserve energy use.

The heating element will periodically turn off and back on to maintain a constant temperature. Calculating the cost of running a stove uses the exact same method that we would use for a slow cooker.

The main difference is that the amperage and voltage of a stove or oven is going to be drastically higher than a slow cooker. A residential electric stove/oven, on average, functions using a 220 V outlet and can draw between 30 and 50 amps.

Using our equations from earlier, we see that a stove drawing 30 amps would use 6.6 kWh if used continuously for one hour. If we assume we use a burner for only 20 minutes, the total cost of that particular cooking time would be $0.29.

The main variable to consider with an oven is that the primary electrical draw is during its heating cycle. This makes the power consumption of an oven less than what it would be simply doing the hypothetical math.

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The trade-off for using the stove-top or oven is going to be in the much shorter cook times compared to using a slow cooker. Appliances in general are made to make life easier, but these days, just picking one out is starting to be a challenge of its own.

As technology evolves, you may find yourself wondering why exactly you’re seeing temperature probes on slow cookers or what features are worth spending a little more for in a multi cooker. In general: Slow cookers gently heat food at lower temperatures for longer periods of time.

Multi cookers typically have a core set of functions, like sauté, sear, roast, steam, rice and slow cook. They cook food under pressure to make it fall-off-the-bone tender, similar to a slow cooker but without the 4-8 hour lead time (in other words, little to no planning ahead necessary).

The Ultimate Slow Cooker A probe lets you cook your meal to an exact temperature, so even the newest of chefs can get the roast right on the first try. And if you’re still stuck in the office when your meal is ready, this slow cooker will hold it at the right temperature, making this model incredibly unique.

Choose this model if you want to consolidate your collection of appliances or if you hate doing a sink full of dishes after making a meal. Other functions include: white and brown rice, hot cereals, quinoa, sauté, steam, soup/simmer, slow cook and sear/brown.

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Other functions include: slow cook, rice and grains, steam, sear, brown and sauté. Choose this compact cooker if you’re working with limited kitchen space, living in a dorm or just cooking for 1-2 people.

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