"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Are Slow Cookers Worth It

James Lee
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 9 min read

It has 3 components that make up the unit which include the vessel or pot, the base, and the lid. Depending on the model, slow cookers can be programmed to cook different types of meals using the built-in processor.

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For busy people, this appliance is great to set up and do the cooking without the need to monitor the progress. The base of the slow cooker and the liner have a gap that allows airflow to prevent overheating.

As their name suggests, slow cookers cook food slowly using low temperatures. The low or high setting used determines the time taken to cook the food evenly.

If you come home in the evening and feel too spent to cook, a slow cooker can be a perfect solution. It’s easy to set up your food in the morning and return to a fully cooked and hot meal.

The first slow cooker was made by Irving Nixon in the 1940s which took hours to cook. The smaller sizes can be perfect for single users to cook sauces and dips.

It’s even easy to travel with your slow cooker these days, with portable slow cookers (many feature snap lock lids and similar features to keep your food contained despite travel bumping). Slow cookers with the browning feature are great for cooking meals involving meat.

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Many recipes require browning meat before putting it inside the cooker, so this great feature saves you a separate dish to clean and condenses the steps to make the cooking easier and faster. After browning, you can return the entire pot to the base and continue to cook your recipe with the slow cooker.

From desserts, dips, meat, soups, potatoes and an endless list of meals. To determine if the slow cooker is worth it, knowing the advantages and disadvantages will help you decide.

The skills required are basic to follow the recipes for delicious meals cooking. The setting and features are easy to read and control for different temperatures, time and programs.

The fact that you can put ingredients and turn on the appliance and return to a cooked meal is appealing. Instead of cooking while tired at work, setting the slow cooker in the morning before you leave is a better option.

The construction materials are BPA free and approved by the FDA as safe for cooking. Using slow cookers is that burning of food due to overcooking or extra temperatures is unlikely.

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First, slow cookers are very energy efficient and consume a low amount of electricity. You can reduce the amount of cooking oil or fat used when using a slow cooker.

Cutting the fat content on your meals can prevent cholesterol and promote a healthier body. If the slow cooker is multifunctional, it saves power because you only use one appliance instead of multiple ones.

Some ingredients may be challenging in a slow cooker but it offers a variety of options. Nothing doesn’t involve planning but in a slow cooker, once the cooking has started, you can interrupt it to add more ingredients.

Frozen produce may be stuck together and not cook as evenly, or have too much ice build up from the freezer and water down the entire dish. It’s great to ensure to follow the recipe for perfectly cooked meals.

The nature of slow cookers cooking with the lid tightly locked, it causes condensation as a steam can't escape. The condensed steam falls back to the meals which can dilute the flavors or spices.

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Balancing the spices can help prevent this issue, so check your recipe instructions carefully. Quality and reputable brand like Crackpot for the best performing slow cooker.

Slow cookers with condensate capacity to collect the steam preventing drip back is much better The programs in the slow cooker is an important feature to look for as well as cooking time and temperature controls. As long as you can prepare ingredients in advance and let the slow cooker to cook, you will find the appliance to be reliable.

The small crock pots will feed 1 to 2 people nicely, but for a crowd and for cooking large cuts of meat you'll need a bigger appliance. If you cook whole chickens and large roasts, an oval crock pot is usually a better choice.

Be sure that you are buying an actual crock pot, which has the heating element in the sides of the appliance, not just in the bottom. These makes cleaning much easier, as the liners are usually stoneware and dishwasher safe.

A crock pot with a non-removable liner should usually be lined with a cooking bag for easier cleanup. That means older recipes are now burning, and it's more difficult to leave the house all day and come home to a correctly cooked meal.

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‘It’s much less hassle than having to keep a saucepan topped up with water, and it frees the hob on Christmas Day when the pud needs reheating,’ she told us. While another reader told us she loves to go for a walk or watch a film while its busy cooking on a lazy Sunday.

It consists of a large, lidded ceramic pan with a control panel which you plug into the wall. The idea is to put your chosen recipe ingredients into the slow cooker before you go to work and program it to slowly cook the food while you are out.

Because everything is cooked gently and slowly in a slow cooker it is a good idea to use cheap cuts of meat such as beef shin, chicken thighs, lamb shoulder or pork belly which benefit from a long, slow cook. Obviously it depends on what you’re cooking and which slow cooker model you have but… broadly, most slow cookers have a high and low setting.

This can be circumvented by browning meat on the hob before adding to the slow cooker, but this adds extra time to the preparation process so somewhat mitigates the convenience. Some people find chopping and preparing meat and vegetables in the morning before work can be arduous and not the way they want to start their day.

It takes a bit of forethought and planning to make sure you build time into your morning routine to prepare the food and set the slow cooker running. Another tip is to prepare all the meat and veg the night before and store it in a Tupperware in the fridge overnight ready to be popped straight into the slow cooker in the morning.

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Or, buy a slow cooker with a delay timer function (like this one from Lakeland) so you can do the prep when you want and set it cooking at the correct time too. Because slow cookers have a lid the sauce will not reduce as it cooks, this can mean that can be a bit thin and watery.

The Slow Cook Book by Heather Whitney is packed full of classic slow cooker recipes but what is especially good about this book is that it has instructions to convert the recipes for hob or oven too so you have all cooking options open to you. However, it will take up a chunk of space on your worktop and unless you are going to use it a couple of times a week it probably won’t pay off for a long while.

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