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Are Wooden Cooking Utensils Safe

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 17 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Visit any kitchen supply store, and you’ll find myriad options with which you can stir your many recipes. They won’t scratch the finish off nonstick surfaces or leave scars on delicate copper pans.

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That’s especially important for dishes that require a lot of stirring, like caramel, risotto, and candies. They’re “warm.” Wooden spoons plopped into a high-temp candy or other temperature-sensitive recipe won’t “shock” the mixtures and cause immediate crystallization.

They’re firm enough to stir thick, viscous stews or batters, and they can hold up against the pressure of scraping browned bits off the bottoms of pans. Some metal utensils can react with acidic foods, like tomato sauces and lemon curds.

That said, even great things come with some caveats: Wooden spoons are durable, but they can crack, especially if you use them repeatedly in extremely hot dishes or wash them in a dishwasher. Food can get stuck in those cracks and crevices, which can lead to bacterial growth you can’t easily wash or clean away.

A spoon-making Renaissance is happening among many woodworkers today, so check your local farmers’ market for beautiful handmade options. When you cook with spoons, protect them from dishwasher damage by hand washing with hot water and a mild detergent.

Let the spoon set and absorb the oil overnight, then wipe away any excess and wash with soap and water before using it again. Lastly, if you can’t bring yourself to use wooden spoons, despite this reassurance that it’s perfectly safe to do so, silicone utensils are a great second-string option.

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However, silicone isn’t as strong as wood, so it may not work as well for tasks like scraping fond off the bottom of a pan. A common question of many home cooks is how to care for wooden kitchen utensils and are they sanitary.

Wooden utensils are also among the best tools to be used on nonstick cookware, as they won't scratch the coating like metal utensils might. When they're made, most wooden spoons, utensils and cutting boards are treated with mineral oils, which creates an inert, neutral surface that will not allow bacteria to reside.

Marisa Patrons / The Spruce Eats To keep your wooden spoons and cutting boards in the best shape possible, follow these tips: If your wooden spoons or cutting board start to look dry or don't feel super smooth, periodically rub them with mineral oil or a beeswax compound.

Wooden cutting boards and spoons can eventually split as they dry out or are exposed to extreme temperature changes. Highly pigmented foods, such as tomato sauce or berries, will stain wooden utensils and cutting boards.

To reduce the smell, rub the wooden surface with the cut side of a halved lemon or with a paste made of baking soda and water. If your wooden utensils develop spotted stains or roughness, these can be rubbed away with a piece of fine sandpaper.

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Wooden utensils and spoons are always sought after because they are made of wood and are therefore natural, unlike other man made materials. Wooden utensils when comes in contact with a change in temperatures, tend to become rough and cracks up.

This, in turn, makes space for food to get stuck in it, rot and become a breeding area for germs. While using wooden utensil might seem like a great idea, you must know that cleaning wooden utensils properly is very important for healthy cooking and preventing germs from entering your body via food.

A few days ago, I saw some nice wooden spoons but I’m not sure that they are hygienic. After reading the knowledge below, you can easily decide to buy wooden spoons for the utensil set.

In the past, wooden kitchen tools used to be removed because people believed that they were a food safety hazard. The truth is they are safe for food and cooking if you know how to use, clean and store them.

Several pieces of research suggest that wooden spoons are hygienic. Wooden spoons with good status are safe and hygienic for food.

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When you cook caramel, risotto, and candies with a nonstick pan, wooden spoons are the best choice. They are condensed liquid; therefore, wooden spoons are suitable for stirring them.

Wood doesn’t transfer heat well, so you are not afraid of being burned while cooking with wooden spoons and ladle. Especially, wooden kitchen tools don’t let chemicals out while some plastics do.

Some metal kitchen tools can react with the acid in food, like tomato sauces and lemon curds. To keep wooden spoons and chopsticks away from bacteria and mold, you can follow some useful tips.

They will maintain the good status of your wood cooking tools. Clean wooden spoons with hot water and dish-washing liquid.

Wooden cooking tools can be washed in the dishwasher, but that’s not a good idea. If the surface of your wooden spoons and chopping board is not smooth, you should use beeswax or mineral oil to brush.

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When you see wooden spoons or cutting boards be cracked, you need to remove them. Wooden cooking tools can be stained by food with highly pigmented colors like tomato or ripen fruits.

To remove the smell, scrub the surface with lemon or mixture of soda and water. Use one piece of sandpaper to rub tiny lumpy stains, then wipe the wooden surface with mineral oil or beeswax.

Beside plastic or stainless steel tools, spoons or ladles made of wood make you satisfied for sure. Remember to bring care tips your kitchen and maintain high-quality wooden tools.

You should throw wooden spoons with big cracks or dirty marks away. With up to five quality hardwood cooking spoons, it is a fantastic pack that will suit your kitchen.

Due to this, you will find them ideal for eggs, pancakes, stirring, frying, and mixing among others. Besides this, they are designed in different shapes, which makes them great for a wider range of tasks.

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The long handles ensure that you hold the spoon from the far endpoint to avoid getting scorched when cooking. Moreover, they are very solid and super strong cooking spoons that will serve for years.

Pros Cons Ideal for all your cooking needs Easy to clean Serves for long Apart from this, they are super strong and solid spoons that have been built from the highest quality of natural wood.

Pros Cons Suits every kitchen They are totally safe Simple to store Featuring long handles and hanging loops, these are ergonomic and convenient wooden utensils to try out.

The good news is that they have long handles for a comfortable and smooth hold. In addition to this, they are widely applicable spoons that you can use different cooking tasks like steaming, brewing, frying, and much more.

Payphone Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set is a favorite gift choice that most moms will definitely like. The pack provides you with four pieces of spoons and spatula for your cooking needs.

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Interestingly they are easy and convenient to store thanks to the perforated design of the handles. For the best set of wooden cooking spoons you can use for all your cooking needs, this is a fantastic pack to give a try.

Here is a perfect wooden kitchen utensil set that provides you with six pieces of spoons and spatulas. Other than this, they are highly durable utensils that have been built from premium hardwood material for long-term performance.

Designed from the highest quality of teak wood material, these are solid and durable utensils that will serve longer. The package contains a total of 4 pieces of spoons and spatula for convenient cooking in the kitchen.

With the long handles, they offer comfy and smooth hold when cooking. The good thing is that the spoons are widely applicable since they can be used in restaurants, patio, occasion, and home.

Pros Con simple to clean Ideal for long-term use Great for different cooking needs Moreover, they also have longer handles, which assures of comfy and smooth holding when cooking.

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For long term service, you need to check for utensils that have been designed from 100% hardwood material. You also need to look out for the nonstick properties, cost, versatility, and ease of cleaning among others.

Each utensil has a non-stick surface and long handle for easy cleaning and comfy holding when cooking. The wooden utensils are also great gift options for all moms; hence the above reviews are the ideal choice to get for her this season.

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