"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Bakeware For Halogen Oven

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Some Frequently Asked Questions When Getting an Oven include will my normal cookware still fit? You can also get an accessory set to help with cooking chips (fries) and other smaller items and pizzas.

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After many attempts at cooking chips and having a few of them fall through the holes, I decided to use the two trays together creating a crisscross grid and stopping those chips from slipping through Yay! You can use most of the cookware that you would normally use in your standard oven providing it fits.

Ideally, you need a space around the outer part of the cookware and the edge of the oven for the air to flow under it. Although in fact, the tray hadn’t burnt the smell of fumes showed that it should not be used.

Then you just pop in some warm water (let the oven cool first) and washing liquid. Pop your stands upside down and put on the wash setting for five minutes or as your manufacturer’s guide says.

(This is usually the lowest setting and will say wash and defrost on the dial). When the time is up simply, lift the bowl and stand and tip any water down the sink.

Rinse the bowl and clean with a paper towel or leave to air dry Disconnect lid from electricity. Wipe around the glass part of the lid carefully so as not to get the element wet.

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This video shows clearly how to clean your oven lid easily. The video information is slightly different in that is uses cool water and fifteen minutes.

They make life much easier and can save time and burnt hands, fingers or wrists. For example, ideal accessories include the baking tray, gloves.

In fact, you need very little to make cooking in your halogen a great experience. If you are going to get any accessories for your oven, I recommend that you get this set of trays and extender first as overall they will be the most useful.

This set (minus the skewers) is often included with the ovens so you may be lucky and not have to buy it separately. It is good value and will come in handy as it can be quite difficult to get pizza size trays that fit into your oven on the high street (at least it is here).

It is great if you have a larger family or if you enjoy entertaining and need to cater for more people. It will also distance your cooking from the element which will reduce the possibility of burning the food.

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Tip: If you are short on cash you can make do without the trays by popping on tray onto the other one and creating a grid to stop your smaller items from falling through. Toast cooks fine but eggs take longer.

There is a space for some sausages or hash browns, but it is quite a small area. However, this is a great help as unless you have a tray the chips can easily go through the holes.

If you get one check the diameter is right for your oven and will fit your bowl Saves on chips slipping through larger holes Cooks beautiful chips, sausages, bacon, onion rings, wedges etc really easy to remove the chips from the pan You can put something in the bowl to catch the fat to easily remove it.

It is really easy if you are not careful to catch your wrists on the side of the bowl when lifting things from the oven. With these, you have to put your hands quite close to the bowl edge and you also have a hot glass dish with a lid to take out.

These gloves are great because they are longer so protect arms and wrists and have a good heat resistance as well. The gloves are a good quality heavy duty and have a silicone grip to stop things slipping and allow you to lift your dishes safely.

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If you decide to get these check the size you are ordering is right especially if you have tiny or large hands. However, oven gloves shouldn’t be too fitted anyway as they need to be able to be removed easily and quickly.

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