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what you think you need."
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Bakeware For Lasagna

David Lawrence
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 19 min read

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. To make great lasagna, of course you need quality ingredients and a reliable recipe, but the baking dish you use is also a key factor for success.

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At 13 × 9 × 3 inches, this ceramic dish from a respected French brand has an almost 5-quart capacity that can hold at least three or four layers of lasagna. It’s made of a fired clay that’s highly resistant to thermal shock, meaning it can go straight from the freezer to the oven (or vice versa) without fear of breakage, and it can withstand extremely high temperatures, so if you like to pop your lasagna under the broiler for an extra-crispy top as the last step before serving, this is the pan for you.

It’s made of dark and sturdy steel, which has the advantage of heating up more quickly and giving better browning than glass or ceramic. The wide handles make it easy to transfer into and out of the oven and the easy-to-clean coating, unlike some nonstick surfaces, can even be used with metal utensils, though it’s not as durable as enameled cast iron.

It's perfect for feeding a hungry crowd and makes a hearty restaurant-style lasagna with impressive height that looks wonderful on a plate. This pan is made from aluminized steel, giving it excellent heat conduction so your lasagna will cook evenly.

For making the right amount of lasagna to feed a small family or a couple with leftovers, this 9-inch square ceramic baking dish is just the thing. It comes in several classic, bright colors, all stylish enough to present at the dinner table and designed to match other Fiesta ware pieces.

At 2.5 inches deep, it doesn’t hold as many layers as some larger pans, but it’s also the perfect size for baking brownies or other desserts. It’s a great solution for accommodating different tastes or dietary restrictions, trying out several lasagna recipes at the same time, or even just making sure you get as many crispy edges as possible.

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The dark metal encourages browning and crisping and it has a durable nonstick coating for easy release and cleanup. The French superstar of cast-iron Dutch oven makers also produces this large roaster in the same sturdy-yet-elegant materials.

The nonstick enameled interior makes it easy to get your lasagna out and offers a durable, low-maintenance finish that doesn’t require seasoning and won’t discolor. Heavy-duty cast iron is good at heat distribution and retention, meaning this great for even cooking and keeping food warm for a long time.

It has the disadvantage of being quite heavy, but the loop handles make it easy to grasp and lift, even through thick oven mitts. At 15.8 × 10.2 × 2.8 inches, it’s big enough to hold large roasts and poultry and can even be used directly on a stove-top for frying and braising.

The transparent tempered glass makes it easy to monitor cooking, won’t react with acidic ingredients like tomatoes, can be used with metal utensils, and keeps food warm outside the oven. It’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a handy lid for easy storage of leftovers or transporting your lasagna to a gathering.

The pastel sage lid is a bonus and harks to the brand's retro beginnings. 3Clever Cooking Rectangular Baking Dish with Villeroy & Bochbedbathandbeyond.Comte lid of this sleek porcelain lasagna pan doubles as a trivet to be used when you bring the casserole straight from the oven to the table.

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The brand, Villeroy & Boch makes dinner plates especially for lasagna : The edges curl up so you don't lose any sauce, and there's a divot for you to rest your fork. 6White Potluck Baking Desecrate & Barrelcrateandbarrel.this set includes three different stoneware dishes...for $30...which means they come in at about $10 each...which is a total steal.

8Stoneware Square Covered BakerStaubwilliams-sonoma.coastal does enamel stoneware expertly: The pieces distribute evenly, are scratch-resistent, and are incredibly easy to clean. Ginger Silver Art Co.Wayfair.comic you like to luxuriate at the table (and stick around for seconds), consider a lasagna pan with a built-in warmer.

The glass lidded porcelain dish sits in a chrome holder that can fit three tealight candles. 11Rectangular Casserole Dish with BasketLibbey Basicswayfair.this 10×16 lasagna baker comes with a woven basket holder perfect for casual, outdoor dining.

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Emile Henry, Bakeware Rectangle Large 16.5 L × 11.5 W Burgundy Lasagna, that heavenly, mouthwatering dish that is the perfect combination of meat, scrumptious pasta, cheesy goodness, and sauces.

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You have to find one that is capable of cooking lasagna to such a fine extent that the dish will have a brown, crispy exterior. While admittedly there are certain exceptions to this, the most common models of lasagna pans all come in a rectangular design.

Therefore, roasting pans need to be made of durable materials so that they can withstand vigorous scrubbing. While glass and ceramic are acceptable choices as well, you will see that most roasting pans are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and other types of durable metals.

A lasagna pan (or a baking dish), however, varies more in terms of size and shape. They usually have a non-stick coating or are made of non-stick material so that users can easily remove the food from the pan.

For those who are in a hurry, and therefore, need to make a quick decision, you can have a look at this comparison chart I’ve made below. With its strong and durable material and sturdy construction, maintaining this cast iron will be an easy task, and it can be used for a long time.

Product Dimension 18 × 10.3 × 3 inches Item Weight 11.2 pounds Material Type Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Manufacturer Cuisinart Dishwasher-safe Yes Pros Excellent heat distribution Excellent heat retention Easy to clean and use Great value for money Suitable as gift Highly versatile Highly sturdy and durable Dishwasher-safe These stainless steel pans and roasting racks are made in two different sizes for your convenience.

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With its mirror-polished style, these pans and roasting racks will sure make an excellent impression at your next family meeting. With its high versatility, you can tackle chicken fillets, savory seafood platters, family-sized casseroles, roasted turkeys, and more for your ideal cookout.

Product Dimension 16.5 × 2.5 × 12 inches Item Weight 5.2 pounds Material Type Durable Stainless Steel, Chrome Roasting Rack Manufacturer Cook Pro, Inc. Dishwasher-safe No Pros Comes in two different sizes Highly versatile Easy to clean Decent durability and sturdiness Suitable as gifts This unique lasagna trio pan features three separate non-stick channels, which offer flexible cookware for pleasing carnivores and vegetables alike.

With its versatility, users of this bakeware can easily tackle many recipes and, including lasagna, loaves of bread, cakes, and more. Features three completely separated sections Suitable for preparing different recipes of lasagna Ideal for making loaves of bread, cakes, meatloaves, and more.

Manufacturer Chicago Metallic Dishwasher-safe Yes (Handwashing Recommended) Pros Suitable for cooking for vegans and carnivores in one go Easy to use and clean Highly durable and sturdy Excellent versatility Nice heat distribution and conduction Enjoy the exceptional quality of this lasagna pan from All-Clad that comes with a plastic lid for ease of transport and storage.

Why bother buying separate items for your lasagna pan when you can simply get a convenient, 4-in-1 set from ExcelSteel? This exceptional set features a stainless steel lasagna pan, a roasting rack, a spatula, and a plastic lid to keep the freshness in.

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However, this lasagna pan has smooth rolled edges which can offer you a comfortable, secured grip. Made so that users will have an easy time cleaning, this stainless steel pan has a matte finish surface to reduce the likelihood of food sticking to its interior.

Product Dimension 10.5 × 8.2 × 3.2 inches Item Weight 15.8 ounces Material Type Stainless Steel Manufacturer Tramcar Dishwasher-safe Yes Pros Economical Excellent versatility Highly durable and sturdy Excellent value for money Nice heat distribution Easy to clean A solid choice for those who love products made of cast iron, this lasagna pan boasts a low profile for optimal oven roasting and baking.

Elegantly design, this beautiful lasagna pan can be used to serve straight from the oven to the table. This classy cast iron lasagna pan can be used on virtually any sources of heat, be it gas, oven, electric, halogen, induction, or outdoor grill.

For a lot of models of lasagna pans, it is virtually impossible for them to go straight from the freezer into the oven. However, this will not be the case for this large lasagna pan from Emile Henry, which is highly resistant to sudden temperature change.

Made of all-natural materials, this rectangular lasagna pan boasts a superior heat retention capability. Available in five different colors, the product is exceedingly sturdy and durable, being able to serve you for years to come.

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Product Dimension 13 × 9 × 3 inches Item Weight 5.51 pounds Material Type Burgundy Clay, Ceramic Manufacturer Emile Henry Dishwasher-safe Yes Pros Great heat retention Can go straight from freezer to the oven Easy to clean Great value for money Highly durable and sturdy Suitable as a gift Some of you might worry that the product’s stainless steel construction with a mirror finish might leak harmful chemicals or react with the acidic tomato sauce, resulting in a metallic dish.

Cons There have been reports that the product is prone to changing shape if the temperature in the oven surpasses 375 degrees Fahrenheit Highly versatile, the product can whip up many delicious dishes other than lasagnas such as casseroles, macaroni, and different types of dessert.

Another excellent product from All-Clad that comes with a lid, this square lasagna pan will make an ideal choice for those who want a smaller serving size. Made from durable 18/10 stainless steel, the product is ideal for cooking several dishes such as lasagna, casseroles, desserts, and many more.

Product Dimension 8 × 8 × 2.2 inches Item Weight 4.3 pounds Material Type 18/10 Stainless Steel With Plastic Lid Manufacturer All-Clad Dishwasher-safe Yes Pros Elegant design Suitable as gifts Easy to clean Great value for money Even heat distribution Not only is this set a remarkable cookware, but it will be a nice decoration to your table and kitchen with its wavy aquamarine design.

Product Dimension 14 × 7.9 × 2.6 inches Item Weight 8.71 pounds Material Type Ceramic Manufacturer Kronor Dishwasher-safe Yes Pros Features three pans of different sizes, which makes it suitable for serving portions of different sizes Suitable as gifts Highly durable as sturdy Lightweight Excellent value for money Easy to clean Another model of square lasagna pan for you to consider, this product also makes an excellent choice for people who are new to baking.

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Well, this square lasagna pan features a unique design that facilitates air circulation for even heat distribution. Furthermore, it is completely free of FOA, BPA, and other harmful chemicals that might pose dangers to your health.

A lot of people like to have glass lasagna pans for their ability to retain heat. Don’t put the hot pan on a cold or wet surface, or else, it might go through thermos shock and shatter.

Furthermore, its non-stick surface makes cleaning such a breeze that you won’t even need to stick it in the dishwasher. Moreover, its ceramic coating is free of aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, FOA, PTFE, and UFOs.

Product Dimension 13 × 9.8 × 3 inches Item Weight 1.55 pounds Material Type Ceramic Manufacturer Caraway Dishwasher-safe No Pros Highly durable and sturdy Lightweight design Suitable as gifts Great value for money Easy to clean Highly versatile After all, you can’t buy a pan that is too small to feed your whole family or too large that the leftovers will spoil before you can eat them all.

If you like your lasagna to have at least three layers with generous toppings and sauces, you should choose a pan with at least 3 inches of depth. Furthermore, a poorly made glass pans might shatter or explode when exposed to extreme heat.

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There have been instances where users spend hours preparing lasagna only to have the glass pans fail on them. Furthermore, lasagna pans with dividers can also be used to make other dishes such as meatloaves, bread loaves, etc.

However, they provide excellent heat distribution; therefore, glass pans are an ideal choice if you want your food to be evenly cooked. Furthermore, unlike their metal counterparts, glass pans are capable of retaining heat exceptionally well.

When using glass pans, you also need to remember to reduce the heat of the oven by roughly 25 degrees. If you don’t want to risk having scorching hot food spilling all over you or your baking oven, then you should avoid glass pans.

To conclude, whether you should choose a glass or metal pans depends entirely on your preferences and habits. Many people are hesitant to cook lasagna in metal pans because they believe that they can react with the tomato sauce and, as a result, pose health risks.

However, there is no concrete evidence that cooking lasagna in metal pans can pose any grave danger to you. Nevertheless, many people have pointed out that the lasagna they cooked in metal pans doesn’t have any weird, unwanted taste.

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Apparently, many people are hesitant to use a disposable aluminum pan for cooking lasagna because they believe that it can pose a health risk. However, many baking enthusiasts claim that they have cooked lasagna in an aluminum pan and that their dish didn’t have any metallic taste to it.

However, if you want to make sure that your dish does not have any weird metallic taste to it, you can cover the pan with parchment paper to create a sort of barrier between the meal and the cookware. However, if you want to have ample space to put lots of ingredients and toppings in, then I’d suggest looking for those with a depth of at least 3 inches.

With all things considered, there’s nothing that can beat the Cuisinart Cl 1136-24CR Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Lasagna Pan in my eyes. Lasagna, from where the popular dish lasagne got its name, is among the oldest type of pasta.

Some even say it's possibly the oldest with the origin traced back to Ancient Greece. Enjoying a perfect slice of lasagna means getting well-cooked pasta layered with a sauce made from the freshest ingredients.

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan has channels that fit the standard size of the flat noodles. The Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan offers that versatility as it can hold up to three different recipes in it.

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With more choices to offer, the Lasagna Trio Pan helps one to be more creative in food preparations. Part of Cuisinart’s Chef’s Classic series is the stainless steel lasagna pan.

Made with stainless steel, the side handles also add comfort grip for ease of usage. Stainless steel does not make reactions with food ingredients so flavors are kept intact and preserved.

The Cuisinart Lasagna Pan is also ideal for preparing au gratin potatoes and other casserole dishes. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty making it a sound investment for any household.

Durable Spacious Comes with a rack Has mirror finish Fits standard-sized ovens Dishwasher-safe Has a lifetime warranty Cast iron has been used for a long time and is regarded as family heirlooms for its durability.

This attribute makes it a great choice for those who are looking for the best lasagna pan with superior heat-retention. The porcelain exterior also helps in cooking the food well with even heat distribution.

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While the pan is made of cast iron, its interior boasts of enameled porcelain which does not absorb odors. Aside from that, the CI1136-24BG also has a wide cast iron handles on both sides providing secured grip and comfort.

It started when a young potter named Jacques Henry discovered his love for ceramics in 1848 in the Burgundy region. The pan is made with all natural materials including the high-resistance ceramic clay forged in high fire.

Add this feature with high heat-retention, the Emile Henry rectangular baker can keep the food hot for a long time. That would save dinner hosts time as it takes out the need to reheat the food for visitors.

For aluminum used in cookware, the process will help keep the metal from reacting to acids in food. The process immerses the aluminum metal to a chemical mixture bath and applies an electrical current to it.

The hard anodized construction of the aluminum cookware makes it very durable even with a smooth surface. The layer of oxide added during the process makes the aluminum hardened and more resistant to damage or corrosion.

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Usually, once metal pans corrode, the rust would affect the taste of the dish. Having a Quantum coating in cookware will help prevent abrasion and resistance that can ruin the flavor of the food.

The Cuisinart 6117-14 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 14-inch lasagna pan also has a riveted stainless handles on the side. The pan also fits all standard-size ovens and is versatile to be used in cooking other casseroles aside from lasagna.

Uses hard anodized material Scratch-resistant Comfortable grip with riveted handles Ideal size to fit most ovens Coming from HIC, a company that has been in the business since 1957, the oblong rectangular baking dish promises durability.

The pan is made from high-quality porcelain which is perfect for preparing various dishes like lasagna, casseroles, cakes, and veggies. For lasagna recipes, the even distribution of sauce matters in the preparation.

Lasagna recipes are often packed with ingredients to ensure the rich flavor of the pasta. The HIC baking dish also offers easy to hold handles with a comfortable and secure grip.

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Comfortable grip allows for the easy transfer of the pan from the oven or broiler to the table. This makes it a great cookware option to store and reheat leftovers popping it out of the freezer to the oven.

Sporting a classic white color, the baking dish can transition elegantly from the microwave to the table. In 1925, the company introduced the first flame-colored enamel cast iron heatproof dish called coyote.

It is made of stoneware making it a good option to have bakeware that will distribute the heat evenly. The Le Crest Signature Cast Iron pan is durable with an interior enamel that’s sand-colored.

The exterior enamel used by the cast iron pan outside is long-lasting and can resist cracking and chipping. The sides of the cast iron roaster are also suitable to provide a comfortable grip and easy lifting.

The Le Crest cast iron roaster is ideal for use on various heat sources. With a reinforced corner design, Update International’s NJP-1006 six-inch pan, it is fairly easy to remove for transfers.

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Full-sized Reinforced corner design Easy to clean Superb heating efficiency Creating lasagna during family gatherings is already part of home traditions.

There is no better way to prepare the best lasagna dishes on special occasions than by getting a good pan. Lasagna pans usually come in rectangular shape since this dish would need to get even distribution of sauce and pasta.

Pans come in different colors and textures that will fit special occasions. Meanwhile, those who want their homes to be ready for simple gatherings might opt for pans with elegant designs.

Side handles should provide a secure grip as you transfer the pan from your oven to the table. For instance, non-sticky pans should use a coating that is not harmful when it comes into contact with the dish.

You would not want to waste money and time buying a pan that will end up in the storage. Aside from the size, the depth of the pan should also be considered since lasagna is layered with sauce.

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As the years go by, lasagna recipes have been innovated to fit the global palate. It still remains as a favored dish and getting the best lasagna pan is a good investment.

They are made of durable material which does not have a chance to rust and affect food safety. Both pans are also dishwasher safe and easy to use with handles that provide a comfortable grip.

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