"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Bakeware From England

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 4 min read

Featuring a bright cobalt glaze and a classic shape, Imperial Blue has become an iconic tableware range. The shapely Craftsman's Mug epitomizes classic design, and has been crafted from the highest-quality clay.

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Exhibiting a curved body and handle, the Craftsman's Mug is a characterful tableware piece that is perfect for holding tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The durable glaze will protect against daily use and the Mug is also suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher.

made in England included in our 10-Year Guarantee expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability suitable for oven, microwave and freezer dishwasher safe 40% incorporating two tones of glaze, Halo is a diverse design made from the highest-quality stoneware clay.

Produced at Deny Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo is a contemporary tableware range that promises to last. The Halo Cereal Bowl is an essential kitchen piece that can be used for enjoying a range of different foods.

Highly versatile and visually beautiful, the Cereal Bowl can be used for oatmeal, soup and puddings. The dark exterior makes it a statement piece that will add style to your table.

Designed and manufactured at Deny Pottery, the range features a refreshing palette of powder blue and sea greens. Skilled craftsmen require specialist know-how to create this beautiful range, which will breathe a summery feel into any kitchen.

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Featuring a crisp white center to bring your food to life the Azure Coast Serving Bowl is a both beautiful and functional tableware piece. Perfect for refreshing salads or serving larger family meals such as chili or curry.

made in England included in our 10-Year Guarantee expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability suitable for oven, microwave and freezer dishwasher safe 40% offal is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, speckled finish.

made in England included in our 10-Year Guarantee expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability suitable for oven, microwave and freezer dishwasher safe 40% office Halo Tiny Bowl is ideal for dips, condiments, olives and nuts.

50% office Heritage Pavilion range originated through inspiration from archive vintage patterns. Looking to revive the spirit of 1950s Britain, moreish ice-cream hues meet retro graphic motifs to create an artisanal range.

Brand-new production techniques were utilized to create the speckle in the formation of this beautiful range. Designed and made at the Deny Pottery, in the heart of England, skilled craftsmen create each product using knowledge passed down through generations.

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Serving 4 people, this high sided dish can be used in many ways from a family lasagna, roasting meats and vegetables, making pies and crumbles and many desserts. Moving seamlessly from freezer to oven to table, this strong and versatile piece is the perfect addition to any busy kitchen and gives impressive results every time.

tough, easy clean surface resistant to scratching, staining, chipping & impact damage. 50% off floral revival with distinctively Deny details, from the scrolled mug handles to the golden breaks on the plate rims.

Unearthing another nostalgic print that has shaped Deny's heritage, Gypsy from the 70s collection has been given a fresh new look. Inspired by Derbyshire's rolling hills and delightful dales, the Orchard range celebrates a natural way of life.

40% off sophisticated collection, Halo is a decorative pattern featuring contrasting glazes. With the ability to modernize any home, Halo is a beautiful and functional tableware range.

Designed for modern living, the Cereal Bowl can be used in the microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher making cooking and clearing up quick and easy. Its also great for individual pies and puddings, served straight from the oven to the table.

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50% designed and produced at Deny's Derbyshire factory, the Greenwich range boasts a stunning green glaze to make a sophisticated statement. Crafted from the highest quality, locally sourced clay, skilled artisans have used techniques passed down through generations to create the product.

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