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Baking Glass Sheets

James Smith
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Density (at 20 °C/68 °F): 2.23 g/cm 3 Knew Hardness: 418 kg/mm 2 Youngs Modulus: 64 GPA Flexural Strength: 69 MPA or.T. Poisson's Ratio: 0.20 Shear Modulus: 2.67 × 10 3 kg/mm 2 Because he only thinks about one thing...cleaning...he found a way to put his legendary clean inside his trusty Magic Eraser, helping you power through a burnt pot or stained baking dish without making you wilt like a bad soufflé.

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You might think you need specialty cleaning products or a long overnight soak to save your favorite pans, pots and dishes from a dirty demise. Plus, because he’s always thinking ahead, he contoured his Magic Eraser for easy gripping.

Expert tip: Magic Eraser is not recommended for non-stick pans, but is great on a variety of other kitchen essentials. Use the activated Magic Eraser Kitchen to clean your toughest bakeware.

Start with the really tough spots, like sticky grease and baked-on food, then work your way to the smaller stuff, like dried on batter and little crumbs. When all of your baking pans and dishes are clean and crumb-free, give them a good rinse under running water.

Thanks to Mr. Clean, you can be the best baker on the block and the crowd favorite in your neighborhood. Not recommended for the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel appliances, non-stick coating or vehicle body.

The first glass had completed began dissolving and melting and drooping all over the place. Other websites state at least 2-3 more ingredients and have much higher ratings.

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What's wrong with using the conventional weighing measures of pounds and ounces or grams, why cups. 10/08/2014 I followed another user's instructions for the caramel glass --you really need corn syrup and a candy thermometer for this.

I tried this sugar and water recipe and it never hardened; maybe it works, but I would need additional instructions for how since I am not familiar with candy making. Really cute idea--I'll be using corn syrup and red food coloring for the “blood” instead of cherry preserves.

11/11/2013 The glass will work, exactly as shown, if you take your time and use a candy thermometer. The key is to turn the boiling water down immediately after water comes to a boil and let the water slowly evaporate, this takes time, take the sugar off the stove, immediately, when your thermometer says 300 degrees.

If your sugar yellows, after cooling on silica, run under hot water over the glass until it's clear. 10/31/2013 I only looked at this recipe for guidance and for the sugar glass and was extremely irritated when it didn't work, & now find that it couldn't possibly work & more frustrated to find EVERY other posting on how to make it has corn syrup and much better instructions.

This post is linked to a Halloween site, and without the glass they're normal, every day frosted cupcakes. Needless to say, this boring alternative is what I'll be taking to work, since I don't have corn syrup around.

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Our first attempt at the sugar glass was a disaster since it granulated upon cooling. So, we found a more reliable candy recipe from another site.

Pour into a nonstick foil lined cake pan and spread thin, cool. It's slightly yellowish but very clear and hard when cooled.

10/02/2013 The instructions for the glass could be more novice-friendly, providing a target temperature for the finished caramel as well as an instruction not to stir the sugar mixture as it heats (or crystals will develop), but the directions *are* accurate. The magazine/staff shouldn't be unfairly criticized for providing inaccurate or poor recipes; instead, they should be encouraged to remember not everyone has the same level of experience and make sure the instructions anticipate any/all questions.

I didn't use her cupcake recipe, I just bought box mix. The first time I didn't cook it long enough and it wouldn't harden, the second time I cooked too long and it was a clear golden color.

I warmed it in microwave to make it drizzle over the glass candy pieces in the cupcakes...everyone loved the cupcakes and glass ! 10/26/2012 I am really glad I read some reviews to see how to make the broken glass.

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I made it right on the first try and it came out perfectly and crystal clear with no bubbles. I combined the sugar and water and used a candy thermometer.

Once it starts to boil, turn it down to medium high. When I poured it out onto the silent, it was bubbly, so I spread it out with an angled pastry spatula.

10/17/2012 I also want to share that my husband explained that water won't rise above 212 degrees, so at 212 all you're waiting for is the water to evaporate. Once the water has evaporated off the temperature will begin to rise, rather quickly, to the hard crack level (302 degrees).

Pour on to Silent and when it's cool it will be hard like glass. It's not as clear as the photo but it's probably touched up.

I asked my husband to read all your comments and on the third try of this caramel recipe I DID IT! The third time I didn't take my eyes off the candy thermometer and waited about 45 min.

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*You NEED a candy thermometer×Put sugar and water in saucepan, set temp to medium×No need to stir, it will slowly come to a boil all by itself *It will sit around 200 for a while×Be patient & increase temp slightly×When it reaches 302 (about 30min)*hard crack not hard ball as stated in video×pour onto Silent *Cloudy glass is due to the butter used on your sheet pan×it cools quickly all on its own×Dear site mgr, the directions need to be baker friendly, we want to succeed! 10/31/2011 I made these cupcakes and shared with my friends who thought they were very delicious--which they were.

Everything turned out well except my broken glass was frosted. 10/31/2011 I finally settled on the THIRD batch of the “broken glass which had turned amber.

I wasted 3 cups of sugar and several hours of my precious time this morning trying to make that “broken glass “. The recipe is sorely lacking in directions, i.e. cooking time, temperature of the syrup, etc.

10/29/2011 Like other reviewers, I had many unsuccessful attempts making the broken glass. And I only got a batch that was acceptable after consulting other cookbooks on making hard crack.

The cream cheese frosting is easy to make and delicious. Overall, I'm pleased with the result, even if the glass is yellow.

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10/28/2011 Okay, I tried the recipe I referenced earlier, and the glass came out yellow. 10/27/2011 After three unsuccessful attempts at making the “broken glass “, I found this very detailed recipe.

I actually haven't tried it yet, but with clear detailed instructions (and photos! PLEASE add more directions in your recipe.

I threw the pan out into my backyard I was so mad. The second batch turned WHITE when I poured it on non-stick aluminum and refrigerated.

The third batch is sticky and not hard as glass. I didn't stir after sugar dissolved and let it bubble for about 40 minutes to 300 degree and then it crystallized.

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