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Baking Paper Sheets In Oven

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 7 min read

It's easy to make perfect cake layers that won’t stick to the pan. Start by turning your cake pan upside down on top of a sheet of Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper.

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Place the cut parchment in the bottom of the pan and pour the batter over the paper. Roll out cookie dough between two sheets of parchment to desired thickness.

For pastry, roll out piecrust to desired size between two sheets of either parchment. The easiest way to get perfect baked goods every time is with Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper.

“It’s unusual for a baking sheet,” she says, but adds, “When I tried the tray, I realized what a great pan it was and became properly obsessed.” The most impressive aspect to her was how easy it is to clean. “A flat baking sheet is like gold in a professional kitchen,” explains Zoe François, pastry chef and co-author of the cookbook series Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

And this one from Nordic Ware is her personal favorite because it’s made from “a heavy-duty aluminum with solid rims that prevent warping.” Elena Lesser, chef and TV host, likes it “because of its even heating, allowing food to be properly roasted and baked with nice contact crisping and browning.” She even thinks these are the “closest brand to the industrial baking sheets she used as a chef at Missy Robbins’ Lilia. And Brittany Bennett, owner of Ta artwork, agrees that if you’re really into baking or cooking, you’ll probably already “use parchment paper, a silicone baking sheet, or toss vegetables in silky ribbons of olive oil to prevent your food from sticking” on one of these aluminum pans, which she considers “reliable” and “satisfying” to cook with.

It’s also nonstick, like the Gold Touch and the Holy Sheet, but as with those two pans, for even faster cleanup, Tomlin still recommends lining the tray with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper. The metal is thick enough that it won’t warp, and she thinks these are “relatively easy to clean, unless things really get burnt onto the pan, which can necessitate more intense scrubbing, even enlisting steel wool.” But to prevent that, she recommends cooking with parchment paper or some sort of layer, especially since these aren’t nonstick.

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This isn’t a traditional sheet pan, because the sides are much higher than most and it’s coated in enamel, but Shelly Westerhausen, cookbook author and owner of Vegetarian ‘Ventures, swears by it. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

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Some newer models of baking trays are expandable: one portion slides out from under the other to create a greater surface area. Expandable baking tray (see sliding portion at bottom of photo).

If you’re a real cookie baker, you may want three for times of big production: one in the oven, one cooling off, and one cooled-off one being refilled. Some people feel that the open-sided trays are easier to get cookies off from, with no rim to have to lift hot, soft cookies over, though even the open-sided ones usually have one of the sides turned up to give you a bit of a handle to make it easier to lift it with.

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Some people even say that rims “interfere with heat circulation”, but many home bakers guffaw at the idea. In the U.S., there is a conventional though unregulated array of sizes, with the very largest appropriate only for institutional and commercial use.

Lately, though, consumers have been leaving reviews in some places that jelly roll pan sizes have been shrunk even further, down to 14.25 x 9.25 x .75 inch, making them not big enough to hold the batter for other recipes. If you want to be sure of the size you are getting, buy the baking tray in person, and take a measuring tape to the store.

Following the GN standard makes it easy to work out equivalents for various tray sizes. Standard separator bars can be purchased to divide trays into smaller sizes.

Insulated baking trays have an air layer created by putting a bottom sheet under their baking surface, and enclosing that area underneath, trapping air in it. The design allows air to circulate underneath, reducing hot spots, which help things bake more evenly.

Cooking time can be longer on these insulated sheets, which gives cookies a bit more time to spread out before the heat solidifies them; Cookies might not get as crisp on these insulated sheets. Don’t soak insulated baking trays in the sink, or water may become trapped in the air layer.

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Cookies tend to be flatter and spread out more on greased baking trays. Don’t over grease the trays, or the cookie dough may spread out too much during baking.

Some people advise to only have one tray of cookies baking in the oven at one time. This thinking probably began at a time in history, perhaps the mid 1900s, when the economy was reaching a point where consumers no longer had to give cooking fuel a second thought.

But, put that one on the bottom rack on top of a third, empty baking tray to give it extra insulation to help stop the cookie bottoms from burning. In fact, such a doubled-up tray will help prevent bottoms of cookies from burning wherever they are in the oven.

Restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, and any other food service operation that needs to bake on a flat surface can use these versatile oven trays, which conveniently slide out of the oven and into a storage or holding rack. Bake crispy cookies on a perforated flat sheet, prepare dinner rolls or buns on pans with special indentations, or roast vegetables on baking sheets with rims.

Perforated baking sheets enable maximum airflow to crisp buns or other foods. Choose from aluminum or stainless steel baking trays, as well as various coatings to prevent sticking.

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Purple coatings are available to help operators distinguish allergen-free foods from allergens. To cook items that will drip liquid or fat, choose a baking sheet that includes sides.

While cookie sheets may include one or two upturned edges for easy handling, jelly roll pans are half-size pans designed for baking cake rolls and include 1-inch sides like the larger rimmed baking sheets. A cookie sheet is ideal for any baking that doesn't result in liquid runoff, while jelly roll pans and baking sheets with rims contain items that either start out as a liquid or cook off fat.

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