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Baking Sheet Lakeland

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Starstarstarstarstar (1) I purchased this sheet as the bread that I was baking stuck to every other surface that I tried.

lakeland baking sheet oxo stick non ricer grips potato adjustable
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The only problem now is stopping loaves from sliding off, hence it needs sides. It does distort if the item is placed off-centre, I use it cold but it returns to its original shape when it cools.

It does distort if the item is placed off-centre, I use it cold but it returns to its original shape when it cools. I had to turn my oven shelves upside down so that the rear raised edge of the shelf is on the bottom.

We're pleased we were able to arrange a full refund for you and hope you'll find a suitable alternative soon. LakelandBakingSheet Lovely sturdy baking tray, ideal for cookies and pizzas.

LakelandBakingSheet Bought another one to add to my collection due to having a big surface area, non-stick, easy clean Warped in the oven and after using it for cooking pizza on knife marks have penetrated the non-stick coating and in one place scratched quite badly.

I have been a customer for many years but now feel the quality is slipping whilst the prices are quite high. LakelandBakingSheet Works well, unlikely to ever warp in the oven, excellent quality for the price.

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LakelandBakingSheet This is a good sturdy tray and didn’t warp in the oven. Great product, sturdy and easily fits a batch of cookies or biscuits.

LakelandBakingSheet Bought this at Christmas but never got to use it till a couple of months ago. It warped badly by at least an inch with a pizza on it, the oven temperature was at 200c fan.

Update: I took it back to my local Ipswich store who suggested trying another one, I did, and found that this one did not warp at all. LakelandBakingSheet I purchased this a few weeks ago and tried it for the first time last night.

I was preheating it at 190 degrees ready for some rosemary potatoes and it warped! One side was quite a bit higher than the other so it was quite tricky to turn the potatoes over.

I'm not sure I would recommend it, and was disappointed as other Lakeland products I've bought in the past, particularly their oven gloves, are wonderful. It's the first time I have owned a baking sheet and was worried biscuits would slide off, they don't.

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I used olive and flour to stop the pizza from sticking and was very concerned to find the coating flaking off. Please be assured that the coating isn't harmful if ingested and you can certainly return it under the terms of our three-year guarantee.

LakelandBakingSheet I bought one of these a few weeks ago and added another to my recent order. Good solid tray that doesn’t buckle in the oven.

LakelandBakingSheet Good, sturdy baking tray, really pleased with it. Only downside to it is that it warps in the oven, this does correct itself when it cools down but a pain if youth making something larger that needs to stay flat.

Our top-rated Naturals®Bakeware collection is made of pure aluminum for superior heat conductivity and produces consistent evenly browned baked goods every time. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.

Season pan with a solid or spray vegetable shortening before each baking use or line with parchment paper. Scouring pads and metal utensils may scratch pan, but will not affect baking performance.

lakeland liner tray baking 33cm sheet 100cm reusable stick magic non cheap
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I baked another batch on a regular half sheet at the same time to compare them. Since this baking sheet is square, I could position it so that all the scones were an equal distance from the oven wall on all four sides.

This sheet does stay hot longer when you remove it from the oven, even when running water on it to cool it off. The little holes on the bottom corners also let water get inside, and it may drip out when you put it away.

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