"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Baking Sheets And Racks

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 8 min read

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Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. Every cook knows that, as talented as we may be at whipping together a solid mixture, the end result always comes down to the tools at our disposal.

That’s why it’s always so disappointing when we work our behinds off, only for our baking sheets to let us down and burn the bottom of our cakes or attach themselves to food so vehemently that we need to scrub them down, afterwards. The best baking sheets will never let you down and can, in fact, improve your cooking game exponentially.

These baking trays will never let you down at the last second and you won’t find yourself sweating into your sink as you try to scrub away a day’s work. So, read on and kick up your cooking a notch with our buying guide and FAQ.

This baking tray is extremely large, so be aware that it may not be suitable for those who have a slimline oven. As well as being extremely highly rated by customers, who loved how easily their baked goods could be removed from the tray once they had finished cooking, these trays are made with reinforced rims and galvanized steel.

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It fits perfectly into the baking sheet and allows for any juices or loose debris to be caught without issue during cooking, too. The high rims are ideal for brownies, while the extra wide handles are home to grips, to make fetching and placing your cookies sheets all the easier- meaning you’re less likely to get burned hands while cooking.

The pans themselves are made from a heavy-duty steel which resists warping and you even get the added benefit of knowing that a percentage of the profits are shared with Rachael’s non-profit, Yum-O! With over 2,500 5-star ratings from users, you can be sure that this is a fantastic wire rack that works not only in your oven but- thanks to its resistance to heat even up to 575 degrees- can be used during BBQ season, too.

However, they aren’t dishwasher safe as this is likely to rub the non-stick coating off and damage your set. Coming as a set of three cookie sheets, these non-stick, steel options are perfect for those who want a size to meet every cooking or baking need you might have in your kitchen.

This is an updated design of a previously popular choice from Good Cook, who have improved the durability and wear of their baking sheets to better suit your needs. These baking sheets come at an incredible price and, even better, they add further value with a lifetime exchange guarantee.

Should your cookie sheets wear out or warp, Good Cook will exchange your old for new! These pans have a unique ability in that their surface is corrugated to improve the overall heat dispersion while in your oven, resulting in more efficient cooking.

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They have also gone above a beyond to provide a patented non-stick coating that is PTFE, BPA and Scot-free- meaning no nasty chemicals, all while you still enjoy your non-stick surface and the ease that this brings with it. This particular choice is made from a heavy-gauge steel, so don’t expect your light, fluffy cookies from this choice- however, you will still get a series of awesome baked goods if you lower your oven temperature and allow for a little extra time.

The biggest benefit here is that this bakeware set is completely dishwasher-safe, so clean-up time is next to nothing when compared to some others on our list. Made with artificial coatings or treatments, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a wire rack and tray combination without having to risk any exposure of sensitivities or allergies to chemicals.

These are a combination of simple but successful, with customer attesting to how well this baking sheet cooks and how efficiently the food can be removed from the surface. In particular, the corrugated surface makes for efficient and even cooking, while their patented non-stick coating means there is no risk of any exposure to chemicals- perfect for those with sensitivities or allergies.

Ox are becoming increasingly popular with their homeward and cookware and for good reason- especially when they keep bringing out new designs that hold their own as standalone items. For example, these half sheet baking trays are made with a ceramic, two-layer coating that is Scot-free and works brilliantly at distributing heat during cooking.

Another great option that has utilized the benefits of a textured surface, this two-piece set from Circular has created a great choice using its namesake by providing a series of circle patterns along the base to ensure that food will both cook evenly and be separated easily. This Scot-free carbon steel offering comes with a limited lifetime warranty, although the positive reviews suggest that any need for this is unlikely.

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If you have a huge party coming up, have to cater for an event, got suckered into providing plenty of baked goods for friends and family or simply really hate the idea of cleaning up, these disposable, recyclable aluminum foil baking sheets are a fantastic choice for you. Available as a set of 15, these are perfect for parties and events, without sacrificing your cooking and baking quality thanks to the even distribution of heat these baking sheets provide.

You might not get the same quality as the more permanent options- but they’re still a fantastic choice and easily the best disposable baking sheets available on the market, today. Made with a heavy gauge aluminum, this sheet is raised on one end for easier removable and has been manufactured in an NSF-certified facility in the USA, from start to finish.

Despite being a handwash only item, customers have fallen in love with the longevity and overall effectiveness of this simple choice which, in at least one review, has lasted over 9 years with constant use! My name is Bethany, and I’ve been terrorizing my mother in the kitchen since I was too small to hold a baking sheet straight.

Now an adult, I regularly bake too many cookies, and weekly roast vegetables and other delights for dinner. I’ve been baking for years, adventures that run the gamut from elaborate wedding cakes to tasty flatbread.

We used each pan to cook various baked goods, including frozen pizzas, sugar cookies, and mixed veggies and scored each based on size, weight, warp resistance, ease of food removal, how much effort it took to clean, and the overall experience of using the pan. We tested how easy it was to handle each tray with one hand, and whether you could hold the sheet comfortably while also removing your food to settle on the cooling rack.

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The worst thing you can do for your kitchen is stock it with equipment that you don’t like, so I asked the above questions with an eye towards which pan I would be happy to use every day. In a sink, submerge the baking sheet in hot water and let it sit for half an hour to 45 minutes.

Drain the sink and scrub away the grime or dirt with steel wool. Finally, wash the sheet with regular soap and water and let dry.

Outside her work for Reviewed, Bethany is a content creator working on clean energy and climate change at a regional non-profit and runs a tabletop game at her local comic bookshop. We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results.

If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us, and we’ll compare notes. If it looks substantial, we’ll gladly re-test a product to try and reproduce these results.

After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. Unless you designed your kitchen from scratch, with a custom layout and cabinets, it’s probably not perfect for your needs.

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But new cabinets can quickly eat up a small remodeling budget, and re-designing the kitchen isn’t usually an option if you rent. Fortunately there are a lot of clever DIY ways to make the most of your current kitchen cabinets.

Last summer my husband and I gave our kitchen a makeover (see the entire Before & After project on my blog). A tiny tip: If you have an extra inch or two, put a container of baking soda near the wall behind the bins to absorb odors.

The installation itself was very easy, although we had to do additional prep work because our cabinets were constructed with non-removable shelves. Many older kitchens (and bathrooms) have fake drawer panels in front of the sink.

To install mine, I bought a kit, and then pried off the glued and nailed-on drawer panel. It took two people to help line up the hinges and panel when we put it on, but now we use it on a daily basis, and our sink area looks much neater.

Storing baking pans and sheets vertically versus stacking them is like the difference between filing and piling paper. They’re so much easier to access when stored vertically, so if you have a lot of baking pans, I highly recommend this hack.

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If even the pre-made drawers are too much work, a tray that you can pull forward to access stuff in the back without removing everything individually can make a big difference. I built my own out of wood and glue, and while I may modify them slightly for a snugger fit for the smallest spoons, they’ve been a much better solution than any I could buy.

When we moved in to our house, we loved the vintage details like the fold-down ironing board in the kitchen. But I quickly realized that I was never going to iron in our kitchen, and the narrow, shallow cabinet would be perfect for a spice rack.

So I converted it by removing the ironing board hardware, patching the holes, and adding shelves with shelf pins. Yes, we lost a cute historical detail, but I’ve been so happy with the practicality of the spice cabinet that I’d do it again.

Larger, more practical toe-kick drawers could actually be a storage boon in a tight kitchen, and you can build them yourself with this guide. I sew, build furniture, make jewelry and accessories, knit, cook and bake, grow plants, do home renovation, roast my own coffee beans, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

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