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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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Back and Tzatziki are so pervasive at restaurants and food carts across the world that you've probably had it dozens of times. In much of Europe thanks to the abundance of Turkish restaurants, it's all over the place and can be bought from grocery stores, but not everyone puts the effort into making it brilliantly.

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This humble dip can be made in 5 minutes with just a handful of ingredients and can elevate any grilled meat or serve as the perfect healthy snack for binge eating. It's a perfect blend of creamy yogurt, cooling cucumber and fragrant herbs that form one of the greatest dips known to man.

Although I'll mention Greek Tzatziki a few times here, they are distinct foods and this recipe is specifically focused on Turkish Restaurant style Back. While I'm not certain that both kinds exist in every part of Turkey, I have come across Turkish recipes describing either one so it may be a regional thing.

If making the thick version of Back, the Yogurt is used as is and the other liquids we'll add bring it to the right consistency. To make up for this, I add lemon juice to the Yogurt, which is something I've only seen in Turkish Cypriot versions of this dish.

Most of the Turkish recipes I've seen, call for dicing the cucumber into very small squares, and I found that doing this results in a looser texture for the dip than grating it. From my experience, I always prefer Back at restaurants that make it with dill and to me it's a necessary component to give it a fresh Derby flavor.

All that's required to make the Back is to combine all the ingredients together and your perfect cucumber dip is ready to be eaten. This is pretty much the same seasoning that is used on their grilled chicken, and it makes the bread a lot more interesting.

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I worked out the spice blend and it's a combination of PUL Fiber (Aleppo Pepper), Oregano, Sumac, Paprika and Salt. If you make the Back, I would highly recommend brushing this spice mix onto some flatbread to really take it to the next level.

Given the huge similarities between Turkish Back and Greek Tzatziki, you may be wondering are they the same dish and which one came first. Most Turkish or Greek people will say they absolutely aren't the same and that the other side copied the dish from them, and this is the same situation you'd run into with Baklava, Bourbaki/Sis, Halloumi, Gyros/Done and many other foods.

The reason for this is the existence of the Ottoman Empire, which at one point stretched from Hungary all the way to Somalia. Foods spread quickly throughout the empire, and it's why you can find dishes just like Back or Tzatziki in Middle Eastern cuisines.

Given the amount of trade between the Ottoman Empire and the Indian subcontinent, it's not a bad theory that it spread that way. Another theory I've seen is that it evolved from an ancient Greek dish hitting () but this one I've seen fewer mentions of.

When all your bread has been coated place it under the grill of your oven for about 3-5 minutes until it has crisped up and the oil has been absorbed I was working on a quick vinaigrette dressing for some subs, and it consisted of: oil, garlic, red wine vinegar and some fresh herbs.

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I decided to use my hand blender to buzz up the garlic and herbs and mix everything, and at the last second decided to sprinkle in some xanthan gum to keep it emulsified. After about 2 seconds of blending on high speed, it turned white and basically became an eggless mayonnaise.

For example, let's say I have a drink that has fruity notes at the forefront, but a bit of baking spice underneath. My father has been obsessed with making Pizza lately. He's been doing it for a couple of months now.

He's been tweaking things here and there meticulously. But I can't help but think it's the temperature that needs to be higher. It's a tradition in my family to make what we call ice cream cakes for birthdays.

My daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks, and she loves paint pouring and mirror glazes are like an edible version. I was thinking of making the cake like normal (bake cakes, freeze ice cream, layer, use buttercream instead of whipped cream, freeze solid) but doing a mirror glaze on the top of it.

Wouldn't a fine dice be more effective for extracting the onion's flavor? If the worry is separating the small cuts of onion from the sauce, wrapping the small diced onion in cheesecloth would probably do the trick.

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Today I was making tiny meatballs and poached chicken for my dog (don’t judge me, it’s cheaper than dog treats, and she likes it more). I poached the chicken first and then keeps the liquid in a measuring cup next to me while I cooked the meatballs.

Then, after the last batch I deg lazed the pan out of habit and added some flour to make a gravy and was cooking and adding stock for several minutes before I realized that this was dog food... what am I doing? ETA: we are spending a quiet Christmas physically distanced from relatives.

Hours d' oeuvre: Blini with beetroot fluid gel, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, and dill. Appetizer 2: venison loin with ruled pearl onions, pan-roasted carrots, microgreens, and grape fluid gel.

Main course: sous vide duck breast an l'orange with Somme purée, honey glazed carrots, candied orange peel and orange fluid gel. Dessert: white chocolate mousse and raspberry sorbet on a crunchy pastry layer, topped with candied orange peel.

Edit: for the people that for some reasons do not believe someone, and need hard proof before they're willing to take anything for granted, here are the (not so beautiful) pictures of my meal yesterday, the dessert is not included, sorry, but as you can see the plates are the same (except for the duck, I used a different one there, and I also used clean plates for every course, don't worry), and the table cloth is also the same, if people still think I'm lying, I honestly don't know what to say lol. I went to Kroger for some things today, and I hear over the intercom “from now until 3pm, everything in the meat and seafood case is half off listed price”... “Holy shit”, I thought, made a quick U turn and get over there with about 3 people already being helped and 1-2 ahead of me.

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I get up to the counter, ask for 3lbs of shrimp (already on sale for $6.99/lb so down to $3.50), pepper bacon (got 3.25lbs for $2.50lb), and then I see 2 whole rib roasts and ask what they're priced at, and he said “they're on sale for $6.97/lb, so that'd be like $3.50/lb”...he weighs it, right around 20lbs, I do my mental math, figure that's $70, done deal! Just glad I didn't spring for the whole rib roast at Costco a couple of days ago (~$11/lb).

I didn’t mean to be aggressive or anything haha I was just sharing a tip that I really enjoy. I wanted to cook a whole pork tenderloin and serve it with some honey butter glazed carrots and generic store biscuits that I had in the fridge.

My tenderloin was wrapped snug in its aluminum foil, with a little leakage, but not enough to make me worried, and the biscuits looked biscuit and delicious. At some point in the 3 minutes since I had looked through the oven door the carrots had gone from nice and tender to shriveled and dry, and the glaze was burnt and hard as a rock.

Oh, well I thought, and hurried to throw some canned corn on the stove top. I’m really disappointed in what I have cooked, and really just want to hear some of you all’s horror stories, so I don’t feel like I should just stop cooking altogether.

The two are married because cookies, although enjoyed throughout the year, are especially shared by family, friends, and even co-workers during the holidays. However, the issues that occur in cookie sheets that make they’re replacing necessary are things like warping, staining, sticking, and overall wear.

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It contains a non-stick surface coating that makes foods release easily during cooking and in the cleanup process. These 100 percent aluminum sheets feature a 10-year warranty and a no rust promise.

Before initial baking, the sheets must be conditioned with a teaspoon of cooking oil Scratches easily, so only plastic utensils should be used There are slight surface marks or abrasions, this, however, will not affect the performance of the non-stick coating Rachael Ray China is a 10-piece latte brown set with gripped cranberry heat safe red handles.

They are made of durable carbon steel with edges on the baking sheets and pans that are rolled which is effective in preventing warping. The set is part of the greater China collection, so they maintain the style and functionality of the wider well thought Rachael Ray China kitchen design pattern with enough variety to be the solution for pans, and in particular, baking pans.

Unique style and color Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit Has all essential pans for cooking different items The Nordic Ware natural aluminum commercial baker’s half sheet is a traditional half sheet pan made by a venerable food supply company.

It is the company’s commercial bakeware, so it far exceeds the durability of the standard home baking pan. The edges are large, so the entire perimeter is a handle, and the light color aids in preventing excessive browning.

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This 3-piece baking pan set from Unite Chef is made from 18/0 food grade stainless steel and has no toxic coating making it very safe for your family. These pans are not just for cakes, but can also be used for brownies, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, cornbread, and many others.

No toxic coating Made of 18/0 food grade stainless steel Easy cleanup and dishwasher safe It is constructed of thick gauge 3004 aluminum, so it delivers perfectly with even heating and has excellent browning propensity.

Additionally, the rolled edges prevent the pan from warping during use, and its 10 gauge construction also makes food release easily. It is fully aluminum constructed and has the unique quality of often being used for freezer or display case duties.

Being sturdy and lightweight also means that it has the capacity to cook plenty of items in one process without becoming cumbersome. This three-piece set is constructed of steel, but with aluminum, coating to aid in heat distribution.

The pans have edges that are reinforced by being rolled creating a sturdy cylinder around the entire perimeter of the usable surface. This added strength allows the pan to be handled easily while preventing warping due to use.

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This extensive set is offered by Clifton, a worldwide leader in cookware for commercial and home use. The bakeware set is completely dishwasher safe and incorporates a heavy-duty gauge steel core and features many additional layers of a uniquely applied non-stick coating.

If you add that fact that baking sheets come in many sizes (and sometimes shapes), it’s easy to see why making a choice can be overwhelming for some, especially for those who are just starting out. Whether you go for stainless steel or aluminum baking sheets remember that you have to ensure that the baking sheet you choose fits just right in your oven, and what you will be using it for.

I know I am tired of buying what I think will be a quality baking sheet, then 10 minutes after I put it in the oven, I hear a loud pop. The set comes with a multitude of pans and options that will offer great flexibility when you want to try a new recipe.

Even though many people do not give too much of a consideration for what they want in a pan when they begin to bake, eventually when they become proficient, equipment will mean everything. There are a tremendous amounts of options on the market, so this list represents the best makers and in many cases, the most prominent chefs endorsing and designing them.

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