"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Banging On Pots And Pans For New Years

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 10 min read

When I did get to midnight, my parents handed me a pot and a wooden spoon. We'd go outside and run around the house, banging on our pots and pans with our spatulas and wooden spoons, hollering like crazy people.

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It comes from an old superstition, people would make noises with their pots and pans to ward away evil spirits. To chase away the Devil and evil spirits, and so begin the New Year afresh.

Though, rather than bash the kitchenware, we usually set off fireworks to do the same thing. Research conducted by many important doctors in many important universities in many cities (with electricity and running water) point to the conclusion that “pot banging occurs primarily in places where there is a shortage of firecrackers to bring in the New Year.

Scared the c*** out of my cats one was too young to remember it last year and the other was not born yet. Also, if you eat a mince pie (tiny ones if you don't like them like me with lots of whipped cream) for the 12 days of Christmas it brings good fortune for the year.

I give in, why do people bang pots and pans on New Year's Eve? To make noise to scare away evil spirits for the new year.

Also, fireworks & some places shoot off guns (not a good idea- what goes up must come down) It's silly, but it's fun. Certain people, coming from certain countries have different beliefs in celebrating the new year... some spray water to passersby (I think this is in Thailand); most have fireworks (US, China, and practically the rest of the world); in Japan they have this big bell where they have to hit it with for like 108 times (they believe this will remove the 108 sins, or something)...

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Banging pots and pans, may have been derived from the idea that one needs to make loud noises during the new year to drive away bad spirits (one of the reasons for having firecrackers during the celebrations of Chinese new year). Some simply do it to welcome the new year with a bang (pun intended, of course).

Lol u need to change your question to why do I lol never heard of anything like that before heard bout a plant pot or something like that u throw out of the window but now days u could get sued We let off whopping big fireworks for about half an hour, starting at mid-night.

Pioneer Woman at Heart: Banging on Pots and Pans ~ Bringing in the New Year One Flourishing, Frugal and Fun Family! One mother making ends meet and surviving today's recession by writing.

My 17 year-old helped a lot with this year's cookie tradition. She also wanted to add a “lemon” cookie to our baking this year.

Thank goodness my son re-stocked the wood pile. I went and got myself a head cold, and am sorry I didn't get my elderberry elixir made yet. I tend to get grouchy. I was actually up early this morning, searching pattern sites for a baby blanket for my brother and his wife.

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I guess it was to help with cut backs that they are still dealing with. Unfortunately for them, my kids (and myself) would have visited often this Christmas school break, and gave them business.

Louis was super excited about my whisks and ice cream scoop. I also grabbed a wooden spoon and a plastic measuring cup.

Making sure to have a few different materials to bang the pots with: metal, plastic, rubber, and wood. Louis happily pounded on the pots to make as much noise as he could.

He did hit the pots to hear their noise a little, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. Not only do I find this simple activity superfast to put together (these are items readily available and absolutely no prep is required), but I love the most is that the child is in charge.

I received a comment on the Block Towers post regarding these non-battery toys that I find necessary to share: “(…) Many electronic toys that purport to teach music or the alphabet actually just make noise every time the child touches it.

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The simple toys are often the most straight forward and obvious items, like these pots and pans, or blocks, or even baby food ! As kids, way back when, Christmas was a big day for us, Santa, Sleigh Bells, music, eating with family and friends, and of course, presents were the prize of the holiday.

It was a holiday with no cares and since Christmas took up all the visiting family stuff, Hoosiers was more relaxed. Wearing pajamas, animal slippers, and paper hats with elastic chin bands which were always too tight, we endured the wait and counted the seconds to midnight while in the living room watching TV and goofing off.

About a half hour before the ring in, we picked out our gear to bang out the old and clamber in the new. When midnight finally came, we grabbed the pots, pans, and spoons that Mom had gathered from the cupboards, and ran out onto the front lawn to wallop them as hard as we could.

The louder we bashed the metal noisemakers the more we laughed and went silly wacky. Just gleeful childhood kooky madness that took us to that New Year celebration zone.

He would make jokes, scream, yell, run after us, and then laugh over and over just because he could. Poppers and Sparklers were the fireworks du jour, and they were a big deal.

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They lasted a long time back then too, much longer than today’s sparklers. Instead of Smokey The Bear, we had a big old metal bucket filled with water where we dunked them.

Dad would turn on the lawn sprinklers after we all went inside, but basically, that was that. By the time I graduated from high school the Dick Clark Hoosiers Eve show unfolded and set its place in history, and the midnight kiss came into fashion along with the dumping of animal slippers and donning sandals or Frye boots.

* Maybe a new pair of shoes or a new record made me happy too, who am I kidding here *, but the basics are still there. I count myself lucky in the memory of those days, and they are irreplaceable and are embedded in my heart and reflections.

Needless to say, the political atmosphere has raised issues that I have never dealt with before; and I suspect that no one else has either. I feel that the veil has been lifted on much and the “go” sign is ready for taking on more of life’s rides for next year’s adventures.

With all the above, the inner peace of mind was sure hard to reach at times, but luckily the vortex of heated conversations and decision-making didn’t swirl me in and I feel very good about the outcome. Being angry doesn’t solve anything, but I believe being resourceful in perception was useful and wise in order to bear down some issues at hand during 2017.

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I also noticed this year my reactionary personality has turned to reason a bit more, but maybe not enough for some. When I think about it, my parents in their day of struggles, probably used those pots and pans as a way of dispensing frustrations of the year and celebrating the hope of a great new one ahead.

My parents did well hiding the bad when we were little to embed those good times in me, but with each year came maturing and age. This being the last post on Tales for the year 2017 is one of my reflections of life’s giving.

Resolutions, future aspirations, goals are made to make due to a better person. May it be filled with wonderful long roads, trails, rides, and wrong way signs just so you can make those turns with curiosity and amazement.

Marvel in the day and make memories to savor a lifetime. Finally, everyone has pots and pans, so get them out and make loud noises of leaving the past to enter the next year with hope for a better world and lots of love to make it perfect and worthy.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission from select products purchased on this page. If you’re like many people, you probably have one or more warped frying pans annoying the heck out of you each time you cook.

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The key reasons frying pans get warped are: rapid heating and cooling, pots being made of thin or soft metals, or a mismatch between the stove burner size and pan size. The risk of frying pans warping is reduced by cooling them down properly before washing, preheating on low heat, cooking on medium heat, placing them on appropriate-sized burners and using thicker or triply pans.

Warping occurs due to the differing expansion and contraction rates of a metal’s structure. Frying Pans Made of Soft Metals The type of metal the pan is made of plays an important role in determining whether it will warp or not.

Soft metals such as aluminum and copper, if used enough times are likely to warp if the pan is thin walled. Harder and more resistant metals, such as carbon or stainless steel, will not warp as easily.

Empty Frying Pans Placed on High Heat If an empty frying pan is placed on high heat it runs the risk of warping. Some good choices for frying pans are iron, carbon or steel and copper mix frying pans due to their good heat conductivity properties which prevents warping.

If the manufacturers are able to replace the warped pan then that’s arguably better than any DIY solution. Purchase a rectangular piece of wood from your local hardware store, and cut to fit the diameter of the pan.

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Some hardware stores will agree to cut the wood to the required length. In the meantime, take care not to burn yourself, use a pot holder to remove the pan from the stove.

Set the hot pan down on a level and durable surface such as a work bench or a stair. When the pan has cooled stop banging the mallet on the piece of wood.

Rotate the wooden piece a few degrees each time if necessary to evenly flatten the entire surface of the pan. Frying pans tend to wear out from repeated warping and warping and eventually need to be replaced by new pans.

Good high quality cookware comes in the shape of carbon, iron and stainless steel and copper mix pans Avoid Placing a Hot Pan in Cold Water To ensure your frying pan doesn’t warp, always allow it to cool before placing it under cold water. Although manufacturers may state that they use the most durable materials to manufacture your frying pan and the chances of warping are pretty low, placing a hot cookware under cool water could still cause warping.

Avoid Overheating the Frying Pan Some people tend to heat their frying pans to high heat to cut down on the cooking time. Stainless steel is good at holding heat, so overheating the pan actually causes you to burn food.

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Try cooking on low-to-medium heat to prevent burning the food and warping the pan. It doesn’t help that some heat will conduct up the sides of the pan, keeping the outer edge warmer than the middle.

When the two metals expand at different rates warping is bound to occur. This pan has a magnetic base which ensures quick heat transfer and is resistant to warping.

A heat-resistant handle helps to keep hands from burning during cooking. This frying pan has a heavy gauge aluminum construction and a titanium nonstick coating.

It also has riveted silicon handle which makes cooking easier and safer. This is a non-stick skillet set which has hard-anodized aluminum construction for durability and excellent cooking performance.

Amazon customers find this skillet set working well even after 3-4 years of daily use. This frying pan cookware with its hard-anodized aluminum construction allows fast and even heating and easy cleaning.

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