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Bdo Can Cooking Utensils Be Repaired

James Smith
• Tuesday, 04 October, 2022
• 7 min read

The Subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. Now I know that you can't repair cooking utensils but surely there are better options then the base utensil because I go through one of them every 20 minutes which really makes it hard to AFK cook.

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While exploring the world of Black Desert your equipment will begin to lose durability as you use it to fight monsters and gather items. To repair your equipment you will need to find a blacksmith found in most towns and cities or use a personal anvil which you can place in your home.

If this occurs the items' durability will be permanently decreased. There is a very small chance that the max durability will be repaired when visiting a blacksmith.

To unlock it, you must examine the Anvil next to the Celia blacksmith to gain the knowledge. In BDO, cooking is a highly useful life skill that can earn you a lot of silver if done correctly.

You also need to know what materials are required to make foods and drinks since, unlike other games, your character does not learn recipes. Just open up the map, go into the town where you want to get a residence, and start clicking on the house icons.

When you find a house with the residence option that’s in a location you like, you then simply need to buy it with contribution points. In the image below you see the location of a residence in Celia you can get for a single contribution point.

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That house in the red circle has a residence for a single contribution point and is located close to the central market in Celia. The red text you see only shows if you don’t have enough free contribution points.

The size or location of the residence itself doesn’t really matter in regard to cooking, only that you have one. After you have invested in a residence you need to buy (or make) a cooking utensil.

The basic utensil has no bonuses and 100 durability points, while the Bale nos Traditional Cooking Utensil has 500 durability points, but it gets a penalty of increased cooking time of +5 seconds each batch. The other utensils are listed below, showing both their durability and the cooking time adjustment.

When you have acquired a cooking utensil you need to place it inside your residence. While inside your residence, press the P button to access placement mode.

You now need to place the exact amount of each material for a single batch of whatever you intend to cook. If you place fewer materials than required in the boxes, the batch might fail depending on your skill.

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While it is supposed to be possible to place less than the optimal recipe when your cooking skill is really high, I haven’t quite found the benefit of it yet as I still fail a few times (at Master 5) and those failures generally cost more than the materials I try to save. Once you have selected the raw materials and entered the correct amount you can choose to run a single batch or go for continuous production.

If you want to run multiple batches you can press “Continuous Production” and then max. As an example, to run 500 beer production batches you would need 2500 grains of the same kind, 500 sugars, 1000 leavening agents and 3000 water in your inventory.

You would then place 5 grains, 1 sugar, 2 leavening agents and 6 water into the windows as seen above. It should show 500 runs and when you press “OK” your character will start cooking 500 batches of beer.

Note that as your cooking skills go up you will start getting more of your product out of each batch in addition to a blue version of it which usually last for a longer time and is more valuable. You also get extra dishes which give rewards, which are contribution points, cooking experience, beer, milk, and silver if turned in to certain NPC’s.

These are the Canapé costume set and the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes. This is however dependent on the enhancement level ranging from just a time reduction of -1 second for non-enhanced clothes, up to +30% increase to experience and -7 second time reduction for +5 enhanced clothes.

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Jeff bread is also useful for coking as you reduce the mixing time by 0.6 second when you eat it. The lowest cooking time you can get in Black Desert Online is a single second.

For example, the Bale nos cooking utensil would end up taking 3.7 seconds each batch. As I mentioned your character doesn’t need to search for recipes to learn them.

You just need to put in the correct type and amount of material to cook something. To increase your mastery score further you need to equip special accessories and clothing.

Higher end knives will have brass rivets, and are just beautiful. If you're the type to put a knife away wet, or leave it in the kitchen sink, then older knives aren't for you.

The blade will rust, the handles will split from being wet, and you'll ruin a 50-year-old knife in a month. Rust can be removed, handles can be restored or replaced, and as long as there is life left in the blade, you can have a razor sharp knife that will make chopping and cooking at least 3 times as fun.

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If you're feeling ambitious and want to make your own knife instead of restoring, check out these Intractable: Search local flea markets first, then try second hand stores or Craigslist, and then antique shops or eBay.

If the knife has a decent weight to it and feels balanced when you pick it up, that's good. The blade of a full tang knife will have metal that extends to the back of the handle, usually with brass rivets holding the wood scales in place.

A magic combination is an old knife with surface rust but no deep pitting (especially near the edge), with wood handles that aren't split, and with a blade that still has some life left in it. You can still get them sharp, but they turn into thin fillet knives, not the chef's knife they were intended to be.

Cracks in wood handles can be repaired, and even re-handling a knife isn't that difficult if you have basic tools. If there is a stamping on the blade, or an etching, or any logo on the handle, you will be able to identify the knife and see if its worth anything.

On a knife from the east, you may not be able to read the characters, but chances are it's worth grabbing if it's cheap. I recommend buying a few of these knives to practice sharpening, the rest or the restoration process is pretty straightforward.

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The advantage here is that it's not as abrasive as sanding, which helps preserve the maker's mark stamped in the blade, and it will even remove rust in hard to reach places. Pour a few tablespoons of citric acid powder in a tall container, fill it with warm water, and submerse the blade of the knife.

Scrub the knife down with a coarse sponge or fine steel wool, and continue soaking until the rust is gone. This will remove any grime, but it won't take away as much of the patina that the wood has inherited over the years.

It takes a long time, especially in tight places, but I like the results and the finish, and there's no worry about removing too much wood and changing the original shape of the handle. After the handles are sanded (along with the metal rivets and tang), it's ready for oil.

I always leave the sharpening step for last, because even with tape on the edge, it's still possible to cut or stab yourself when refinishing the handles. If the edge of the blade isn't straight, if it's chipped or the tip is broken, it will take a bit of shaping before you can begin sharpening it.

For damaged blades, it's usually necessary to start with very coarse stones to get the edge profile back into shape. To fix this, hold the blade normally and try to cut through the sharpening stone like you were slicing bread.

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This will remove metal from the high spots, but it will completely dull the edge. Bevel both edges of the blade by holding the knife almost flat on the stone.

Continue sharpening on the coarse stones until it feels sharp all the way down the edge. If one part needs more work (the curve of the tip), focus on sharpening that area.

If you value the knife at all, be very wary of someone using grinders to sharpen as they can easily remove way too much material from the blade, which will drastically shorten its life. I had a bad experience with the local knife sharpening truck and after that I vowed to do it myself.

A carbon steel knife needs special care, otherwise it will discolor and rust very easily. Store knives upside down in a knife block, so the cutting edge isn't touching anything.

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