"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Air Fryer Insignia

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Want to eat healthier without giving up the decadence of fried foods? By circulating hot air, this air fryer creates a crispy outer layer that locks in moisture.

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Sort most RelevantMost Helpfulness RecentOldestHighest RatingLowest Rating I am a 1st time owner of an air fryer, so I used my gut and double-checked on YouTube for recipes.

My chicken wings were cooked in 1/2 the time they would in a conventional oven. I've cooked fish, potatoes and veggies in this air fryer, and I am pleased with the results.

The unit is easy to clean, but then again I use aluminum foil at the bottom of the basket. I spotless the unit before cooking, but noticed the smell.

We are really happy to read that you are enjoying cooking with this air fryer ! Thank you for choosing our brand to enter the exiting world of healthier food with this air fryer, and please know that you are always welcome to contact us on the link below, if you have any question about your product.

First air fryer I've ever used; it's efficient, portable, and can suffice for various things ovens are needed for. The heat goes up to 500 degrees, and no liquid of any kind is needed together with the food being baked or fried.

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The downsides to it is that the main basket is not as big as it could only properly handle about five drumstick (or two chicken breast). The cooking compartment can contain about 10 drumsticks; however, the heat will not circulate properly on all the meat.

I even successfully prepared a frozen burger patty in my air fryer ! Wife and I went to check it out in Best Buy purchase Air Fryer for $50.00 and it's Awesome we love it.

Please know that if you ever happen to need assistance, you can reach us at the link below! After reading reviews and investigating these for a while I finally bought this when it was on sale, and I am SO glad I did.

Report Brand response from InsigniaCustomerSupport We appreciate the time you took out of your day to review our Digital Air Fryer. I am glad to read this unit is working as expected and you are getting the best out of it.

But it did surprise me as I can easily grill fish, steak and all other meats with easy touch. Love this small unit for one to two person portion of easy cooking.

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If you want to eat healthier without giving up all your favorite fried foods, look no further than the Insignia digital control air fryer. By circulating hot air, this air fryer creates a crispy outer layer that locks in moisture.

The technology cooks your food using little to no oil, resulting in a tasty, healthier alternative to deep-frying. A preprogrammed menu provides cook times and temperatures for a variety of foods, and its large capacity gives you plenty of space to prepare favorites for the whole family.

Cooked perfectly- so much better than in the oven and without stinking up the house like the hot oil fryer. I thought air fryers were just really trendy and did not care to purchase one.

We are so happy to read that you are enjoying this air fryer model so much. We know that eating healthy while saving time on it, is really important for many of our customers and so, we hope that you can keep finding recipes to try on this model.

While cooking baby carrots in it using the French Fry preset, it was almost done, and then the timer suddenly jumped to 22 minutes. Report Brand response from InsigniaCustomerSupport Thanks for sharing a comment.

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In the beginning I thought it would be difficult to use and that it would dry my food out. Surprisingly, it’s really easy to operate and it keeps the food flavored after its complete.

I would recommend this to a friend Report Verified Purchase It’s a bit heavy and sturdy I love the overall appearance.

Warmed up leftover pot roast and it was better than first time. Bakes biscuits perfectly and faster than it takes to preheat our oven.

It was great to be able to cook 4 burgers or a few pieces of fish at one time. The digital display is great as well as the easy cleaning of the cooking tray.

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