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Best Air Fryer Large

James Smith
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Even if you don’t own an air fryer, you can’t have failed to notice the number of them on the shelves at big box outlets. There certainly is and in today’s large -capacity air fryer reviews, we’ll be showing you all the best appliances if you’re looking to feed a big family or cater for dinner parties or gatherings.

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If you spot a model slightly smaller than this, make sure it will give you enough latitude for the amount of cooking you plan to perform. Browse our reviews first for an impartial snapshot of all the leading large capacity air fryers.

Well, invest in the Cuisinart TOA-60 and you also get the advantage of a countertop convection oven so you can broaden your repertoire and menu considerably. This will allow you to toast 6 slices of bread, air fry 3 pounds of chicken wings, or roast a 4-pound turkey.

You can even bake a whole 12-inch pizza giving you everything you need for a dinner party or a meal with the whole family. Despite this interior real estate, the Cuisinart is pretty compact measuring up at 15.5 × 16 × 14 inches so it won’t dominate your entire kitchen counter.

The timer baked in is adjustable through 60 minutes and comes with an auto shut-off function for safety’s sake. Regular baking and broiling functions along with warming and toasting complete a comprehensive package in one squat unit.

Multipurpose air fryer with 7 functions Generous 0.6 cubic feet capacity Easily adjustable 60-minute timer If you want a great deal of variety with cooking beyond air frying, the Ninja Food 9-in-1 is a mixed blessing.

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If you’re prepared to take a slight hit on functionality to get a broad range of basics done in one squat appliance, the Ninja makes perfect sense. Foods start at 5-quart capacity and move up through a wide choice of configurations until you hit the 8-quart beast here.

You can easily cater for a small gathering or a large family with this powerful, spacious unit. From steaming and broiling through to cooking layered meals, this simple piece of kit is a true bonus.

Once you’re done, it’s safe to put the basket in the dishwasher so you won’t need to do anything except wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. This air fryer might be a jack of all trades and master of none, but it still makes great fried food and much more with a fraction of the cooking oil.

Great variety of applications Broad spread of sizes available Reversible rack thrown in Capacity of the Plus model is a generous 27.4 quarts making it the largest air fryer on our list today.

The stainless steel housing is durable and smear-resistant, while all plastic components are free of FOA along with all other common contaminants. If you’re looking for a huge air fryer that also gives you the option of cooking using many other methods, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, the cost-effective Instant OFNI is a must.

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Roomy enough to cook for all the family Great functionality married to ease of use Racks, pans, and rotisserie split bundled Nowise USA dials it back slightly so you get 8 cooking applications allowing you to fry, grill, bake, and roast with a fraction of the oil you’d normally use.

An alarm sounds in increments of 5, 10, and 15 minutes so you don’t forget to shake your food. 8 presets allow you to experiment with much more than air frying without needing to hustle out and pick up any new appliances.

If you’re shopping for a large capacity air fryer on a budget, the Nu wave Trio should be one of the first models you check out. The Air Flow design gives those fried delicacies the golden crispness you crave without the calories.

Starting at a super-low 100F, you can crank the heat all the way up to 400F so you can take care of pretty much any recipe you’d normally throw in a deep-fat fryer. Rely on the 6 presets to get all your favorite foods on the go by doing nothing more than popping it inside and punching a single button.

What it does, though, is performed multiple cooking functions to a high standard in a single space-saving unit ideal for small kitchens in apartments, dorms, or RVs. If you’re looking to air fry, this unit lets you dispense with 75% of the cooking oil without losing out on those crispy golden results.

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Enjoy fries that are still tasty but not dripping in oil or a roasted chicken that won’t blow you diet. Capacity gives you the freedom to roast a whole chicken while the rotisserie function ensures it’s cooked to a crisp while remaining tender.

A 1-year warranty gives you some peace of mind and is reasonable for an air fryer at this price point. While you should find this appliance robust enough, a few dissatisfied users have complained vocally about the heating element giving up the ghost.

With this iteration, you can air fry, dehydrate, roast, broil, bake, reheat, proof, and toast. Proprietary Even Crisp technology gives you the power to cook with complete consistency at the push of a button.

This air fryer doesn’t need reheating either so you can get right down to business as soon as you step inside the door. Cook up a storm for a large group in a single session so you can enjoy the rest of the evening instead of sweating in the kitchen.

This 10-in-1 countertop unit lets you air fry, dehydrate, roast, bake, toast, and grill. Temperature range is impressive and gives you ample scope to cook all your favorite recipes.

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The Rapid Air Frying tech onboard lets you use up to 85% less oil so you’ll get no food splattered round your kitchen and you won’t need to worry about your waistline or missing out on your favorite fried treats. This oversized 6-quart cooker gives you the freedom to cook for a large family without taking over the whole kitchen counter.

We’ve highlighted how much space is inside each of the air fryers we review so you can compare them at a glance. After all, it’s no use investing in a stellar air fryer with a hug capacity if you don’t have adequate space on the kitchen counter.

Just make sure you find an air fryer that’s easy for you to use or it will end up gathering dust in the cupboard. You shouldn’t get hung up on numbers here, but you should make certain that you won’t be left unable to cook your favorite dishes.

Next is one of the most important elements, and another area you need to personalize if you want the most appropriate large capacity air fryer. For anyone attracted to other cooking methods like baking, broiling, roasting, rotisserie ovens, and more, there’s a great deal of choice with multipurpose models.

We review some exceptions above, but we’d advise you not to obsess over cooking applications unless you know you’ll make good use of them. Take a moment to explore the safety features of all the models on your shortlist so you can cook with confidence.

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Racks are handy and widen your cooking options substantially if you have a multipurpose air frying allowing you to create baked goods. Rotisserie attachments give you the chance to rustle up a delicious roasted chicken that’s delightfully brown on the outside but remarkably succulent on the inside.

Check out what other pans or recipe books are on offer but don’t let this dominate your buying decision. We’ll round out for the day with the most frequently asked questions about these versatile appliances.

While there’s no fixed rule for what constitutes a large capacity air fryer, 6 quarts is generally considered the benchmark. In our case, we’ve also included a 5.8-quart model as we felt it merited inclusion and it’s roughly the right size.

If you need to cook for more than 5 people, look for a much larger capacity model like a handful we review above. For larger families of 5 people or more, you should look for an air fryer with a minimum cooking capacity of 6 quarts or so.

If you spot a model we don’t cover today, just refer to our air fryer buying guide and you can make your own mind up. Bookmark Foodie&Tours before you head off and pop back soon as we have much more on the slate over the coming months.

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