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Best Air Fryer Small

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Before, nobody could have imagined cooking up a plate of french fries without adding a couple of inches to their waistline. This handy little kitchen device practically ensures a healthy meal three times a week.

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Super-heated air is circulated inside a tiny cooking chamber which eliminates the need for added fats without ruining the flavor. If you’re a student, living on your own, or don’t need a massive air fryer toaster oven at home, then you’ll want to see the list of the top 15 bestsmallairfryer models I’ve compiled below.

In this post, I’ve defined smaller fryers as any model that comes with a 5-quart or smaller cooking basket. This should be sufficient for a small group of two to three people or a hearty meal for a single person.

Released in 2010, the main selling point of air fryers is their ability to cook foods to the perfect oneness and crispiness without using tremendous amounts of oil, butter, or margarine. Today, you’ll encounter dozens of brands, from the well-known (Instant Pot, Cuisinart, BLACK+DECKER) to the obscure (Ninja Food), all putting in their own twists on air frying technology.

The good news is a lot of them work at a spectacular level and deliver on the same low-fat promise of high-quality air -frying. If you don’t have the time or patience to go through the in-depth reviews of each of these 15 models, then feel free to consult this handy comparison chart.

It leaves a very tiny footprint, giving you more room to prepare ingredients before tossing them into the 2-quart basket. Despite being a small model, its basket is spacious enough to allow proper airflow around your meat or vegetables to give it that extra crisp that only air -frying can provide.

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Wattage1700Capacity (quarts)2Temperature Range (°F)170 to 400Timer (minutes)60Temperature and Timer ControlAnalog DialDimensions (inches)12.6 × 12.6 × 14.5Weight (pounds)12Included AccessoriesBasket separatorSpecial FeaturesDual Fans, Heatproof Handle Pros Delicious-tasting foods Suitable for more than three people Awesome fat-collection tray This compact model uses a tiny motor that draws a lot less power compared to traditional toaster ovens and most air fryers.

This means the Carol can be your go-to cooking appliance for crispy fries with less energy consumption. Like the previous model, there are only two dials that control how this works, but the heating function does tend to wear down over time.

Wattage800Capacity (quarts)2.2Temperature Range (°F)180 to 400Timer (minutes)60Temperature and Timer ControlAnalog DialDimensions (inches)11.2 × 11.2 × 14.2Weight (pounds)6.6Included AccessoriesRecipe BookSpecial FeaturesNone Pros Accurate thermometer and temp settings Retro design Auto-shutoff However, if you prioritize super- small baskets over everything else (perhaps you don’t plan on sharing your air fryer with anyone), then this is the best option.

Because the basket is so small, the oversized heating element and fan are able to circulate air inside the chamber more easily and quickly. The end result is a fantastic serving-for-one platter of fries, chicken wings, and roast vegetables.

Wattage1700Capacity (quarts)3.7Temperature Range (°F)180 to 400Timer (minutes)30Temperature and Timer ControlDigitalDimensions (inches)8 × 8 x 12Weight (pounds)14.2Included AccessoriesRecipe BookSpecial Features8 Cooking Presets Pros Comprehensive safety features Presets make cooking easier LED display As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, Philips was the first brand to introduce air fryers to the market, so it only makes sense that their models are several miles ahead of most of its competition.

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Wattage1700Capacity (quarts)2.75Temperature Range (°F)100 to 400Timer (minutes)30Temperature and Timer ControlDigitalDimensions (inches)10.5 × 11.3 × 14.4Weight (pounds)15Included Accessories2-level Rack, Grilling Tools, Recipe BookSpecial Features5 Cooking Recipes, TurboS tar Technology Pros Reliable brand Exact temperature Easy-to-clean basket The Bella is a cute smallairfryer that delivers on a very huge promise: crispy food every time you pull the basket out.

The digital control panels get rid of a lot of the guesswork and inaccuracy of setting cooking time and temp. This device has a moderately sized footprint but this is due to the large 3-quart cooking bucket within.

See how Jack makes moist chicken breasts with the Nu Wave Trio Hairdryer in his video review. Plus, take extra care of the nonstick basket (coating may peel off with light scrubbing).

Wattage1400Capacity (quarts)3.7Temperature Range (°F)200 to 400Timer (minutes)30Temperature and Timer ControlAnalog DialDimensions (inches)13 × 11 x 8Weight (pounds)8Included AccessoriesMulti-Rack, Mesh Basket, Baking Special FeaturesNone Pros Advanced safety features Multiple accessories mean increased cooking options Four color options This smallairfryer looks like it came from outer space and landed in our kitchens to prepare us amazing dishes that are out of this world.

It houses a massive 4-quart bucket that prepares meals for up to 5 people at once, and it uses easy digital controls for quick, reliable temp and timer settings. The unit is made almost entirely of plastic which does release a foul odor when in use, and it does have quite a large footprint for a 4-quart model.

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Here, we have another Philips model that goes the extra mile to ensure perfectly crunchy foods every time. And it even has a handy programmable preset setting where you can save your favorite/most-used cooking times and temp.

Wattage2100Capacity (quarts)3.5Temperature Range (°F)170 to 390Timer (minutes)60Temperature and Timer ControlDigitalDimensions (inches)12.4 × 16.6 × 11.9Weight (pounds)19Included AccessoriesRecipe BookSpecial FeaturesProgrammable Preset, Starfish Technology Pros High-power cooking beast Save your favorite preset This specific model has been endorsed by Chef Gordon Ramsay Here’s a tinier smallairfryer that small families or perhaps a group of college students might enjoy using.

This stylish device offers the basic quick-select cooking presets such as air -frying, reheating, and roasting. If you’re honeying for fruit chips, jerky, or any other dried munchies, the Ninja can and will provide.

An affordable price tag does not necessarily mean cheap quality if the Chef man Turbo Fry has anything to say. The simplistic yet elegant timer and temperature dials really make this all-black smallairfryer a beautiful thing.

Cons Touchscreen buttons make loud noises when pressed Need to toggle between time and temperature settings After looking at each of the bestseller fryers and reviews on the list above, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from each model.

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Take a minute to focus on the special features each brand offers to see whether you’re getting a good deal. When choosing an air fryer, be sure to pay attention to the amount of food it can hold in its cooking tray.

Deep fryers, on the other hand, should be measured by how much food and oil they can hold in their cooking vats. Some deep fryers, for example, come in very large sizes that can handle quite a lot of food at a time.

Short of putting in an industrial-sized deep fryer, you can feel free to purchase a big home model if you have enough counter space in your kitchen. If you prefer your fried food to have layers of crispy, oily crunch on the outside, then you’ll definitely want to stick to the deep fryer side of the spectrum.

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned with health benefits and preparing proper portion sizes of foods without needing too much oil, an air fryer is the better choice for you. It’s a sweet style, simplistic operation, and a sizable basket makes it worth the affordable investment.

This obviously depends on how much you can eat in one sitting, but in general, a family of two people can survive off of a 2-plus-quart air fryer. As for the smallairfryer models mentioned, if you don’t cut your pizza into bite-sized chunks beforehand, it won’t fit in the tiny cooking basket.

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However, anyone can benefit from an air fryer, and the promise of cooking crunchy foods without added fats only sweetens the deal. However, any of the bestseller fryers listed above should keep you satisfied and hungry for more low-fat yet crunchy air -friend goodness.

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