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Best Air Fryer Under 5000

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
• 8 min read

We evaluated each air fryer by making frozen, store-bought French fries, bone-in, skin-on chicken breast and prepared yellow cake from a mix to determine if the machine browned food well on the outside by the time it cooked inside and produced crispy texture on the outside. Extras like how aesthetically-pleasing the models were, how much noise they made while cooking, and how cumbersome they were to interact with were also measured as tiebreakers to separate the best machines from the regular does.

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Testers made french fries in the Nu Wave 37001 air fryer to find out whether air -fried food tastes like the real thing. That's the golden promise of air fryers, and it probably explains why, in the U.S., about 4 million were sold in just a year.

That represents a tenfold increase in two years, according to the market research firm NPD Group. A fan circulates hot air to quickly cook food in the basket from the outside in.

In the lab, more than two dozen models in our air fryer ratings turned out nicely cooked food, though staffers who sampled the results weren't fooled into thinking they were deep-fried. “Even when we held cooking times and temperatures constant, the results were very similar, with no discernible differences in taste,” says Caught.

“The real difference among air fryers comes down to convenience, so we designed our tests around that.” We evaluate capacity, how easy the controls are to read and use, noise levels, and how much elbow grease it takes to clean a model.

Here's a roundup of the six bestir fryers from CR's latest tests, listed alphabetically (not by rank order). It can slow down cooking and keep air from reaching all the food, giving you uneven results.

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CR's take: The shape of the Elite Platinum EAF-1506D air fryer makes it seem bigger than it is; its measured capacity is 3.4 quarts. The dials are fairly easy to read and use, but the nooks and crannies of the food basket make it tough to clean.

Its touch buttons and programmed settings are among the easiest to see and use, earning an Excellent rating in our assessment. The exterior’s crevices and the basket’s nooks and crannies take some effort to clean, however.

CR's take: Testers found that the 3-quart Ninja AF100's electronic controls with preprogrammed settings were also among the easiest to see and use, earning a rating of Excellent in our assessment of them. Like the bigger Nu Wave, the Trio has electronic controls with preprogrammed settings that are among the easiest to see and use of the tested air fryers, earning an Excellent rating.

CR’s take: The Nu Wave 37001 air fryer boasts a measured capacity of 5.8 quarts. This air fryer is on the noisy side, earning only a Good rating in our noise tests.

Some models solely offer air frying functionality, while others double as toaster ovens or have additional features such as dehydrating, baking and more. To help you find the perfect model for your needs, here’s our list of the bestir fryers available today, including the bestairfryer on the market in 2020.

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It has four preset settings for popular dishes, and it comes with a recipe book that includes directions for more than 200 air -fried foods. This air fryer also has a unique “keep warm” function, and its components are easy to clean thanks to their dishwasher-safe nonstick construction.

Capacity: 10 quarts Features: Minimal preheating time, simple touch controls Additional Functions: Roast, broil, bake, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate, rotisserie The Instant Vortex Pro air fryer offers a much larger capacity than other options on this list, sitting in at a hefty 10 quarts.

Capacity: 5.8 quarts Features: Start/stop button for changing mid-cycle, presets for popular dishes Additional Functions: Bake, grill, roast This large air fryer is available in four colors and has an impressive 5.8-quart capacity, and it features eight preset smart programs to help you cook fries, pizza, chicken, steak and more.

Capacity: .6 cubic ft interior Features: Adjustable thermostat with 60-minute timer, auto shut-off, toast shade selector Additional Functions: Bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, toast, warm Most air fryers have a basket design, but the Cuisinart Hairdryer Toaster Oven does things differently.

The Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air fryer is large enough to cook meals for a family, but not so big that it will commandeer your whole counter. This air fryer has a 6-quart capacity, and its sleek smudge-resistant stainless steel design will make an attractive addition to your kitchen, especially if your other appliances have the same finish.

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There’s even an inner light that allows you to monitor your food’s progress without opening the door, and the accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. However, there are a lot of Air Fryers in the market and a layman finds it difficult to pick the one which is best suited to all his needs.

At the end of the article, we have given a personal recommendation for the BestAirFryerunder5000 in India, according to us, so do not miss that out. Some Air Fryers come expensive while not delivering the expected performance.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of some top Air Fryers under 5k in India which will make the money you spend, worth it. A great option for those looking for a power saving air fryer that also requires low amounts of oil.

With 2.8L capacity, it can also intake a good amount of food in a single cook. This product also consumes 1400W of power only which means you'll be saving money in the long term as well.

Despite that, it can cook a decent amount of food at one time while requiring 80% less oil for doing so. A great option for those looking for a power saving air fryer that also requires low amounts of oil.

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With 2.8L capacity, it can also intake a good amount of food in a single cook. This product also consumes 1400W of power only which means you'll be saving money in the long term as well.

Despite that, it can cook a decent amount of food at one time while requiring 80% less oil for doing so. The Prestige 4.0 2.2L Hairdryer is nothing less than an example of how the brand offers high quality products to their users.

Along with these features, you get a 1-year warranty from the company which means that you are covered against any defects in the air fryer for a year. Another air fryer which you could try to cover your needs is the Glen 3044 1350-Watt Stainless Steel Hairdryer which helps you make food items such as burgers, snacks, chicken fries, etc by consuming less oil, thus keeping you fit.

Along with that, you also have an option to adjust the time as well as the temperature control knob, depending on whatever your cooking requirements are. To effectively complete all the tasks, the air fryer consumes only 1350 Watts power.

Another top-tier Hairdryer to have in your Arsenal is the Stop Hairdryer 2.6 Liter 1350-Watt with Smart Rapid Air Technology & Double Layer Grill which comes with a detachable basket and a pan. With this, you can easily move the food from the air fryer without any mess of natural oils or the crumbs.

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Furthermore, the air fryer also comes with a specially designed basket with high-quality non-stick coating which also comes with a safety switch. Furthermore, the Hairdryer has a compact design which means it can easily be accommodated in your kitchen as it will require less space.

Another bestAirFryer we have on the list is the Finals Hairdryer 2.9 L Fry Light with 1400-Watt and Smart Rapid Air Technology which has excellent features that will help you make cooking easier. It is a multi-purpose air fryer which helps you to bake, sauté, dry as well as grill your food.

Another important thing to consider before buying an air fryer is the cleaning and maintenance of your appliance. There is a different price range for different air fryers, depending on the brand as well as the features on offer to the users.

For better health, you could go for extra virgin Olive oil or grape seed. However, if you want to quickly cool down your air fryer, then all you need to do is take out the pan or the food basket from the fryer.

From the list, our personal recommendation is the Prestige Hairdryer PAF 6.0 because of all the features it offers to the users.

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