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Best Air Fryer Vortex

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 7 min read

If an appliance could deliver the delicious crispy taste of fried food without all that unhealthy oil, would you buy it? Plus, many models even cook food faster than regular ovens, making them a great option for busy households.

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To help you find the perfect model for your needs, here’s our list of the bestir fryers available today, including the bestairfryer on the market in 2020. It has four preset settings for popular dishes, and it comes with a recipe book that includes directions for more than 200 air -fried foods.

Most air fryers have a basket design, but the Cuisinart Hairdryer Toaster Oven does things differently. This air fryer and toaster oven combo has a wide temperature range of 80 to 450 degrees F, and it can accommodate up to 3 pounds of food at a time, including a 12-inch pizza.

Capacity: 2.6 quarts Features: Simple temperature and timer dial, auto shut-off Additional Functions: Bake This 8-in-1 appliance includes a special Crisping Lid that gives food a crispy, golden finish, and it has 14 safety features to prevent accidents while pressure-cooking and air frying.

Capacity: 6 quarts Features: Easy-to-read LED display, 6 built-in smart programs Additional Functions: Roast, broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate The Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air fryer is large enough to cook meals for a family, but not so big that it will commandeer your whole counter.

This air fryer has eight food-specific cooking modes, including settings for fries, fish, chicken, rotisserie and even cake. There’s even an inner light that allows you to monitor your food’s progress without opening the door, and the accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

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These greasy guilty pleasures have a special place in our hearts, but so much deep-fried food can give your body a real beating. If all this heavy food has you craving a slightly healthier twist any time you can get one, an air fryer might be your secret weapon.

With the touch of a button, an air fryer allows you to make all the foods above at a fraction of the fat content and calorie count. While all air fryers can crisp up your ingredients, differences between models range in terms of functionality and overall capacity.

Some are better for single-serving cooking, others have smart designs that can make meal prep hands-off and there’s a whole host of differences in between. The VortexAirFryer has eight simple touch controls, which makes cooking a breeze.

Four built-in smart programs go beyond just air -frying and can roast, bake and reheat food in a flash. Other benefits of the appliance that have won over past customers include its easy-to-clean basket as well as its spacious design that can hold large quantities of food, such as a whole 4-pound chicken.

It can also dehydrate fruits, crisp up pizza crust, act as a rotisserie for your proteins and bake desserts to perfection. It’s also scored extra points from past customers for its ease of use and sleek design.

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This design comes with eight preprogrammed settings to choose from, based on your ingredients (which include fries, steak, bacon, pizza, chicken, fish and shrimp). This design is larger than the other models on our list; it can feed three to five people in total and can hold upward of 6 pounds of food.

It’s also been named an Amazon’s Choice product, a special distinction for goods on the site that are highly rated, well priced and available to be shipped immediately. This dishwasher-safemodel is best known for its ability to help foodies enjoy healthier alternatives to fried foods that contain 75% less fat than traditional cooking methods.

This 11-in-1 toaster oven and air fryer from Instant Pot is the king of kitchen decluttering. Its large 26-liter capacity allows you to toast six pieces of bread at once, bake a 12-inch pizza or even roast a whole chicken.

Plus, it has an easy-to-use interface comprised of simple buttons and dials so you’ll be well on your way to becoming an air -frying pro. This 25-liter option from Chef man gives you plenty of space and seven ways to cook any meal you can think up.

It’s equipped with an auto shutoff function and dishwasher-safe components so cleaning is a breeze. They create a nice “fried” finish that your oven range can't compete with, as well as, reheating results that blow away the average microwave.

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Plus, an air fryer requires only a small amount of oil to make foods crispy with a fraction of the calories and fat of traditional cooking methods, like deep-frying. Our top performers air fried food to a crispy texture with a moist interior and were easy to use with large, easy-to-read controls that barely required the owner’s manual.

It scored the highest marks across the board for ease of use, thanks to its easy-to-use and -read buttons and clear owner’s manual. During our tests, the air fryer basket slid in and out easily, which made handling a breeze.

We’re fans of the basket’s slick, ceramic interior and removable tray, which makes it nonstick. The tray also fits snugly and securely on the bottom of the basket so you don’t have to worry about it falling out when you turn the food out onto a plate.

Both are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, even if you choose to hand wash. In addition to being easy to use, The Ninja Hairdryer Max XL scored the highest in performance.

The model we tested comes with a broiling rack for even quicker and juicier results and melty cheese. The different settings are programmed with unique maximum and minimum temperatures, so you can intuitively achieve different cooking results.

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One thing to keep in mind is its vented basket, which promotes air circulation, also allows for dripping if you don’t empty the grease buildup between rounds. The air fryer basket is large (6 quarts) and square, which creates more cooking space than its round competitors, making a smart home investment for a family.

We tested the pictured digital version, which not only made the most evenly-colored toast, but also the crispiest air fried food in the shortest amount of time. The rectangular 15.5 by 16-inch air fry rack offers a large cooking surface and sits atop a drip/crumb tray for easy cleanup.

The Color’s 3.7-quart square basket offers a lot of cooking space, especially compared to its round competitors. The control panel is loaded with presets that are programmed with recommended cooking temperatures and times, including a preheat option, which is not common on air fryers.

In our tests, the Color scored high for ease of use, and over 800 five-star reviewers on Amazon agree. Frozen fries required almost 10 minutes less than the manufacturer’s instructions, so keep an eye on the goodies you’re cooking.

The racks stack, which allow you to air fry thin and dehydrate up to four layers at a time. Our favorite feature of the Philips Premium Hairdryer is its compact shape that still cooks enough food for one to two portions.

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At 2.5 quarts, it’s the smallest of the Philips air fryers, which comes in XL and XXL sizes. In our tests, the lid helped make crisp frozen fries that were moist on the inside, not dried out and evenly golden.

It also allows for air frying greasy foods, such as sausages, which are not typically recommended in an air fryer because they can cause smoking. In addition to the lid, the Philips is very easy to use with a user-friendly control panel and four preset settings.

The Dash has a mechanical timer, which makes it a little tricky to program to the exact minute. We love that it comes in an assortment of colors that pop, unlike most air fryers on the market.

Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

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