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Best Air Fryer You Can Get

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Instead, they act as a small convection oven that circulates hot air around the food. We put the top air fryers on the market through rigorous testing, and we've determined our favorites.

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Size: Counter space is precious real estate, especially when you're dealing with a small kitchen. While air fryers are designed to fit neatly on your counter, consider how much space you have to spare when you go to purchase an air fryer.

It's important not to overcrowd the basket, so consider the size of your family when choosing an air fryer. If you're planning to use your air fryer to cook specific dishes, you may want to go with one that comes pre-programmed with that setting to make life a little easier.

Johnson rounded up top air fryers from popular brands including Philips, Cuisinart, Ninja, Hamilton Beach and more. “This airfryer's large, flat basket was key in producing an even crisp on the food's surface,” says Johnson.

The easy pull-out drawer allowed for smooth and secure motion when checking the food for oneness. The basket, drawer, and “fat reducer” heat plate are all dishwasher-safe, making for easy cleanup.

For less than half the price of the Philips air fryer, this model from Color makes for efficient crisping and even cooking every time. At 5.8 quarts capacity, Johnson was able to fit 9 to 10 nuggets and two servings of fries at a time.

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The sleek LED screen features a number of presets, plus displays for time and temperature. The only issue Johnson found with this unit was the condensation collected at the bottom of the basket and spilled on the counter when opened.

While this is frustrating, it can be easily overlooked for the airfryer's many features and efficient cooking abilities. Compared to the other air fryers tested, this one worked more quickly than others, helping to cut down on cook time.

The large holes of the crisper plate help to catch any fallen crumbs at the bottom of the basket. We would not recommend this air fryer to larger families, as it only fits one to two servings of food per basket.

For anyone living in an apartment or with limited counter space, this compact air fryer from Cuisinart is a great investment. “This air fryer also functions as a toaster oven and would fit easily under a cabinet without taking up too much space on a counter,” says Johnson.

And in terms of cleanup, the removable parts aren't dishwasher safe, and the mesh basket is a little hard to clean by hand. This air fryer would take some trial and error to get things just right, but overall it acts as an all-in-one appliance that's great for small kitchens.

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Buy It: Cuisinart Compact Hairdryer Toaster Oven, $80; Amazon But there are some other air fryers we tested that performed relatively well, although they had drawbacks that kept them out of the running for the final list.

As cute as it is, sadly Johnson found this compact air fryer to be ineffective in terms of even crisping. Out of all the air fryers we test, this one took the longest amount of time to fully cook the food.

Plus, the small holes in the basket didn't allow for the crumbs to effectively fall to the bottom, resulting in noticeable burnt bits. It is simple to use, but the cheap material suggests that it won't last very long,” says Johnson.

This unit would be best for a single person, as it only held about four to give nuggets at a time and one to two small portions of French fries. If you're a fan of convenience cooking and crispy foods, you may have found yourself perusing articles like, well, like this one, wondering if you should get yourself an air fryer (a.k.a.

On the other, they're incredibly efficient at heating (or reheating), and getting foods quite crispy and delicious without a lot of oil or mess. Though they're not necessarily for everyone, many home cooks swear by their air fryers and get daily use out of them.

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To figure out which air fryers are worth the investment, which features are worth seeking out, and exactly how much counter space it's worth devoting to one, the Country Living editors dug through the dozens of air fryers and air -fry-capable devices out there, and then selected seven of the most highly rated or best -selling ones, to test, and to figure out what we loved (or didn't love), to help you decide which, if any, to buy. Then we put each air fryer through a series of tests, seeing how long it took to get frozen French fries perfectly crispy, and how well and evenly it heated foods.

If you're regularly cooking for a family of five or prefer an uncluttered kitchen free from countertop devices, an air fryer probably isn't for you. In order to heat up quickly and cook foods fast, the basket or tray sizes tend to be small, and though it takes much longer to preheat, toucan cook more food all at once in the oven you probably already have.

In fact, they're great for when you're looking to cook something relatively quickly, but you want it to end up a little crunchier than it typically would in a microwave. Additionally, foods you might typically pan-sear like chicken thighs and pork chops cook quickly and end up tasting delicious when made in an air fryer.

Are better than toucan make baked, cook lightning quick, and need just the barest spritz of oil. Some air fryers come with lots of bells and whistles, like a Bluetooth app that lets you control the with your phone, or the ability to do things like dehydrate or even proof bread.

In general, we've found that the bells and whistles tend to distract from an airfryer's primary purpose. However, if there are deal-breaking features toucan 't live without, it's best to take note of them before buying.

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Amaranths bluetooth-enable smart fryer has a generous-sized basket, and takes up a little more than a square foot of counter space. It heats up roaring fast, and you may want to watch that it doesn't overcook food when using it.

Built like a classic toaster oven, this device doesn't actually claim to air fry at all. For the price, this sturdy, simple air fryer is one of the easiest and most robust choices out there.

Though the basket is designed more for one person than for two or three, it heats fries to a crisp quickly, cooks foods fast and thoroughly and has one of the smallest footprints out there. Without a digital dial, it's hard to be accurate with the timer and temp settings.

Amazon Cuisinart's official air frying convection cooker, this mini-oven boasts nice big dials, “bake” and “warm” functions, and can even broil. As the only machine with an internal light, it could even be used for proofing bread dough.

The basket glides out smoothly, the digital dial is precise and easy to use, and it cooks food quickly and evenly. This is one of the few machines that can easily cook for a family, too; we found it made four chicken thighs without crowding.

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Williams-SonomaWolf is known for very high-quality appliances, and this countertop oven comes with all the features you might expect at such a hefty price. Billed as more of a convection oven than an air fryer, it also has the ability to proof bread, roast meat, bake pies, broil, toast, and keep food warm (the timer can be set for up to four hours).

Our tests found it crisped food relatively slowly but heated meat quickly and accurately. If you're looking for a countertop replacement for an oven and money is no object, this is your tool.

Gliding trays make removing food easy. Our tests found it heats foods quite quickly (the insulation of the pot likely helps) and it still chips fries in a relatively speedy time, if not the fastest.

We found it easier to clean than many other air fryers (baskets are dishwasher safe) and it comes, as you'd expect, with a bevy of other functions, such as broil, roast, reheat, and even dehydrate. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

These greasy guilty pleasures have a special place in our hearts, but so much deep-fried food can give your body a real beating. If all this heavy food has you craving a slightly healthier twist any time younger one, an air fryer might be your secret weapon.

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With the touch of a button, an air fryer allows you to make all the foods above at a fraction of the fat content and calorie count. While all air fryers can crisp up your ingredients, differences between models range in terms of functionality and overall capacity.

Some are better for single-serving cooking, others have smart designs that can make meal prep hands-off and there’s a whole host of differences in between. The Vortex Hairdryer has eight simple touch controls, which makes cooking a breeze.

Four built-in smart programs go beyond just air -frying and can roast, bake and reheat food in a flash. Other benefits of the appliance that have won over past customers include its easy-to-clean basket as well as its spacious design that can hold large quantities of food, such as a whole 4-pound chicken.

It can also dehydrate fruits, crisp up pizza crust, act as a rotisserie for your proteins and bake desserts to perfection. It’s also scored extra points from past customers for its ease of use and sleek design.

This design comes with eight preprogrammed settings to choose from, based on your ingredients (which include fries, steak, bacon, pizza, chicken, fish and shrimp). This design is larger than the other models on our list; it can feed three to five people in total and can hold upward of 6 pounds of food.

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It’s also been named an Amazon’s Choice product, a special distinction for goods on the site that are highly rated, well priced and available to be shipped immediately. This dishwasher-safemodel is best known for its ability to help foodies enjoy healthier alternatives to fried foods that contain 75% less fat than traditional cooking methods.

This 11-in-1 toaster oven and air fryer from Instant Pot is the king of kitchen decluttering. Its large 26-liter capacity allows you to toast six pieces of bread at once, bake a 12-inch pizza or even roast a whole chicken.

Plus, it has an easy-to-use interface comprised of simple buttons and dials so you ’ll be well on your way to becoming an air -frying pro. This 25-liter option from Chef man gives you plenty of space and seven ways to cook any meal toucan think up.

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