"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Bakeware Gifts

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 6 min read

OXOsurlatable.compo out perfectly portioned cookies with a mess-free dispenser to easily create sweet shapes without a cutter. Its 12 stainless steel pattern disks will seamlessly push out cookies in fun shapes like flowers, butterflies, leaves, and snowflakes, so they're ideal for any holiday or occasion.

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This do-it-all device from Cuisinart will knead, rise, and bake their artisan loaves for them, so they don't have to hover around the kitchen babysitting their homemade bread. This glamorous vessel is almost too fancy to cook with, featuring a gilded border and a whimsical design, but it’ll make for an awesome showstopper when they serve up a slice of their signature pie.

Alison Loualisonlou.comic her love of bread knows no bounds, this adorable baguette stud is a carb-free way to feed her cravings. This full set has everything your favorite baker will need, from a cake pan, to a drying rack, to a pie dish.

It's preserved in resin to keep it looking its best, and features a light stuffed in its belly to illuminate any space with a warm golden hue. It'll precisely weigh up to 4 cups of dry ingredients with an inbuilt scale, then sift them to achieve a fluffy batter before sending them directly into the mixing bowl below.

Sadly, the end result isn't edible, but it looks just like the real thing with a filling chock-full of glistening cherries and a top laced with a golden lattice crust. This gift for bakers is perfect for running casual errands, like delivering loaves of bread to a loved one, or making yet another trip to the grocery store to get baking ingredients.

This stunning maple- and walnut-wood baking board features a border of measurements, as well as circular guides at its center to help them roll out dough to the perfect proportions. For this gift for bakers, send the Etsy seller a photo of their fluffy friend to receive a custom 3-D printed cookie cutter that looks just like them.

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Williams Sonomawilliams-sonoma.this super Luke vanilla set includes three extracts infused with flavors from all around the world. The boozy Madagascar bourbon vanilla flavor will perfectly complement a batch of brown-butter Blondie.

Or, they can use the spicy Mexican blend to add some heat to a decadent chocolate cake, later topping it with a high-quality Tahitian vanilla frosting to mellow out bolder flavors. Separate settings for water, milk, and oil will precisely portion liquids, and the digital readout in grams, ounces, or milliliters means that they can follow recipes from other countries without having to manually calculate conversions.

It increases air-flow to the food for consistent baking and it captures the vintage spirit you found in your grandmother’s bakeware. Gift your BFF this assortment of global vanillas from Nielsen Massey.

Via williams-sonoma.com Dough Whisk via baketivity.com If you’re buying for a young baker, consider a baking subscription box like Activity. Choose your plan, then enjoy a curated box full of pre-measured ingredients, recipe books, shopping lists and more.

The copper color is absolutely dreamy, but the stainless steel would match any a modern kitchen. You can shorten proofing times and get great rises on bread during the colder months with a countertop proofed.

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This is a great gift for avid bread bakers who might not treat themselves to such a handy gadget. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s breathable in a hot kitchen, but cute enough to wear out and about (you know, when you’re stocking up on butter and chocolate chips).

Via target.com Kitchen Food Chopper Need to chop nuts for your favorite quick bread? If you don’t want to do it all by hand, turn to a compact food chopper, like this one from Kitchen.

This adorable enameled pot is the perfect size for smaller kitchen tasks (like warming butter). Via Etsy/Pastry made Embossed rolling pins are an easy way to give cutout cookies and other bakes a pretty finish without a lot of extra work.

They come in dozens of pretty patterns, but this paisley floral would work well all year round. From dough rolling pin for chocolate chip cookies to oven for baking, every item covered in the list.

The frame is created with stainless steel so prevents rust and corrosion build-ups. The combo pack of two rolling pins, two cookie cutters, and a nonskid mat for the dough is a great deal to make your lovely baker happy.

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All these items are crafted using reliable good materials that are compliant with the standard food grades, so they are safe to use and built for long time performance. Besides using it as a regular apron, it will also look fantastic hanging on the kitchen wall as a decoration piece.

Everything is included in this giant baking set that you need to decorate cookies, muffins, and cupcakes professionally. There are 80 plus tools including stainless steel tips, couplers, pastry bags, flower nails, cake brush, and many others.

It prepares you a super crispy loaf and it’s up to you how you use it for other food cooking purposes. This cupcake maker has a special coating to prevent stickiness so no need to put oil to make the cake molds smooth.

It features a nonstick coating to prevent snacks from breaking and for smooth cleaning after use. Their nonstick removable bottom makes easy to bring the cake out without damaging its shape and texture.

Head constructed with approved food grade silicone material while handle consists of the natural bamboo stick, so they are safe to use. A thoughtful gift set that includes 4 essential items for chefs and bakers i.e. an egg beater, a cooking glove, a solid bamboo spoon and two bamboos slotted cooking spoons.

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The set includes many useful objects like a scoring tool, a steel scraper, a cloth liner, multiple design patterns, and a recipe book. When it comes to baking brownies or chocolate chip cookies, this ultra quality aluminum pan plays an important role to prepare you the perfect delicious snacks without sticking on the tray as other typical baking sheet pans do.

It stays stick on any place and does not require oil or parchment paper for the smooth baking experience. It comes with seven tips and couples to draw different creative designs of toppings on cake and desserts.

All the parts are dishwasher safe except the plunger assembly (To be hand washed). Both these cake server and knife are crafted with stainless steel and featuring elegant design.

The knife cuts any type of cake smoothly and the server also does a great job. They come in a nice gift box so pleasant surprise for newly married couples.

It is backed by a normal replaceable shaving blade to produce exceptional scoring results. Its handle consists of natural wood and the stick is made of stainless steel so going to stay longer.

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All are made of BPA free plastic so safe to store and serve food. There is a total of 9 units in the bundle pack and a stainless steel mesh sieve.

It can be used to unstick dough particles, measure food ingredients, and chop the vegetables and fruits. It’s a wonderful present for foodies and bakers to prepare quick waffle bowls for sweet treats.

This chef apron set is extremely lightweight so your children will feel comfortable and get inspired to engage in cooking having fun at the same time. As all the items included in the set are professionally designed and made of durable carbon steel so can be ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

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