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Best Bakeware In London

Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
• 12 min read

Whether you’re grabbing your dough to-go, after a rye-inspired Stand hit or want to wash down your fresh sourdough with a glass of wine, one of these bakeries is sure to suit your mood and appetite. Located on Newington Green, its airy feel and low-hanging lights make this the perfect spot to enjoy a long afternoon.

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All baked goods are made daily from scratch and the constantly changing menu means that no two days (or two tarts) will ever be the same. You can also go for lunch-time light bites (think creamy mozzarella sprinkled with mint and smoked salmon accompanied by pickled cucumbers and crème France) and come back for dinner, as Jolene turns into a candlelit restaurant come 6pm, serving fresh stuffed pasta and natural wine.

Winners at the Urban Food Awards in 2016, Brick House’s plain mice (large rustic loaves made from a natural leavening) and double chocolate sourdough are second to none. Find them in a converted warehouse off Lordship Lane in East Ulrich (and don’t miss a new second branch near Peck ham Rye station).

They also supply the bread for some of London ’s favorite restaurants including Duck Soup, French and Quo Wadis. Alongside their epic sandwiches (we love the orchestra with salsa Verde) and melt-in-your-mouth morning buns, they also have a training program for young people caught up in youth violence.

From humble beginnings in an empty shipping container in Hackney, The Dusty Knuckle Bakery now has a permanent home in Dalton, with an on-site café so you can enjoy their killer sarnies on site. Think char grilled asparagus, courgette and toasted pine nuts, or roasted pork shoulder, green chili and red onion salsa.

Offering everything from divine carrot cakes (this was Meghan’s choice) to pillow focaccias (#FocacciaFriday is now undoubtedly a thing) and afternoon tea each month, the Stoke Newington bakery has it all covered. Alice Williams, the founder of Luminary, believes in bakery as a form of therapy, and leads a scheme to empower disadvantaged women, teaching them transferable skills to build a better future.

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The minimalist style bakery on Soho’s Golden Square is buzzing with people dropping in for blueberry smoothies and a slice of the best Tosca cake (think utter buttery exquisiteness) you’ve ever tried. Make sure you visit during cinnamon bun week (starting on 30 September) for an entire seven days dedicated to celebrating one of Scandinavia’s much-loved classics.

Pioneer of the Cronus (the hybrid deliciousness that is a croissant-donut) and founder of the beloved New York bakeries, Dominique Angel’s Belgrade outlet doesn’t disappoint. Try its traditional take on classic English puddings from the ‘After the Rain’ mousse cake to the ‘Paris- London tart, made with Earl Grey panache.

Tucked away in the railway arches beneath London Fields Station, the bakery is supplied entirely with renewable energy, and all the offerings are made using only local produce. The spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) is a weekend must and be sure to pick up some fresh bread from the next-door Mill house shop on your way out, too: an immediate upgrade to your home-made avocado on toast.

The brainchild of siblings Lay and Zoe Pa skin (of The Palomar and The Barbary), the food draws on Easter and Jewish culinary traditions. There’s the Jerusalem bagel (label and cucumber), delicious stuffed flatbread in seasonal flavors and tahini Madeleine, which are totally unforgettable.

If you desire the highly sought-after Pop hams’ Bacon and Maple Croissant, it is imperative that you are an early riser – and that you are prepared to fight for your breakfast. The hit pastry, inspired by founder Ollie Gold’s experiences with bacon and maple pancakes in the US, regularly sells out before 10am.

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Each pastry has 27 layers of butter running through the dough, making it crumbly and buttery perfection, worked on by a team of bakers throughout the night. Be sure to try the Tonga bean crème brûlée or for the more savory toothed, the mar mite, schlossberger and spring onion twist.

Meaning ‘coffee house’ in Filipino, Kaplan began as a kiosk at Sons University in Huston, run by second-gen Filipino-British brothers David and Nigel Motley (who also own Tape and Pan bakery). Their new site in Battersea takes inspiration from the wooden shacks that tape (coffee) is traditionally sold from in the Philippines, and serves up classic pastries with a South East Asian twist.

Pick up Eccl es cakes, raisin loaves and the famous mouth-watering doughnuts while deciding which French wine will go well with your pâtisserie DE choir in the colorful Convent Garden courtyard. From the woman behind Harry and Meghan’s elaborate Mali Lemon and Elder flower wedding cake, Violet’s baked goods are a love-letter to seasonal flavor.

Their cakes are insanely detailed and decorated with everything from lacy Swiss meringue buttercream and white chocolate pearls to ombré-glazed buttermilk doughnuts. Bizarre creations such as the vegan ’pig in a unicorn wig’, the two-tiered ‘mermaid skirt’ or ‘gaga rainbow’ cake are guaranteed to bring the house down.

Founded by baker Matthew Jones in 2013, BA started out selling its wares on Borough Market, and you can still visit their original stall for fresh sourdough breads, cheese and olive breadsticks (excellent stuff! The award-winning bread enthusiasts at Brick House produce and serve up San Francisco-style sourdough and season-specific menus in this trendy, airy East Ulrich café.

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All their bread is produced with organic flour and slow-fermented to give a soft crumb and crunchy crust, with additions ranging from raisins to walnuts and various seeds. Surrounded by upmarket riverfront flats near to Wands worth Town, this swish boutique bakery puts on a bright and shiny face with its hot pink and orange chairs.

Master prissier Eric Lanyard honed his craft as head pastry chef for Michel and Albert Roux, and his range of goodies is enough to make your mouth water. The pain Au chocolate with almonds is a winner, but it’s overshadowed by the dreamy selection of gorgeous macaroni: tangy, fragrant raspberry and hibiscus; creamy and sour cherry with white chocolate; beautifully balanced licorice and fig.

Since launching in 2010, this family-run, old-world French pâtisserie has been producing fresh pastries, charming viennoiseries and savories from its kitchen under the arches on Malty Street, and they now have a bricks-and-mortar café in Bermondsey where you buy their goodies, drop by for a light lunch or stop off in the evening for some wine and charcuterie. All their specialities are made by hand in the traditional French fashion, from macaroni, éclairs, ‘bonus’ (brioche doughnut), mille-feuilles and croissants to gorgeous pain Au chocolate twists.

Famous as the inventor of the Cronus (dessert decadence in the shape of a cannily trademarked croissant-doughnut hybrid that takes three days to make), Dominique Angel is a French Willy Wonka with a talent for producing innovative, playful and deliciously offbeat pâtisserie. A family-run business and a Crouch End institution, Dunn’s has been serving up its hand-crafted breads and sweet treats since 1820 (current owner Chris Freeman is a fifth-generation baker).

You can also use the Bakehouse as a café drop-in for breakfast, a weekday lunch or Saturday brunch, while Sundays means pizzas straight from the bread oven. Squeezed in a white-tiled vault under the arches right by Horton Overground station, this Stockholm-based bakery has a teeny-tiny Scandi-style seating area if you fancy a ‘FIFA’ (i.e. a Swedish coffee break, preferably accompanied by a sweet bun on the side).

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Fabrice uses traditional stone ovens to hand-bake excellent batons of rye bread, walnut boules and sourdough, as well as a raft of highly addictive knotted buns including a blueberry riff and a classic buttery cinnamon version studded with sugar crystals. From the smiley, cartoonist bubble-letter logo to the displays of vividly colored layer cakes, Flavourtown Bakery’s narrow Mülheim shop is a sheer delight.

Tucked away in a labyrinthine cobbled courtyard between Clerkenwell Road and Great Sutton Street, this jolly outfit not only celebrates Irish family hospitality, but also picks up on the current trend for home-baking. From the folks behind Primer and Westerns Laundry, Jolene is a supremely beautiful warehouse-style space in a quiet spot opposite the park in Newington Green.

During the day it runs as a low-key brunch spot and bakery: they stone-mill their own flour in-house using 100 percent unaltered grains grown sustainably on farms in Sussex and Norfolk. We’re fans of their sweet raisin bread, but their bakery counter is regularly loaded with everything from loaves and pastries to sausage rolls, palmier, Madeleine, croissants, financiers, chocolate and Guinness cake, cinnamon buns, and much more besides.

That should be reason enough to brave the crowds, but Faraway also gives out heaps of samples and knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the overwhelming choice of flavors. Multi-award-winning rye bread is the specialty (don’t miss the traditional dark, dense Lithuanian ‘scalded’ version with its delicious caraway aftertaste), but make sure to bag a fat wedge of honey cake or a slice of cinnamon, walnut and apricot loaf too.

These days, she still puts on an innovative show, although space is tight in her gorgeous little courtyard café if you fancy sampling wacky delights such as you lemon tart or pomegranate and black-tea vegan cakes. Now they use electric vans and have a permanent home at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey, where loyal customers queue up in all weathers to buy their wares every Saturday.

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Do buy one of their excellent sourdough, rye or raisin loaves to take home with a bottle of wine from the shop, or simply pig out on their granny-style bakes, which have evolved by fine-tuning 100-year-old recipes to best suit the times (note their vegan muffins, breakfast buns and almond croissants). Run by Californian-born cook/designer/stylist Claire Peak, who made Harry and Meghan’s lemon and elder flower wedding cake, this bakery/café on a Dalton backstreet has a laid back vibe that’s topped off by their twee, pretty treats decorated with real flowers.

Step inside and you’ll find counters piled high with Middle Eastern breads, as well as Turkish Lehman pizza, savory ‘coupes’, coiled tahini buns and cream cakes. Located beneath the City branch of popular dim sum specialist Agatha, this standalone pâtisserie specializes in fiddly French sweets with an oriental twist.

Many manufacturers put symbols on the bottom of their cookware to show which heat source it will work with. Make sure the pan has a smooth, flat base to provide the best contact with the hob ring.

Remember to regulate the flame to prevent it from extending beyond the base of the pan, as this can damage the handle and waste gas. They must have a magnetic material in the base, such as cast iron or stainless steel.

An indicator light on the hob will start flashing if it’s not the correct type of pan or it will simply not heat up. Uncoated non-stick cast iron pans will need to be seasoned to build up a patina.

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As this metal can react with acidic foods, fish and meat, these pans are normally lined with tin or stainless steel to act as a barrier. Hard-anodised aluminum Distinguished by their deep gray or black color, these pans feature a hard finish that will not chip, crack, peel or react with acidic foods.

They’re reasonably lightweight and heat up rapidly, eliminating hot spots, but they don’t work on induction hobs. Stainless steel on its own is liable to hot spots, so copper or aluminum is usually incorporated into the base.

We test these pans by cooking a range of different ingredients, such as meat, sauces, caramel, and rice, across gas, electric and ceramic hobs. If there’s a frying pan included, we flip pancakes and cook eggs, checking to see that heat is distributed evenly.

Circular Momentum Hard Anodized 5 Piece Pan Setcirculon.UK.nonscoring near-perfect marks across all of our cooking tests, this set excelled. The non-stick coating was so effective we needed very little oil, and both the saucepans and frying pans performed well across all hobs.

This robust, budget five-piece set is ideal (and even includes two frying pans). They can be used on all hob types, the handles and lids remained cool during testing, and the non-stick coating worked well, needing nothing more than a quick rinse after use.

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Boiling an egg will present no problem, even for the most basic cook, as this set had particularly effective steam vents and lids that stayed put, even at full boil. All our food cooked evenly, producing perfect fried eggs on every hob.

We found each pan lightweight and easy to maneuver, but they remained steady too. Even after making a frittata in the oven our set looked as good as new, however it did incur a few chips from the dishwasher.

Key specificationsIncluded in set: 16, 18, 20 cm saucepans with lid Non-stick: Yes Suitable for induction: Yes Oven safe: Yes to 260C. Made from plain aluminum (as opposed to the tough hard-anodised version above), on test we found the non-stick coating just as impressive, with no food remaining in our saucepans.

Watch out on the frying pans though, they lost a few marks when cooking on induction and slightly burnt our eggs on the electric hob. Due to the wooden handles, they can’t be used in the oven and must be washed by hand, but they do look good.

Not only do they look great, the Prestige Prism range has a very effective non-stick coating, producing a good sear on our meat. As such, they didn’t really need to go in the dishwasher, but it won't alter the lovely purple hue if you do.

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Tower Trust one 3 Piece Non Stick Saucepan Set amazon.co.KFOR such an inexpensive set, our testers were mightily impressed by the performance of these pans across all hobs. John Lewis & Partners Hard Anodized Saucepansjohnlewis.completed and timeless, with an efficient non-stick coating, this would make a fine update for modern kitchens.

Although we couldn’t fault the non-stick frying pans, the uncoated saucepans didn’t fare quite so well, needing a good scrub to remove stubborn food. That said, there are lots of useful features including measurements inside the saucepans and airtight lids to protect leftovers straight from the pan.

The non-stick pans performed brilliantly across all hobs, particularly with mince and onion, requiring minimal clean-up. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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