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Best Buy Stand Mixer Kitchenaid

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Kitchen is widely considered the go-to brand for mixers due to their reputation for being durable and reliable. One reason why people consider KitchenAidstand mixers iconic is their versatility allows you to use a wide variety of KitchenAidmixer attachments, which can lead to unlocking your culinary creativity.

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Coming in a wide range of color options and stylish designs, a KitchenAidstandmixer will complement your countertop, while the heavy-duty steel construction and powerful motor allows you to knead dough and whip up cake batter. One popular option is the Kitchen Artisan Mixer, which has 10 speeds that can whip, knead and blend thick batters and bread dough.

Its 5-quart bowl offers ample room to mix enough dough for 9 dozen cookies and is designed to accommodate all accessories. Every KitchenAidstandmixer comes with a flat paddle beater, a wire whisk and a dough hook.

Kitchen ’s collection of attachments offer a world of culinary possibilities. Many home bakers and cooks treat Kitchen mixers as the center of their kitchen, using them to mince vegetables and garlic, grind meats, whisk cream or fluffy meringue, spiralize vegetables to make healthy “noodles,” knead bread dough, roll pasta and mix the ingredients for baked goods.

Powerful, stationary stand mixers efficiently blend, mix and whip large batches, heavy cookie batters and even bread dough. A stand mixer, with its convenient hands-free mixing, has the power to significantly cut your food prep times.

The standard Kitchen Artisan mixer, available in the most colors, features a tilt-head design that makes it easy to access the beaters. Kitchen Professional or Pro-Line mixers feature a bowl-lift design, larger bowls and higher wattage motors for making serious amounts of batters and dough.

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$259.99 Your price for this item is $259.99 The Kitchen ® Pro 5™ Plus 5 Quart Bowl-Lift Sandpiper is perfect for heavy, dense mixtures.

It offers the capacity to make up to 9 dozen cookies in a single batch and 10 speeds to thoroughly mix, knead and whip ingredients quickly and easily. For even more versatility, use the power hub to turn your stand mixer into a culinary center, with over 10 optional hubs powered attachments×, from food grinders to pasta makers and more.

I bought this as a gift for my sister on a whim when it was a 60% off deal of the day. I figured it was high quality as its part of their professional series.

Once I pulled the trigger, I began researching customer reviews and identified more than a few negative ratings and experiences. I started to feel a sense of buyer's remorse, thinking I may have selected a defective or poor quality mixer.

Her research showed that the negative reviews were a result of user error and misuse, where most of the owners put dense ingredients into the bowl and immediately kicked the mixer into its highest gear. She told me that not doing that would be common sense for anyone familiar with the appliance, and that perhaps those people were not well-informed, and didn't read or follow the instructions and recommendations from Kitchen Aid.

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I gave her the mixer last week, and she was able to run a few test drives, which was a treat for me. She loves the mixer, views it as high quality, and is confident it will stand up to the test of time.

I'm extremely happy with the mixer for its high quality as an appliance and gift for my little sister. The motor handles the 5qts of dough mix with ease.

Pizza dough comes out super soft and smooth something that I was not ever able to achieve kneading with my hands only. My wife has wanted one for 10+ years and I finally folded like a lawn chair when it was $199 on Black Friday sale.

She’s used it to make a couple cakes, whipped/mashed potatoes, and also an apple pie and it all turned out great. Today I used the metal grinder accessory for the first time and it worked well out you could tell the machine struggled a bit on hard fat from a brisket.

After the 5 minutes or so you could definitely smell something funky and it was warm to the touch. I have been wanting one of these mixers for years, but could never have justified the cost vs the amount of times I’ll probably use it, or even the space in my tiny kitchen.

mixer kitchenaid stand series professional 500 empire
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I couldn’t refuse an amazing deal and my baking hasn’t been the same since. I use it a couple of times a week and it just makes everything so much easier, I wasn’t sure if I want the tilt head or bowl lift, but I don’t really think it matters in Terms of ease of use.

I like the look of the bowl lift better, and the rest I figure out. The paddle doesn’t really reach the sides well on the bowl so you’ll have to manually do it or buy the scrape attachment.

A: Answer I certainly hope the bowl lifter version is not being discontinued! I consider that to be an indispensable feature on my decades old Pro Line mixer with a 7 quart bowl.

The bowl lifter feature attaches the bowl very rigidly to the lifter frame, ensuring rock solid stability during use with simple detachment when done. My mixer, like many others mentioned in these posts, Was too tall to fit under our 1970s vintage kitchen cabinets when we first bought it.

So when we remodeled several years later an important spec was clearance between counter top and upper cabinet bottoms. The mixer is stored in a large floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet with four shallow slide-out drawers in the bottom section.

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Height from the top of the top drawer to the bottom rail of the upper cabinet is, you guessed it, 1/2 inch greater than the height of the mixer. Making the height of the mixer any less than it is would definitely sacrifice utility of the machine.

Shoppers can nab the Kitchen Pro 5 Plus today for $279.99, which is a whopping $220 off its usual $499.99. While it's not the lowest price we've ever seen on it (it briefly dropped to $179.58 last December), it's still a great discount on this top-rated pick.

Sure, they each have the same basic function: They hold a mixing bowl steady while a beater or whisk spins, providing efficient hands-free baking assistance. This guide will help you find the bestKitchenAidstandmixer for you based on your baking needs, countertop space, price range, and personal preference.

Tilt-head models allow the head of the mixer to hinge back on the neck while the bowl stays fastened to the base. Bowl-lift styles feature a lever that cranks the bowl up to or away from the head of the mixer, which stays fixed in the downward position.

The Artisan Mini is the smallest and often most affordable of the bunch (though sometimes the Classic model is slightly less expensive, as is the case at the time of writing this article). © Provided by Epicurus BUY NOW This model lives up to its name: It's the standard KitchenAidstandmixer, a workhorse, with no extra bells or whistles.

mixer kitchenaid stand professional series
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With a tilt-head body and 4.5-quart capacity, it can tackle nearly any task or recipe, whether you’re making buttercream, kneading bread dough, or whipping egg whites for meringue. It is available with either a stainless steel or glass bowl (each with a handle), comes in 38 colors or patterns, and has a slightly larger capacity at 5 quarts.

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