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Best Commercial Deep Fryer In India

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 9 min read

On that note, these deep -fried snack items selling businesses are on the rise these days. Taking every parameter into consideration, we have sorted out the Top 6 bestcommercialdeep fryers in India in this article.

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Owning a deep fryer will make our work very easy and also reduce the mess created by the traditional frying method. Before you make your decision, I highly suggest you read the buyers guide (things you must check in deep fryers before you buy) and also go through the individual review of each product below.

The removable oil tank helps us to clean it very easily without any hassle. And also a small commercialdeepfryer holds an oil container capacity of 6 liters each.

Dual tanker deep fryer Each tanker has a capacity of 6 liters 2 power cords are provided User-friendly control panel Temperature selection ranges from 0 to 200-degree Celsius for each tanker Made of stainless steel body Removable oil tank provides easy cleaning Countertop model easy to movable Cool down handles on the lid and fryer basket Andrew James’s brand deep fryers have great selling in the Indian market because of the reliable and durable products.

When it comes to power wattage it takes nearly 2500 watts enough to heat the oil within a short time. This small commercialdeepfryer also has the cool down handle to touch the lid and basket as well.

Holds the capacity of 6 liters S-shaped heating element Heat pipe protection plate Easy dial tuning for temperature selection Temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degree Celsius Power wattage 2500 watts Hot and power indicator Easy to clean Sales bayou company has come up with a gas connection fryer with a cart stand.

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A side handle is also present to hold the commercial gas deep fryer while moving for a better grip. It holds the capacity of 4 gallons whereas heating of oil depends upon the gas pressure applied.

Moreover, the heat pipe protective plate prevents the food from direct contact. The user-friendly control panel has a temperature tuner to tune it according to the food we need to fry in it from 0 to 200 degrees.

Power wattage is about 2500 watts Fryer tank capacity is 8 liters Control is easy to operate with dial model knob Temperature selection ranges from 0 to 200 degrees Made up of stainless steel material Consists of a heat pipe protective plate A copper metal heating element Hot and power indicator with LED lights for safety use This is a clear shot, made in India with good quality and performance.

For commercial use, this metal fryer is the best with a large frying pan capacity of about 8 liters and it has an easily accessible control panel with a dial model temperature tuner, where the temperature ranges from 0 to 300-degree Celsius. Including that, it also has the power and hot indicator LED lights which is a very safety feature to have in every deep fryer.

Not easy to clean No closing lid which prevents oil splattering Each of these deep fryers is unique in its own way with trusted brands and quality.

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So, it’s you to choose the bestcommercialdeep fryers in India for your business to make more profits. Deep fryers for commercial use need to be very good as the food made in it will be in bulk.

Moreover, a cheap quality product material will result in a huge loss for the buyer. So, more the power wattage the quickly oil gets heated in the deep fryer and saves time.

So, try to have some safety features in the deep fryer like hot and power indicator that prevents food from overheating. So, try to choose the cool down handle option in the deep fryer basket, lid, etc.

No, you cannot deep-fry in olive oil because it consists of a low smoke point. Countertop fryers are ideal for small kitchens that don't require or can't hold ...

Touched Double Tank Electric Fryer 12,000/ Unit Get The Latest Price Read more... Wang Professionals Private Limited Vacant Run, New Delhi Flat No.

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Costar Frozen Gas Deep Fryer, for Restaurant 85,000/ Piece Get The Latest Price Floor Standing Gas Fryers This American Style floor standing gas based fryer from costar is designed with 4 tubes.

Each fryer tank is tested for leakage to read more... Costar Frozen Private Limited Norman Vicar, New Delhi Shop No. 8, 3MJ Shopping Complex, Veer Bavaria Block, Sharper Road, Near Norman Vicar Metro Station Gate No.

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