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Best Commercial Juicer For Juice Bar

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 12 October, 2020
• 35 min read

But before opening your store for business, you’ll need a dependable juice extractor that will meet the demand of your customers. They offer a range of heavy-duty, high volume commercial cold press juice extractors that can yield from 20-25 (12 oz) bottles/hour up to 8000 bottles/hour.

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Good Nature juicers come with a 1-year warranty, but it can be extended for an additional two years for a fee. The bad news is, these great heavy-duty juice extractors require a significant amount of investment.

You can start with a couple Omega slow juicers and a pair of Seville high-speed juice extractors and work from there. I don’t recommend any other centrifugal juicer brand, as some cheaper models tend to overheat in just a couple of minutes.

Let’s say you’ll go for the cheapest Omega and the most inexpensive Seville juicer, it will just cost you more or less $800. You can pick any of this Omega horizontal masticating juicers which comes with 1-year commercial warranty.

I didn’t include the top end models on this list as they are a bit pricier. Since these juice extractors are intended for household application, it’s not designed to withstand non-stop usage.

The heat will significantly affect the taste and nutrient content of your juice. In the future, it would make perfect sense to upgrade to a professional juicing system when your business becomes cash flow positive.

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Hopefully, the information I provided helped you find the bestcommercialjuicer or juicers for your new venture. Having weighed these factors and more, I have decided that these are the best commercial grade juicers to meet any need.

Last update on 2020-12-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API This juicer quickly and efficiently juices and can run for hours on end without a break.

The large chute allows for juicing of full fruits and vegetables. The large opening means that you will be able to juice full apples, lemons, oranges, carrots, beets, etc.

If there is one downside to this juicer it is the size/weight (75.6lbs), however, if you are going to set it in one spot and leave it I wouldn’t worry too much. Overall, I consider the Hamilton Beach Otto to be the top commercial grade centrifugal juicer on the market.

It’s a slow juicer, which means that it produced high yields packed with nutrition. With the gears turning at just 110 Rpm, the Green star Pro stands apart from the competition.

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The device is made from stainless steel, so it’s hugely durable as well as being great-looking. It measures 18.25 × 12.5 x 6.88 inches and weighs in at 26 pounds, making it ideal for a kitchen worktop.

That means that the results are ready to drink, and packed with goodness! Arguably the biggest selling point of this device is the yield.

If the appliance is not completely and correctly assembled, it simply will not work. I washed the juicing parts in my dishwasher and experienced no drop in performance.

This drops to 3 years in the commercial setting, but that’s still hugely impressive. The quest for the best commercial cold pressed juicer is a long and arduous one.

Arguably the biggest selling point of this juicer is the endurance of the motor. This appliance is not NSF-certified, so it may not be usable in all juice bars, restaurants or other professional settings.

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Standing at 10.5 × 7.5 × 20 inches and weighing 20 pounds, a large kitchen can easily accommodate this appliance. Such a substantial opening means that you will not be restricted to just oranges, lemons and limes.

The appliance comes with a rotating brush that makes the process very simple. If you’re seeking a simple and effective citrus juicer, it’s really hard to look past this Hamilton Beach appliance.

If you are feeling more adventurous, however, this juicer can just as easily handle grapefruit and other large ingredients. Simply place your fruit inside the juicer, and pull the handle.

This isn’t necessarily the appliance for you if you enjoy pulp in your juice. This eradicates the risk of waste, and minimizes the need to clean.

There are no electrical elements to worry about either, making this juicer very safe in the kitchen. It’s the perfect addition to any home if your family enjoys nutritious, delicious juice on a summer morning.

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If you choose the right model, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities open to you. In my opinion, however, you simply cannot beat a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

That makes it perfect for catering parties, or any occasion that requires plenty of juice ! The good news is that the high quantity of juice provided does not sacrifice quality.

The appliance peels the skin of the oranges for you, releasing sweet and fresh juice at a rate of knots. To use the juicer, just fill the wire basket at the top of the appliance with fruit.

It’s hard to look past this model as the bestcommercialjuicer for a juice bar, but it’s still a fantastic addition to any home. This appliance produces up to seven glass of fresh orange juice in just a minute.

Purchase on Amazon Commercial juicers, as the name suggests, are designed for business use. As a consequence, the biggest challenge connected to commercial juicers is often their size.

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Even the most reputable commercial models may lack certain bells and whistles. They will be equipped with powerful, reliable motors that guarantee peak performance.

A commercial juicer may not be the prettiest appliance on the shelf, but it will yield results. While they’re a worthwhile investment, you’ll have to factor certain things into consideration.

Certification Build and Safety Features Warranty Motor Performance ETL certification is a safety procedure for electrical appliances.

If a product has ETL certification, it meets minimum safety standards. If an appliance lacks ETL or CE certification, especially a commercial juicer, do not purchase it.

If a manufacturer chooses to receive this certification, they are very confident in their product. If a juicer is good enough for NSF, you can take assurance in the quality of the appliance.

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If you live with young children or pets, dangerous accidents are a possibility. Even if safety protocol means that your juicer takes longer to start, you’ll be grateful for the precaution.

This makes it advisable that you seek a lengthy warranty on your investment. However, a lengthy warranty will provide peace of mind while you put your appliance through its paces.

A commercial juicer isn’t an investment to take lightly, but it can be a great addition to any home. Find which model from my recommendations suits your needs best, and reap the rewards.

THIS MEANS THAT AT NO COST TO YOU, WE WILL RECEIVE A SMALL COMMISSION IF YOU PURCHASE THROUGH OUR LINK. I loved greasy burgers, candy, and soda, and it did a number on my body.

A few years ago, however, I decided to get healthy and make a positive change in my eating habits. However, when I got the juicer, I started to pay more attention to everything in the produce section of the grocery store.

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I juice all the time, and in addition to a healthier diet, I make sure to exercise regularly. In the last couple of years, I have dropped significant weight and turned my life around for the better.

I mix in all sorts of ingredients to create fresh, exciting smoothies and juices that can help me get the most out of life. It is a bit large, so if you don’t have a ton of counter space, you may have to make room.

What I mean by that is that I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on making a ton of juice for a lot of people. All parts are dishwasher safe, meaning that you can juice all you want without having to worry about clean up.

Durable stainless steel blades Separates pulp as it operates 300 ml pitcher included 400-watt motor Integrated pulp container Pulp collector holds 28 ounces Wide mouth opening Dishwasher safe Easy to clean Space-saving design Easy on/off switch Dual safety lock design Two-year limited warranty Before we get too far into talking about the Waring 6001C Juice Extractor, just be aware that the word commercial in the name does not necessarily mean that this is suitable for high-performance juice shops. Tap To Check On AmazonWhile you can use it for your business, the blades do tend to get a little sloppy after a while, meaning that you can’t use it continuously for long periods.

As I said, prolonged bouts of juicing may not have the best yields, but for small batches, this thing is a beast. I hate having to prep my food before I juice, so I love the fact that I can just toss everything in there and it will take care of the rest.

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Do you want to feel the sweat from your brow that lets you know you’ve accomplished something? Tap To Check On Amazon you want a juicer that brings back the old traditions of squeezing a fruit until it has been bled dry? Personally, I don’t like to work so hard for my juice, but I understand that some people want to do things the old-fashioned way.

For your convenience, the handle and grip are covered in soft rubber, so you don’t develop blisters or calluses on your hands. Most centrifugal juicers can’t handle citrus rinds, so this is a fantastic way to juice lemons, limes, and oranges with minimal prep time.

I have used Hamilton Beach products before, so I know that the brand likes to make high-quality materials that can handle almost any job. A 1.1 horsepower motor drives the stainless steel blades so you can process a lot of juice in a short amount of time.

Finally, we come to the Cuisinart CJE-500. Tap To Check On Amazonian compared to the other machines on this list, this is something of a cross between the Hamilton Beach and the Black + Decker models. You can process a lot of juice with this device, but the serving container is relatively small, meaning that it’s more for individual use.

Stainless steel construction Powerful 500-watt motor Steel blades separate pulp from juice 16-ounce juice pitcher 40-ounce pulp extractor Easy to take apart and clean Wide mouth opening Feeder bar included Added safety bar Adjustable flow spout for less mess Easy on/off switch When it comes to juicing, I want a machine that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of effort on my end.

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I love the whole food operation and powerful motor of the Hamilton model, and I like the high-quality juice that comes out of the Black + Decker Juicer. When you wake up in the morning to start your day, a good breakfast is imperative.

However, in today’s day and age, concentrated juices are high in sugars and unnecessary ingredients. By owning a commercial juicer, you will be able to quickly and efficiently make a quality juice from original ingredients.

When cutting out unneeded parts, you will feel better throughout the day and your juice will taste a lot better as well. With the help of a stainless steel shaft, this juice takes on some severe wear and tear.

Because the juicer is brand new on the market, you will be able to produce the best juice on the planet. So, if you are wanting to live a healthier life, use this juicer for a more balanced diet.

In 30 seconds, you will be able to produce 1 quart of juice with this epic machine. With an automatic ejection of pulp, this machine pumps out 3,450 RPM using a 3/4 HP Motor.

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In turn, the product is approved by the NSF, so you can expect safety every time you use it. Health wise has been making inspiring products for the last 30 years, so expect this juice to be completely worry-free.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: If the machine is running longer, stop using it for about a minute and then you should be good to go again.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: By spinning at 43 RPM, you can get the natural nutrients out of any fruit or veggie.

The H-AA uses a controllable lever to help navigate with coarse and fine strainers. Specifically, with this model, you can work with fruits, veggies, nuts, soybeans, and so much more.

As the best commercial wheatgrass juicer, you will love this stainless steel model. This product is ideal for making recipes or drinking quality juice.

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Made with cast iron, it also has added 18/8 stainless steel for a quality finish. As you use this product, there will not be a problem with corrosion, due to citrus acids.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Another best commercial cold press juicer is made by Hamilton Beach.

In the color of black, you will love the sleek design of this machine. Since 1932, Hamilton Beach has been creating products that are leaving customers breathless.

When you are done with this epic product, you can wash the strainer, funnel and juice cup, so they are ready to go for the next time. At the end of the day, know you will be able to use the 2,000 pounds of force to get the most juice out of your fruits and veggies.

When looking for the best commercial masticating juicer, you have come to the right place with this product from Hamilton Beach Commercial. In your purchase, you will receive a removable bowl, strainer, splash guard, and drip tray.

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The product weighs 11 pounds Made of plastic and aluminum NSF Specified The motor is quiet at only 750 RPM Has a 6-inch cup clearance Comes with a 1-year labor and parts warranty Is built with 1 specific speed that is ideal for juicing As an automatic electric juice squeezer, you will be amazed at what you can get out of this machine.

Comes with a safety switch Ideal for restaurants, schools, and cafés Quick assembly Your purchase comes with extracting machine, peeing implements, and a user’s manual The product weighs just over 82 pounds This heavy-duty option should be on your shortlist for the best commercial citrus juicer to enjoy.

Made of stainless steel and aluminum casting, the material for this juice is quite a top-notch model. Some specifics that you need to know with this product include a rotation speed of 2,800 RPM, while only weighing 26.45 pounds.

Since this extractor is a commercial grade, know there are 8 options to adjust your juicer to make it just right for you. Another cool thing about this product is the fact it separates vegetables and fruit juice.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: You may not have heard much about a sugar cane press, but this is ideal for ginger smoothies.

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With a maximum output of 660 pounds per hour, this juicer is super powerful. Made with a copper motor and corrosion-free stainless steel, your product will not rust and will stay powerful over its lifetime.

You could leave this machine going for 24 hours straight, and it would continue to push ahead for you. Other things to squeeze with this machine could include lemons, limes, apples, and so much more.

There are bearing seals on the roller shafts Knobs never need adjusting Will be able to extract juice with only one pass Glass window can be removed for easy cleaning The helical gear help you save input power by 20 to 30% The product weighs over 160 pounds Made in the country of China With a powerful motor, you will be able to tear through large chunks of fruits and veggies without the machine clogging.

Check out the RPM to help you gauge how fast you want your juicer to be. The last thing that is important about juicer motors involves overheating.

Certifications that are recognized around the world include Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Internet (ETL), but there are dozens more to consider as well. Especially if you own a business, you will be checked on to make sure you have a safe juicer for your employees to use and for your customers to enjoy the juices from.

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Every certification has a lengthy test and determination to make sure the juicer is safe for others to use. All the standards come from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration if you are looking for more information here.

Because of the price of the bestcommercialjuicer, it is important to have a warranty to save you in the long run. There are warranties for other parts of the machine to help with durability, depending on the make and model.

Lastly, there are accessories that you may need to add depending on the juicer setting you are wanting from your machine. To keep the machine in tip-top shape, you must clean the juicer, so you can use it again, allowing it to perform well moving forward.

If you are looking to use a dishwasher to wash your juicer, check the user’s manual first to see if it is alright to proceed. This is because the lower rack is close to heat, and your juicer might melt in the process.

Usually, people have limited time on their hands, so they might not want to handwash. Even with a lot of the same functions and compact designs, know that commercial products are meant for the big leagues.

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With bigger and better motors, these machines can handle acidic juice more efficiently than traditional models. In turn, commercial juicers will not have to worry about anything rusting out, due to corrosion.

Additionally, commercial models will be able to produce more juice and go through more fruits and veggies than household juicers. This is the number one problem for household juicers, but that is not the case for commercial options.

Many times, people buy a commercial model, but just end up wasting a lot of juice in the process. Furthermore, commercial juicers do not have as good of warranties as household options.

So, if you are a big fan of warranties, maybe steer clear her and get a household juicer. With space-saving designs and low budget options, getting a commercial juicer might be in your wheelhouse.

No matter what you decide, it is ideal for you to work through the pros and cons of each. You may have heard the words masticating and centrifugal pop up in your juice searches.

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The best commercial juicers on planet Earth are one of these two options, so let us break them down. Even hard fruits and veggies like carrots and apples can be easily juiced.

Unfortunately, masticating juicers can break down due to clogs from large chunks of fruits and veggies. With the help of a large blade, centrifugal juicers can tear through fruits and veggies quickly.

At high speeds, this juicer can dice and slice to perfection. One of the last pros for centrifugal juicers involves preparation time.

Because of this, some centrifugal juicers have been known as food wasters when they should be saving you time and money in the long run. Since you are spending so much money on getting the juicer of your dreams, keeping it clean is imperative, as stated earlier.

In turn, people will develop issues like nausea, diarrhea, and even cancer. Instead of pulling out the electrical plug, many juicers have a safety switch for you to engage to divert from serious issues.

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Lastly, there are a plethora of built-in characteristics that will keep a user’s hands and fingers safe from damage. This allows for more sticky nutrients to come off of the fibers on a fruit or vegetable.

If you want those natural nutrients, a masticating model is a way to go. A masticating juicer can help combat cancer but talk to your doctor if this is a realistic option.

For most people, a few glasses of vegetable or fruit juice a day is a good thing. Because a small amount of wheatgrass is said to be as nutritious as pounds of veggies, cautiously approach juicing with the right mindset.

If you drink too much fruit, veggie, or wheatgrass juice, you will see a spike in your sugar and intake levels, which could affect you negatively in the future. 80% of the time, juice can help control your weight, but there are some moments where the sugar may add pounds to your figure.

Also, know that it is essential for someone to enjoy juice if they eat a lot of steamed veggies. During the steaming process, people lose important nutrients that juicing could help with.

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If you do follow this buyer’s guide and pick a product from the list of 12 above, you will be well on your way to having a juicer that will dazzle you for years to come. If you have a juice bar, health club, spa, restaurant or any other place where fresh juice is in demand, you should think of buying a commercial grade juicer.

Also, parts are dishwasher safe, which will even more give you a pleasant while preparing a favorite juice. They are not so large, all are nicely designed, most of them have ergonomic handles for more convenience, while parts are dishwasher safe.

Therefore, if you are a fan of freshly prepared juices of citrus fruit, this would be the right choice for you. Especially if you are not ready to give a lot of money for an automatic juicer.

And why would you, when you can easily prepare a juice with manual commercial grade juicer whenever you want. The best thing is that you can bring your marvelous, small, manual, commercial grade juicer with you on the trip or hold it in the office.

Higher price than standard juicers Nice designs Durable and long warranty New Star Food service 46885 Commercial Citrus Juicer New Star Food service 46885 Commercial Citrus Juicer is made of a quality cast iron and 18/8 stainless steel and has a powerful squeeze.

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In addition, it is also nicely designed and too large, so you can place it in any corner to wait for you when you want to drink juice. It has an ergonomic rubberized handle which will withstand 2,300 PSI (pounds per square inch).

You can use it for any citrus fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes. It will stay steady while preparing a juice since it has a heavy base with suction feet for greater stability, while its longer handle provides additional leverage.

Excel van Hand Press Citrus CommercialJuicer ProExcelvan Hand Press Citrus CommercialJuicer Pro Manual Fruit Fresh Squeeze with Stainless Steel Funnel Black is similar with prior New Star Food service 46885 handle juicer, but maybe even better. It is made of cast iron, stainless steel constructed body and pedestal, which make it tougher and harder.

It is great for squeezing juice without any pulp impurity out from pulpy fruit, like pomegranate, orange, citrus, lemon. American FDA admitted its security, although you will get 1-year Warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.

In addition, it has easily removed strainer cone and funnel for easy clean. It has the stainless-steel construction for easy cleaning and corrosion prevention and adjustable juice outlet (8 different positions) for convenient placement.

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It has the function of separating fruit and vegetable juice and the slag. Thus, it is ideal for small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, hotels, bars, the office of cards, tea and coffee houses and other places where the juice is offered.

A package includes Juice Extractor Machine, two peeling implements, and Instructions. Omega J8004 Nutrition Centromere J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer is a masticating juice extractor with the powerful single-gear commercial motor.

It has a dual-stage juicing and low speed of 80 Rpm with no foaming, clogging, or heat build-up. Its high yield with very dry pulp and auto pulp-ejection for continuous operation will provide you a convenient usage, while washing is also easy.

If you want a wonderful commercial grade juicer, you can choose Seville 800JEXL Juice Fountain. It has a Patented direct central feed system for maximum juice extraction, while its 1-liter (34 fl.

In addition, it has a Nutria Disc with titanium reinforced cutting blades, which ensures the blades stay sharper for longer, while stainless steel mesh filter basket is spinning out the pulp. If you prefer smaller handy juicer, you can pick a New Star Food service 46885 or Excel van Hand Press Citrus CommercialJuicer.

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It’s helpful to note that there are two different types of masticating juicers: single auger and twin gear. While they are generally more expensive than centrifugal juicers, many users feel they save money because of needing less produce to get the same amount of juice.

Masticating juicers operate slower, which means heat doesn’t build up when juicing fruits and vegetables. It is widely debated whether there is enough heat to kill nutrients in the juice, and there hasn’t been sufficient scientific testing to firmly declare one or the other.

At this price point, a classic Champion is hard to beat; this commercial model even has a stainless steel shaft, adding to its overall longevity. The Tribes Slow star SW-2000 is 100% BPA free, and it includes a stainless steel mesh strainer for removing any additional pulp from the juice.

The homogenizing attachment allows you to make sorbets, nut butters, pates, salsas, and sauces as well. It has a larger feed shoot than previous Omega models but it also includes a reverse function should you need it.

For fans of the Medical Medium and celery juicing, this is the juicer Anthony William prefers. The Omega NC900 includes six nozzles and a juicing screen for making everything from vegetable pasta to nut butter.

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The Omega Vs is the slowest juicer on our list; however, it also has an automatic shut-off feature should it ever begin to overheat. Since the Omega Vs is a vertical masticating juicer, it utilizes a metal screen for extracting pulp from the juice.

In lower quality machines, significant amounts of pulp become stuck in the screen, making it tedious to clean. Not so with the Omega; it’s fine pores ensure easy clean-up and a higher juice yield overall.

In fact, it’s considered the easiest vertical juicer to clean according to its loyal users. Overall, The Omega Vs Juicer offers versatile masticating power in a smaller footprint.

The Kings CS600 is quiet with low vibrations, but it runs off a powerful 200 watt motor. With a stain and rust resistant stainless steel bowl, this quality machine is designed for smooth operation at high quantities.

If you’re ready to invest in your long-term health, consider upgrading to a twin gear masticating juicer. The Omega TWN30S is designed to handle all types of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens and soft berries.

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Some users note that it actually works better for those types of produce, as opposed to harder vegetables like carrots. Like all Twin Gear juicers, the Omega is highly efficient at extracting optimal amounts of juice from produce, leaving dry bricks of pulp behind.

With a 15-year warranty, this is an efficient twin gear juicer with a highly affordable price. It’s the original twin gear juicer with patented technology for both breaking down fruits and vegetables and for maintaining the freshness of juice for longer periods of time.

The Tribes Green star Elite GSE-5000 is ideal for juicing all kinds of produce, including hard root vegetables, leafy greens, and soft fruits. The Tribes Green star Elite GSE-5000 has an internal strainer that’s finely meshed, which results in less pulp in the final juice product.

It includes separate attachments for grinding and one for creating nut butters, sorbets, and more. If you’re ready to invest in an extremely high-quality twin juicer but can’t quite afford the Super Angel (described below), then this is by-far the best option available.

The Green star Pro is a commercial juicer ; as such, its longevity was placed as a high priority in the design. Therefore, the internal gears are stainless steel, as opposed to polymer based. Whether you’re juicing a variety at home or leafy greens for a juice bar, the Green star Pro is designed to perform efficiently.

juicer electric waring bar commercial citrus juice quart
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With a strong motor and cooling fan, the Green star Pro can run continuously for thirty minutes yet juices at a low RPM of only 110, producing minimal heat. The juicer also features a reverse function to prevent any produce from getting jammed while juicing.

Last but certainly not least, the Green star Pro is NSF certified, meaning it complies with all commercial sanitation requirements. But for home use, the Tribes Green star Pro includes a whopping 15-year warranty, ensuring you’ll have highly nutritious juice for years to come.

The Super Angel Juicers are made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, including the gears. This means absolutely no chemicals can leak into your juice, the juicer will never absorb flavors, the entire machine resists rust and corrosion, and it’s hygienic.

Lots of experienced juicers have a hard time finding the perfect juicer, and finally end their search by upgrading to the Super Angel. The Super Angel is made of only four components, making it easy to clean as well. This juicer includes everything from the Super Angel Deluxe; but its primary parts and standard extracting-screen housing are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which lends to extreme corrosion resistance and provides the highest level of hygiene.

Overall, the Super Angel’s extraction process creates the highest quality juice imaginable. The resulting pulp is incredibly dry, while the juice is vibrant and rich in nutrients and enzymes.

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If you’d like further advice or to talk to a person about which juicer suits you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re also proud to offer payment plans through Klarna and PayPal,making the best juicer for you that much more affordable.

If you’re looking to start a juice bar then you’re definitely on the right track because a lot of people are looking at cashing in on this healthy trend. The juicing craze is definitely sweeping through the western world and businesses are doing great at providing people with exactly what they want.

This unit has a single gear motor that’s designed for commercial use and provides dual stage juicing at a speed of 80 RPM. This juicer comes with a .33 horsepower motor that can make veggie loaves, sorbets, sherbets, baby food, your favorite juices and a lot more.

The Seville Juice Fountain is available in stainless steel, so it’s definitely going to look sleek and elegant sitting on your counter. It includes a pulp container and a large feed tube that lets you put whole fruits and vegetables in with ease.

This juicer is closer to $850, but it provides you with 5 ounces of juice in about 1 minute meaning that it’s definitely faster for your professional business. Not only that but it has a self-feeding stomper and continuous pulp expulsion and you can put just about anything you want in there including your favorite greens and herbs.

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With this juicer, you’re also going to have a free rein over the resistance that you want and, therefore, the amount of juice that you get out of your greens because they’ll be pressed down more or less according to your preference. Very quiet and capable of squeezing everything you want out of your fruit and vegetables, this juicer is definitely going to work for your needs. This unit is easy to clean because you can pour water right through it and it’s dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about how to clean up the blades or other moving parts.

A warranty means that you don’t have to worry about this unit breaking down or any kind of wear so you can be comfortable using it for anything you want. The planning phase of your juice bar startup can feel a little daunting at times, which is totally normal since this is a big endeavor for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

The best advice that we can give is to invest time and energy in having a strategy, especially when it comes to getting your juice bar startup equipment. Thus, creating a detailed juice bar equipment list, along with a breakdown of the projected costs, will give you a ‘roadmap’ to follow as you source the best brands and suppliers of commercial tools and appliances to get your startup off the ground.

Based on our experience of over a decade in the juice bar startup industry, we’ve created an essential juice bar equipment list detailing what you’ll need to obtain to be able to operate from day one. Additionally, we’ve created a ‘mock-up’ juice bar equipment price list for you to get a sense of the general range you can expect to budget for.

It’s not as simple as just copy-pasting the list from our article (or any others you come across), as there is a lot to consider that is going to determine what equipment you actually need for the context of your unique juice bar concept. There are two main elements to get clear on first that will influence the creation of a juice bar startup equipment list, the business model you choose and your menu.

Consider the difference between a dine-in café concept and a kiosk-style store that’s focused on takeaway juices and grab-and-go products. This will impact how much space you’ll need for storage and prep, and your projected sales quantities, therefore determining what the best size, types, and quantity of commercial equipment like refrigeration and prep-stations you’ll invest in.

For example, if you are creating a space that can fit many people to dine in, or you’re in a location with heavy foot traffic and you project high-sales, this will impact things like how many juicers, blenders, refrigeration, and storage space you’ll need to get to fulfill orders. A big menu means more space is needed, and potentially more tools to prep the ingredients.

Again, the inclusion of additional items like hot and cold meals, a substantial smoothie section on your menu, or offering high-quality cold-pressed juices will all dictate what equipment you will need to purchase. If this step of considering the best business model, or designing your menu is one that you’re currently still working out, we can help.

We have experienced chefs on-hand to work with clients to create their menu based on the desires of each start-up’s vision. The type of juicer and the number of juices you get will be determined by your menu and business model.

While it is fine to approach your recipes this way, you will also need to make sure you don’t run up your product costs in this way, as less ice means more produce ingredients. We’d recommend keeping them separate, not only for the cleanliness of washing fruits and vegetables without being close to cleaning products and dirty dishes but also for the workflow efficiency in having a separate space dedicated to each task.

Many cities require this, so you will need to check with your local health department to confirm this if you are considering circumventing this element (which we do not recommend). These are best suited to juice bars that offer reusable dishes and utensils for customers to eat/drink from (rather than disposable).

PREPARATION TABLES/COUNTERS Stainless steel countertops are best for commercial kitchens and juice bar production areas. Portion scales, measuring cups, and spoons are also essential for consistency in using your ingredients and making the final product.

REFRIGERATION This is the broad category for your more detailed consideration of whether you invest in multiple fridges and freezers, and/or a walk-in cool room. Consider your menu size, and the fresh produce you need to have on hand daily (that takes up a lot of refrigeration space).

Additionally, consider the refrigeration you’ll need for grab-and-go options that your customer can access. Cupboards, shelving, boxes, and containers for your utensils, appliances, tools, products used for your menu items, and more, all come under the storage category.

POINT OF SALES (POS) SYSTEMS There may be more tech equipment that you choose to invest in, such as CCTV and a back-end computer for an in-house office, though definitely an essential piece of tech equipment if a POS system to process orders. Consider how you want to process card payments and how detailed you want the back-end data to be when choosing how complex your POS system is.

You’ll find more freedom in your operations if you choose a mobile POS unit that’s easy to change location if you want to redesign your space, or to carry around the store during events, for example. Additional Items There will be even more juice bar supplies not detailed in this list of the most common juice and smoothie equipment used, such as toasters, dehydrators, and coffee machines.

This will have a big impact on the cost of this equipment too, with the difference being thousands of dollars. Additionally, when there are automatic settings and programs, this allows staff to walk away and continue to prep or take orders, while the smoothie is blending.

If you do choose to have a dine-in juice and smoothie bar, consider investing in models that are known to be quieter. Note that if you're juicing/blending is done in a kitchen space that is away from the dine-in area and ordering counter, the loudness of the device might not be a problem anyway.

Consider how easy the juicers and blenders can be taken apart for cleaning, especially mid-service, as that can affect your service time. A simple thing like an extra blending container could definitely make service faster with being able to switch them out to do back-to-back orders.

The higher range accounts for the brand’s quality and size/type of equipment that you choose in each category. We’d be happy to share with you a list of trusted brands that we have worked with, and that we recommend to our clients.

Mission Statement Competitive Analysis Financial Projections Budget Management Team Staff Roles and Responsibilities Industry Trends Customer Demographics Marketing Strategy We will take into consideration your space, your budget and potential sales volume to determine the perfect equipment list for your business.

Beyond aesthetics, which are clearly important, we will look at the flow of customers as well as employees to create a seamless purchasing and working experience. You will be given a rough location design outlining the placement of all major equipment, such as P.O.S, sinks, counter-tops, and more.

We will guide you through the implementation of proven marketing strategies on and offline to build awareness about your brand. Based on your total budget we will collaborate on allocating the appropriate amounts to all major categories of your business to ensure priority in spending.

We will also share the best methods for ensuring your contractor’s credibility, negotiate and save money during the build-out process. Our team will offer you a perspective on the best practices for interviewing and the characteristics you want to search for when hiring great staff members.

Mission Statement Competitive Analysis Financial Projections Budget Management Team Staff Roles and Responsibilities Industry Trends Customer Demographics Marketing Strategy We will take into consideration your space, your budget and potential sales volume to determine the perfect equipment list for your business.

Beyond aesthetics, which are clearly important, we will look at the flow of customers as well as employees to create a seamless purchasing and working experience. You will be given a rough location design outlining the placement of all major equipment, such as P.O.S, sinks, counter-tops and more.

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