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Best Cooking Knife Sets 2019

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 15 min read

Advances in metallurgy and manufacturing in the last 50 years have led to an increase in quality and a decrease in price of the average kitchen cutlery set. Obviously the term “high end” is subjective, but $500 seemed to be a good starting point for what most people would consider a premium level.

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If that range is a bit more than you want to throw down on a cutlery set, check out our post on the best kitchen knife sets under $300. The curved blade of the Pro knives makes rock chopping a bit easier.

The Pro series knives are made in Solingen, Germany which is one of the two most famous knife making cities in the world. Willing’s Sigma force one-piece precision-forged construction is well respected, and it is impressive that they have managed to offer knives made with that technique at a relatively affordable price point.

The remarkable durability of the steel used on this set is due in part to Willing’s Fríður ice hardening process which has proved to be more than marketing speak. Ultimately the Willing Pro line of knives are poorly named but well-designed.

Set includes the following: 8 chef, 8 bread, 7 Santos, 6 boning, 5 serrated utility, 5 tomato, 3.5 paring, 2.75 peeling, six 5 steak knives honing steel Full Tang Swedish Sandpit 14C28N Steel Great Edge Retention Forged not Stamped Made in China Extremely Sharp Lifetime Warranty Handcrafted Walnut Block Tangshan is a relatively new kitchenware company that has jumped into the cutlery game in a big way.

Recently they released their high-end TC series of knives that are made with a great Swedish Sandpit steel that has excellent edge retention and is incredibly durable. While the high quality steel is a big plus for this knife set, it is really the design of the knives that make them worthy of this list.

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However, based on the materials used and the feel of the knives I would guess that they will last for a very long time if they are cared for properly. Set includes the following: 3.5 paring, 4.5 utility, 5.5 prep, 5.5 serrated utility, 6 slicer, 6 curved boning, 6 chef, 6 carving fork, 6.5 hollow edge Nair, 7 hollow edge Santos, 7 meat cleaver, 8 chef’s knife, 9 bread knife, 9 hollow edge slicing, eight 4.5 steak knives, 10 ceramic honing rod, stainless steel kitchen shears and 24 slot dark ash knife blocks.

Full Tang BD1N American Stainless Steel Highly Rust Resistant 63 Rockwell Hardness Made in Germany and Finished in Switzerland G10 Handles Lifetime Warranty Hand Sharpened To A 15-Degree Double Bevel Triple Rivet Handles Made in China With American Steel. It is an excellent upgrade from the quality German steels that are used by many of the other sets listed in this article.

The steel used in this Nexus set of knives is impressive, but that alone does not justify the price tag. The aggressive tapering of the handle is a break from classic knife design, but it really seems to add to the overall comfort.

If you buy this set I highly recommend you have it professionally sharpened to ensure it keeps it’s 15 degree edge unless of course you are great with a whetstone. They also sport the traditional D-shaped handle in Lakewood, which you don’t get in a lot of Shun’s other knife series.

Full Tang VG-MAX steel D-shaped Lakewood handles 2 empty slots in roll for personal customization NSF certified Made in Japan All the careful crafting and thin edges from Shun rolled up into a student set makes for an impressive start for anyone looking to carve their way into the professional arena.

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While it’s admittedly a lot more than a student might need when their first going into culinary school, it would certainly provide a big head start in handling high-quality tools. It provides a good mix of western and Japanese style knives, opening the beginning options of a few different culinary worlds.

Author went to great pains to make sure the Iron series is easy to maintain and well-balanced. You won’t find the same out-of-box sharpness as the Japanese sets, but with that you get some incredible edge retention.

The Author Classic Iron 14-Piece Set is offered in a variety of blocks including walnut, acacia and cherry. The precision edge technology is reserved for Author’s premium knives that are designated with the Classic Iron title.

Author also forges metal end caps at the butt of the handle to give the knives their impressive balance. While the Classic Iron handles are not as visually appealing as some other high end knife sets, they are sturdy, secure and comfortable.

The most obvious difference is the crème colored handles of this set that I think looks great, but that is certainly subjective. Author Classic Crème Iron steak knives can be purchased separately in a set of four or six.

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The included storage block for the 7-piece set has six empty steak knife slots. Matching Author Crème Steak Knives can be purchased separately in a set of six or four (pictured above).

Even the steak knives provide good bang for the buck from both a performance and durability standpoint. It is designed to sit in the corner of a counter, so only two sides of the storage block contain knives.

The backside is empty and a little wide, so if this block is not in a corner it sits out a ways from the wall or edge of the counter. If space is an issue and/or you don’t have a kitchen counter corner available this block may not be ideal.

The size of the block can be decreased by removing the two steak knives sections which is a feature I hope other companies adopt. It is no surprise that Hammer Stahl makes a good carving knife, because they have been active in the barbecue world for many years.

Hammer Stahl calls these knives' quad tang, because the steel is exposed on all four sides. Overall it is an impressive set for the money, and the storage block is really practical if you have the counter space.

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101 layers of stainless steel Damascus over an SG2 steel core Canvas Marta handles with a Samurai Crest Full Tang Forged not Stamped Lifetime warranty 63 Rockwell hardness True Damascus pattern Made in Semi, Japan He and his firm are responsible for some of the most functional and visually appealing products and buildings in the world.

In order to match great design with top-of-the-line quality, J. A Heckles chose Consider 30 stainless steel for this set which is one of the highest quality knife steels, but it is rarely found in kitchen cutlery due to its high cost. Heckles pulled out all the stops when they designed the 1731 series and the $2400 price tag reflects that.

Henkel’s proprietary tempering process called Fríður ice hardening. The combination of high-end steel and an advanced tempering process has resulted in blades that set the standard for edge retention, corrosion resistance and flexibility.

The Euro line Damascus Collection is a result of a partnership between master blade-smith Bob Kramer and Willing Heckles. Bob Kramer’s knives have been long time favorites of famous chefs around the world.

The knives in the Willing Farmer Euro line Damascus Collection are works of art. From a quality, performance and aesthetics standpoint there are very few premium knife sets that can compete with the Kramer Willing Euro line Damascus Collection.

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German 1.4116 high carbon steel stainless steel, Rockwell 57-58 Industrial-strength polymer handles Bolsterless heels One-piece, hot-drop hammer forged Full tang Sharpened to 15 degrees Lifetime warranty Made in Solingen, Germany This set is made with a polyoxymethylene (you can just call it POM) material similar to what Author uses on their Iron series knives.

The block also comes with 7 empty slots, so this is definitely a strong start to creating your own set down the road. They are still well-balanced, and widely praised for being comfortable, so the weight really only becomes an issue if you’re using these knives professionally on long shifts.

So while these knives are incredibly sharp, and will hold that edge for a long time, that wider mass of material will make fine cutting a little sloppier. It would be nice if they would offer more options when it comes to the wood block knife holder like some other high-end brands do, but Messermeister seems to be very focused on the knives themselves which is good.

Lawson is an American Cutlery company that has been producing quality knives for over 183 years. To their credit they have continued to update their manufacturing and heat treatment processes to ensure their knives are competitive with the big name brands from Germany and Japan.

The combination of old school craftsmanship and modern production methods is evident in their Premiere Forged knife series. Lawson backs up their quality claims with a confidence boosting forever warranty.

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In short these knives will need to be sharpened a little more regularly, but they are less likely to suffer permanent damage from hitting a hard bone or surface. The Premiere Forged series of knives are available with three different handle options: Fire, Silver and Rosewood.

That’s the reason why choosing the most suitable one that can function well in assisting your cooking tasks might be hard. Therefore, Economical Chef want to bring the best selection of the kitchen knives which you can easily pick from without wasting much of your time.

Damascus steel kitchen knife set is a premium high quality knives which are made in Japan. This Japanese kitchen knife set are well crafted from 37 layers of stainless steel for excellent edge retention with a stunning hammer finish feature.

Premium crafted knives Made of high quality Japanese stainless steel Supper sharp and precise cutting blade Lifetime warranty from Japan The handle is ergonomically design to provide a comfortable and confident holding for your precise cutting of meat and vegetable as needed.

It is a J A heckles international 15 piece knife blocks set that is well-known for the durability that it offers. For instance, all the 15 pieces of knives that come with this set are well-made of the top grade stainless steel.

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The material makes each of these knives strong and durable and give you a very confidence in holding and using it. The knife ’s handle is made of solid plastic, giving you a comfortable crib when you slice meat or cut any other veggies for cooking.

If we pay the attention to the materials being used for producing it, each knife is well-made of the high-quality stainless steel which is efficient in for cutting, slicing and more. Adding to that, it is also attached to the wood knife block for you to bring along for outdoor cooking or storing as well.

Durable and functional Made of stainless steel Come with a knife holder block Lifetime warranty We would like to draw your attention to one of the best -selling products in the market which is known as Living Kit Stainless Steel Knife.

On top of what mentioned, with the wooden block that comes with the package of this product, we bet you will find it convenient for storing and keeping the knife. If you are looking for the best knife set that comes with a knife block, we bet the product that we are about to give the recommendation on is the right choice.

Moreover, due to the fact that it uses the carbon stainless steel for producing the blade part, this knife is very durable. Here comes the product which is known as Super Sharp, this incredible knife set has the dimension of 14.4 × 11.5 × 4.7 inches.

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With the high-quality material such as the stainless steel, these knives are guaranteed to be rust and corrosion free. Adding to that, the durability of this product is well accepted based on the restaurant standard.

On top of the feature mentioned, this product is light too; therefore, the comfort in holding this knife is maximized. Last but not least, for ensuring the long-term usage, the durable sleek sharpener is also attached to the package too.

Additionally, with the ergonomic design and the top materials being chosen, this product is guaranteed to be strong and durable. On top of that, this product is highly suitable for people of all ages; especially the inexperienced cooks.

More awesome than this, this package comes with the sleek block for keeping knives in place too. Additionally, for added comfort, the handle part is designed with the soft grip.

You want the same quality and variety as a hand-picked blade, but it can be a challenge to cut through the clutter of blocks stuffed with unnecessary tools or a second-tier slicers. To help you find the best kitchen knife set for your needs, we’ve turned to reviews from actual customers who have purchased and used these knives for themselves.

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Whether you need a budget-friendly collection or are looking for an upgrade, these best -selling sets have near-perfect ratings, and rave reviews describing why they’re so great. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when selecting a knife set, and shop the nine kitchen knife sets customers love the most.

The first thing to consider when buying a knife set is your own cooking style. Only buy knives for techniques you actually use; otherwise, you’ll just struggle with finding the right blade in a sea of slicers.

Other types of blades we appreciate are kitchen shears for snipping herbs or spatchcocking birds, Santos knives for prepping meat and produce, and elongated carving knives for serving up perfectly portioned slices. In addition to what kind knives to buy in your set, you should also keep in mind personal preferences for weight and balance.

For weight, some cooks prefer traditional hefty knives, while others like the dexterity of lighter alloys. Balance is important because uncomfortably weighted blades (ones that feel top or bottom heavy) can teeter, making you work harder than necessary.

Blade materials each have strengths and weaknesses: Carbon steel will hold its edge for a long time, but can rust. The proprietary stainless steel alloys you’ll find from a lot of Japanese makers stays sharp and won’t corrode, but can be pretty pricey.

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Forged knives are crafted from one piece of steel and need a bolster to provide a smooth transition between blade and handle. The process makes the steel stronger, so forged knives often hold their edges for longer.

Stamped knives are cut from a sheet of steel (like a cookie cutter), and tend to be lighter and less expensive. Many sets come with a beautiful storage block made of wood, stainless steel, or tempered glass, but you could also elect to store your set on a magnetic holder mounted on the wall, in a cloth knife roll, or sheathed in a special drawer.

Their taper-ground edges give extra stability for chopping and maintain their sharpness for longer. And because of their strong German-forged blades and easy-grip handles, they’re the knives many culinary schools recommend to incoming students.

“After owning several knife sets over the years that would never hold an edge, I decided it was time to spend a little more and get a really nice set,” writes one reviewer. With high-carbon stainless steel blades and hollow handles, they’re lightweight enough to slice, chop, and carve for hours without tiring out your wrists.

Shoppers love how easy the knives are to use, with over 1,400 leaving perfect reviews. I just moved in to my first place that's my own and needed a basic knife set.

It’s no surprise the makers of one of our best -rated chef’s knives also craft an excellent block set. Made of Global’s signature Japanese stainless steel, the set includes six knives, like the 5 1/2-inch Nair knife for chopping vegetables and a 4 1/2-inch utility knife for slicing cheeses and smaller fruits.

Each knife is made from a single piece of metal, including the handle, which is dimpled for easy gripping. Also, the blades are sharpened with a 50/50, symmetrical bevel, creating an ideal edge for slicing tomatoes and dicing onions.

Users report how easy to hold the knives are, as well as beautiful (and sharp!) This set comes with a chef’s, bread, utility, and paring knife, which can handle virtually every kitchen task while also leaving cooks flexibility to add to their collections as skills improve.

One reviewer who has had them for a year writes, “I cook quite a bit, so the chef's knife especially has really gotten a work out, and it’s held up great. I haven't sharpened them at all, and they still hold an edge that is sharper than whatever junk set I had prior.

This 7-piece set is classic Author quality, with hand-honed high-carbon steel blades and perfectly balanced handles. And for anyone concerned about saving kitchen space, the ultra-slim knife block only has a 9 1/2 × 3 1/2-inch footprint (and comes in four gorgeous colors).

Users praise the set’s ergonomic design and durability, saying the blades remain sharp for years. Handcrafted in Semi, Japan, these Shun knives are made with a proprietary VG-MAX super steel core clad on both sides with 34 layers of stainless Damascus.

They also feature tough, moisture-resistant ebony Lakewood handles that fit comfortably in the hand. This 6-piece set includes Shun’s famous chef’s and Santos knives, as well as a honing steel to keep blades extra sharp.

Amazon shoppers love their Shun block sets for their looks and performance, calling them “investment pieces.” It’s no wonder they’ve earned a 4.6-star rating. The stainless steel knives are each a bright color, making it easy to codify and avoid cross-contamination.

In addition, they have a nonstick ceramic coating that’s a breeze to clean, and come with sheaths to ensure they won’t get dirty in the utensil drawer. Shoppers love how sharp and handy the set is, with nearly 3,000 leaving perfect five-star reviews.

If like to eat steak morning, noon, and night, consider this your perfect set. Steak knives, plus other expertly crafted blades, like a 5-inch partake for chopping and slicing vegetables, as well as a 3-inch peeler.

The entire set is made from high-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel and features forged blades with taper-grinded edges for optimum sharpness. Over 1,200 Amazon customers have given the Chicago Cutlery Fusion set a five-star rating, praising its high quality and design.

And if that’s not reasoned enough to love it, the handles have easy-to-read labels so there’s no grabbing the wrong blade. Amazon shoppers call the set a great value, leaving it over 400 five-star ratings.

“As a college student, I got used to living the cheap life,” writes a shopper. I lived in my world of alternative facts, head buried in the sand like an ostrich avoiding eye contact with its crush.

Well, my head finally came out of the sand when I gifted myself this Clifton knife set. This must have been the knife set Mickey Mouse used to cut his bread so thin.

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