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what you think you need."
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Best Cooking Measuring Spoons

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 7 min read

The first priority in finding a set of measuring spoons is accuracy; if they can’t properly measure your ingredients, especially when you’re baking or adding potent spices, then they’re just, uh, spoons. They also felt good to use (though the handles are on the longer side and might prove bulky for folks with smaller hands).

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These slim, rectangular spoons fit into nearly any spice jar, even ones with an opening as narrow as 1 ¼ inches. There’s also a leveling tool included, which is a great bonus feature that aids in accuracy.

The measuring spoons are connected via a simple wire keyring-like loop, unlike the bulky or flimsy attachment that so many measuring spoon sets have. Plus, these spoons are so lightweight that you could easily toss them into your apron pocket without feeling like you had a great mass clanking around in there.

It was crucial to me that the spoons fit inside the bottle openings of various brands of spices. Only the rectangular-shaped teaspoon from Spring Chef fit into the slimmest jar opening (1 ¼ inches).

Though the Winch teaspoon is only 1 ¼ inches in diameter, its broader, rounder shape kept it from fitting into even a 1 ½-inch opening. They won the day with their generous array of measurements, sturdy weight, comfortable grip, and a narrow shape that allowed access into spice jars even with the smallest openings.

When you’re cooking from a recipe, there’s almost always a moment when you’ll reach for measuring spoons : to measure salt, spices, baking powder, tomato paste, or anything else in a small quantity. The SUR La Table Spice MeasuringSpoons are our top pick because they’re impressively accurate and durable.

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The rectangular scoops slip easily to the bottom of most spice jars, and unlike other spoons of this shape, these don’t trap food in their corners. Collapse all Sarah Zorn is a recipe tester for cookbooks, and she also reviews kitchen products for Food Network and USA Today.

Wire cutter’s kitchen senior editor Marguerite Preston is a former professional baker who has seen her fair share of good and bad measuring spoons, and knows where they most often go wrong. We also turned to two seasoned kitchen experts for advice on this guide: Fish Boyle, managing editor of Pastry Arts magazine and author of numerous baking books, including The Cake Book and Flavorful: 150 Irresistible Desserts in All-Time Favorite Flavors ; and Lynn Blanchard, the test kitchen director at Better Homes & Gardens.

We also looked at reviews of measuring spoons from trusted sources like Cook’s Illustrated (subscription required), Serious Eats, and The Kitchen. Measuring spoons are such an essential kitchen tool that, if you cook at all, chances are good you already have a set.

Photo: Michael HessionAlthough accuracy is the most important aspect of a spoon, there are a number of other features we looked for when deciding which sets to test. Easy to scoop with: We preferred spoons with oval or rectangular bowls, which are easier to fit into the narrow mouth of a spice jar.

It’s much easier and more efficient to scoop spices from a jar than to try to pour them out onto the tiny surface area of a teaspoon. We ruled out any of those cute novelty spoons shaped like hearts or Mason jars, which in our experience tend to favor design over accuracy.

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Cookbook author Trish Boyle also points out that at least one of her sets of plastic spoons seems to have warped in the dishwasher. With those criteria in mind, we combed through Amazon and other retail sites, and compiled a list of well-reviewed, well-rated sets to test.

We used each spoon to scoop many ingredients of various consistencies (shown here: clingy cocoa powder). Photo: Michael HessionAccuracy is important, especially for the baker, and not all measuring spoons are equally accurate, even within a single set.

So we tested the accuracy of every spoon in each set by using each one to measure out water onto the American Weigh SC-2KG digital pocket scale, which is sensitive to differences of 0.1 gram. Then we used each spoon to measure a variety of ingredients: baking powder, caraway seeds, clumpy curry powder, slippery dried oregano, stat icky dry yeast, and thick, sticky corn syrup.

We looked at how easy it was to scoop and level each ingredient, and to scrape all the corn syrup from the spoon. To test durability, we tried bending each spoon, and finally gave them all a wash and let them sit damp in a sealed bag overnight to check for signs of rust.

The SUR La Table Spice MeasuringSpoons were the most accurate we found, regularly hitting the exact measurements in our tests. The rectangular ends fit easily into narrow jars, and the spoons felt substantial and were sturdy enough to resist bending.

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In our accuracy tests, SUR La Table’s spoons were either dead-on or mere milligrams off the mark. In our tests, the slim, rectangular SUR La Table spoons fit easily through the mouths of even the smallest spice jars, something that round measuring spoons, and even some oval-shaped tablespoons, couldn’t do.

The SUR La Table spoons handles are also long enough to clear the length of a jar. A frequent issue with rectangular spoons is that ingredients can get trapped in the corners, something we encountered with both the Bed Bath & Beyond and the RSVP measuring spoons we tested.

SUR La Table’s spoons, however, released cleanly each time, even when we were working with sticky corn syrup. We also like that the bowls aligned with the handles perfectly (it’s all one piece of metal), so we could easily sweep a knife across to level ingredients.

The stamped measurements on these spoons won’t wear off, though the small print can be somewhat hard to read. Photo: Michael Murtaugh SUR La Table set is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, which didn’t rust or bend under pressure in our tests.

Although we appreciate that the stamped measurements on the SUR La Table spoons won’t wear off, the writing is tiny and without contrast, and therefore it’s difficult to read. If you have vision issues, you may prefer our other pick, the , since the measurements are printed in large white characters on a black background.

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It’s easy to open the ring that keeps the SUR La Table MeasuringSpoons together, but we’re not sure how well the hinge will hold up over time. Photo: Michael Murtaugh’re uncertain of how long the ring holding the SUR La Table spoons together will last, since it uses a tiny hinge to open and close.

But it feels more durable than the tiny beaded chains that connect some sets, and you could easily replace the SUR La Table set’s ring with a standard binder ring (which you can find at an office supply store). Even though it’s easy enough to open the ring on the SUR La Table set, it’s still a pain to detach and reattach the spoons every time.

If you prefer a set of spoons that you can take apart easily, we like the Prep works by Progressive Magnetic MeasuringSpoons. Magnetic fasteners at the spoons midpoints make the Prep works set a snap to keep organized.

Photo: Michael HessionThe edges of the Prep works spoons are flat and flush with the handles, so it’s easy to sweep them level. The Prep works spoons nice, deep bowls keep ingredients in place (but we do wish the markings were etched into the steel).

Photo: Michael HessionThe five-piece Prep works set includes a ½ tablespoon, which isn’t essential (it’s the same thing as 1½ teaspoons), but it can make measuring a little more efficient. Some oval spoons measured multiple grams off the mark, with the tablespoon falling short by about a quarter teaspoon.

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For measuring some things, like spices, this variation won’t matter, which is why we don’t think the discrepancy is a deal breaker. For many measuring tasks, this won’t be a problem, but you may want to opt for the SUR La Table spoons if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty for, say, scooping dense cookie dough.

If a magnet does fall out of your set, it’s also easy enough to superglue it back in place (though only if it hasn’t gotten lost in a drawer). One thing we’ve noticed with regular use of this set is that it can be a little annoying to have to put all the spoons back in the right order.

They fit together only when they’re nested from largest to smallest, and you have to pay attention to make sure that all the round ends are on the same side. The spoons also now come fitted with an overly large and clumsy ring that’s hard to remove, whereas they used to be attached by a handy silicone band.

And because the handle wasn’t perfectly flat where it met the spoon, it was a little trickier to sweep a knife across the top. However, they were incredibly difficult to disconnect from that ring, and they didn’t provide especially impressive results when it came to accuracy.

The Advanced Performance MeasuringSpoons are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, but they are very wide and shallow. Being plastic, they were thicker than their steel counterparts, and even the elongated ends of the spoons couldn’t fit as easily into a narrow jar.

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Ammo’s Wet and Dry MeasuringSpoons are a clumsier version of the Prep works magnetic spoons. The CEA Choice Stainless Steel MeasuringSpoons are relatively affordable, and they’re similar to those found in commercial kitchens.

Marguerite Preston is a senior editor covering kitchen gear and appliances at Wire cutter, and has written guides to baking equipment, meal kit delivery services, and more.

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