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Best Cooking Utensils Ayurveda

Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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Many types of utensils are available in the market today like aluminum, steel, copper and bronze. The article will focus more on the older traditions, ayurvedic practices and health benefits of using old vessels for cooking.

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It should be made of inert substances which do not chip, peel, dissolve, crack, vaporize or promote the growth of bacteria. Ancient science has given immense importance to metals like copper, silver and bronze.

The latest research suggests that using copper vessels can a better choice for cooking utensil than a stainless steel. As per the reports from a group of researchers, using copper pots is found to lower the risk of any spread of infection from potentially harmful bacteria.

A closer look at the metal reveals that the scratches and marks on the surface are like valleys. Experiments have reported that some bacteria were able to survive for 34 days on stainless steel and just four hours on copper vessels.

One other Copper Vessel benefits are that it is found to be both a toxic heavy metal and also a mineral that is beneficial to good health. But, make sure to line the cooking surfaces with stainless steel or tin.

For more than thousands of years, silverware utensils have been used not only for cooking but also as a healing agent. The Greeks have always used silver vessels to keep any liquids and water stay fresh for longer periods of time.

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History shows that the Roman Empire used to store wine in silver urns to prevent any spoilage or bacterial growth. It can be noted that the wealthy people ate and stored their food in silver vessels to prevent bacterial growth.

This acts as an elixir and a rejuvenating agent for people affected by age or any disease. The utensils made of silver calm down body inflammation and also increases sperm count.

Cooking in bronze vessels helps in pacifying Data and pitta. Bronze utensils cooked food helps in reducing obesity, maintain a good skin condition and also improve eyesight.

Non-stick pans and glassware are always coated with some chemicals which could be detrimental to skin and body health. Health benefits of old vessels especially Bronze utensils include that they are not hazardous to any average person.

But, some metal vessels have leaching effects which affect the human immune system. At Ayurhealing, Ayurveda hospital in Bangalore we not only provide you with health tips but also various treatments.

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They encourage people to follow this tradition of using bronze vessels for cooking. Ayurveda, the mother of medicine, is a natural treatment system that exists from over 5000 years.

A majority of people choose Ayurveda for chronic illnesses, which even conventional medicines cannot treat. Utensils directly influence your nutrition, and you, therefore, must not use all kinds of dishes for cooking or eating food.

So it’s not only great for improving your eyesight but it even makes one’s body rigid, strong and powerful. Yes, silver is metal that’s cold in nature that helps in maintaining the coolness of your body.

It not only sharpens the mind but also helps to improve your eyesight keeping the eyes healthy. Having your meal in a bronze vessel sharpens your memory, purifies the blood and also increases your hunger.

Aluminum deteriorates the bones, causes mental illnesses and damages the liver along with your nervous system. You might also not be aware of the fact that a pressure cooker made of aluminum destroys around 87 percent of the nutrients present in your food.

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But you should keep in mind to not consume milk kept in a copper vessel since it harms the body. Though an iron-rich diet has several positive benefits for your body, cooking or eating food in iron utensils isn’t recommended.

It contributes towards increasing the essential nutrients, proves effective for lowering the bodily inflammation, doesn’t let paleness develop and also keeps jaundice at bay. But eating food in an iron pot destroys the brain power and drinking milk in it makes you intellectual.

Steel types of utensils for the kitchen aren’t at all damaging as they neither react with hot nature things nor with the acidic ones. But you should be knowing that Teflon used in these types of utensils for the kitchen that helps keeps away the foodstuff from sticking to it has a controversial past.

Earthenware provides you with such benefits that are capable of fighting against maximum sicknesses that can affect the human body. Kitchen tools and utensils Different kinds of metal pots are used in ayurvedic cooking like gold, silver, copper or earthen.

Ayurveda recommends special bell metal vessels are used to prepare food. Shape of vessels for preparation of food is another important aspect of ayurvedic kitchen.

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Water store in earthen pot is good to reduce acidity and skin problems. Fire generated with burning wood is considered best to cook any kind of food preparation.

While cooking is a very subjective thing, the process of choosing the right cookware is something that calls for knowledge and information about how the metals react to heat and food. While we may be buying fancy looking cookware or the convenient non-stick ones, the truth is, most modern utensils are dangerous as they emit toxic, cancer causing fumes.

Traditionally, clay pots, iron, brass and bronze utensils were used for cooking food. The clay content allows moisture and heat to circulate through the food that further helps in retaining nutrients.

In early times, it was used by the royal families to cook and eat and it retains nearly 97 percent nutrients. With the change in time, new-age restaurants and cafés have started serving food in bronze utensils.

It has been proved that cooking veggies and meat in brass utensil is the best way to gain all nutrients. Considered as one of the safest cooking wares, cast iron calls for extra care, as they are prone to rust.

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The thickness of iron makes it easy to retain all the nutrients; however, cooking in rusted cookware is purely dangerous for the body. The below-mentioned cookware use harmful chemicals and when heated, they get mixed with food making it partially toxic.

You will be surprised to know that they are coated with poly tetra floor ethylene or Teflon that contains elements like mercury and cadmium that are known to cause heart problems and all sorts of cancer. In case you think that granite cookware is safer than non-stick, you need to know that they are also coated with poly tetra floor ethylene and are equally bad for you.

In India, roughly 80% of the population is cared for under the auspices of ayurvedic medicine. It is not surprising then that most of India's population also has its cuisine tied to the properties of ayurvedic cooking.

Ayurvedic cuisine is not a fad diet or a flash in the pan theory about nutrition. This basic lacto-vegetarian diet that is so widespread throughout all regions of India is truly a way of life.

This cuisine is very complex and has many ties in spiritualism and the overall care of one's body, mind and spirit. I am giving an overview of this fascinating and complex Indian cuisine.

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One of the main tenets of ayurvedic cuisine is the Trisha theory and how it describes individual temperaments. The Doha theory isolates certain characteristics in people and uses food to create a positive balance in the individual's life.

It is the belief that these 3 life forces or energies control the activities within a person's body. It is further believed that certain diseases or maladies are directly related to the way the dos has are balanced within the individual, the person's physical state and mental and lifestyle factors.

They evoke mental clarity, emotional well-being, sensual balance and help to coordinate function between body, mind, heart, senses and spirit. Static foods include cereals, honey, herbs, sprouts, seeds, nuts, legumes, butter, milk, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, leafy greens, juices, whole meal bread.

Basic foods include chocolate, sharp spices, tea, coffee, eggs, salt, fish. It is recommended that static food choices be selected at every meal to promote a healthy diet and nourishment for all the senses.

Certain foods are also classified as best eaten in autumn and winter months to fortify immunity and prepare the body for the coming spring and summer. Still further, there are foods for each day of the week that are consumed according to color because of their astrological associations.

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Heavy wok Cast iron skillet Mortar and pestle Rolling pin (thin, tapered kind) Round rolling board Tongs Ladle or large cooking spoon Skimmer or perforated spatula 4-sided grater Cheesecloth or cotton tea towels Bread cloths The theory behind this is that foods should be eaten in as fresh a state as possible to promote health of mind, body and spirit.

Grains, nuts, and other nonperishable foods are considered static because they are still in their natural state, although ayurvedic principles dictate that you not store beans or flours for long periods of time. It is made into wheat flour which in turn makes the many natural breads.

It has become integrated into a way of living that has endured for centuries and is a holistically balanced cuisine and diet. This is a cuisine that does not focus on fats, carbs, proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals.

In short, it is a very well-thought-out diet that is simplistic in many ways and still teaches principles of good, sound nutrition and advocates healthy eating. Even though this is a cuisine that is thousands of years old, the tenets it supports are still true today in many ways.

Some ideas are perhaps singular to the Indian culture, such as not eating facing south, but the overall message of this cuisine still has much to offer Western cuisine, especially when it comes to eating fresh and whole foods. There are many, many recipes available but most are based on a few simple 'starters' such as Indian ghee and other key elements of their cuisine.

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There are many sources for recipes for Indian breads, days, vegetables, grain dishes and desserts. Place butter in heavy pan and melt over medium heat until foam rises to the surface.

Ladle off the ghee, taking care not to disturb milk solids at bottom of pan. Solids can be combined with reserved thin crust to use later for making Maratha (griddle-fried whole wheat bread) or for serving with steamed vegetables or cereals.

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